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asked by KDS on 17 March 2011 1:30

My 3 month old daughter has red itchy rash with scaling on her eye lids & back of the head(On the hairline). On the back of the head, the skin is scally and very red. There is little bit rash on her left cheek too. The pediatrician said it can be Seborrheic dermatitis. He asked me to use hydrocortizine but that did not help at all. She is very irritable as its very itchy. She is on breastmilk. Please suggest some natural remedies to cure this problem. Thanks

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


As your baby is 3-month old, and doctor’s diagnosis is Seborrheic dermatitis, in that case, it is noted that there may inflammatory skin condition where there will be itching or skin deformity on oily areas of the skin.

Since your baby is 3 months, you can avoid using internal medicines, instead of which, you can use external applications. If you have any skin complaints, you need get treated as there may be chances of spreading infections to each other. However, you can use Haridrakhand internally with milk that indirectly helps you. Giloy Sat is also a good medicine to improve your immunity system. This medicine is consumable by mother (that is you) in the dosage of 100 mg with honey. For external application, you can apply plain ghee which is helpful for baby. Though there are many remedies to cure this disorder, since your baby is 3 months old, it is advisable to avoid internal or oral medications from ayurveda or any other Indian system of medicines.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 8 August 2011 18:04

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