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Prime, 7 March 2018 10:15


My morphology is abnormal as we are planning to have a baby can take fortege Ayurvedic tablets.... Or kindly suggest me wat medicine can I take

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Japani oil
Japani oil for men is used to improve and stimulate libido and increase vigor..
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Sanda Oil
Sanda Oil helps to generate heat in organ and helps to pump more blood in the shaft which gives hard..
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asked by DEEPAK KUMAR on 5 October 2010 10:07
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Dhathu rog is Spermatorrhoea which is the expulsion of semen without any sexual stimulations. It increases with constipation, urinary infections, stress and causes weakness in the long run. So medicines, efforts must be taken to strengthen and to control the mind. Medicines like Narasimha Rasayanam - 1tsp before food twice daily, Aswagandha churnam can be taken for a month and reviewed. Full body.. Read more

Semen ayurvedic medicine

asked by sid on 2 April 2010 5:11
respected swamiji,plz tell me ayur-medicine to increase quantity of semen and sperm count.also guide me about lifestyle and diet should followed for semen/sperm... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello sir, There are many ways to increase the sperm count and quality of sperms. If you take the help of alternative therapies, this problem can be resolvedThere are certain lifestyle modifications and diet if followed well, you can improve stamina as well as quality of semen and quantity of sperms You need to follow balanced diet and do regular pranayama and exercises dailyProper care to be taken.. Read more

Semen infection

asked by guptuser on 22 September 2010 1:16
Firstly answer me,,What are the symptoms of semen infection...??? Is it some type of discharge from... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- You need to consult personally with a doctor and get it.. Read more

Puss cells in Semen and Treatment

asked by satti132 on 28 October 2017 8:17
Dear Dr. Today I have done my semen test .Test report is below: volume-3.5ml colour- pearly white Reaction -- Alkaline 1.Total count of sperm-----80.0 million 2. Motility --- Active sperm -65% sluggish sperm- 10% Non motile sperm -25% pus cells ---- 8-10/hpf Rbc -------------- nil Epithelial cells ------6-8/hpf 3. Morphology- Normal sperm -- 70 % abnormal sperm--- 30% Please kindly me about the... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Pus cells less than 10 in normal semen analysis is common. It has to be treated based on the symptoms. I shall suggest the basic medicines that will improve the quality of the semen and hence it will also reduce the excess pus cells. You can recheck after 3months. Healthy lifestyle by having good sleep, drinking enough water, eating healthy food and regular exercise will support the transformation.. Read more

Semen ayurvedic medicine

asked by srk on 28 October 2010 21:27
i have very low count.suggest medicines to improve semen count... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, There are many factors for low sperm count, and there may be chances of hereditary factors and external factors such as trauma, varicocele, smoking, environmental hazards etcAfter identifying proper root cause, proper line of treatment is done If there is any kind of nutritional deficiencies, which should be compensated with herbal medicines and diet, and to enhance spermatogenesis metabolism.. Read more

Abnormal semen analysis

asked by ratish on 10 October 2012 13:42
i am 27 years old.i have 12million/cumm sperm count and 50 % immotile. plez help... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, If you are suffering from low sperm count, it is better to consult andrologist or MD physician for proper assessment. If there is varicocele which may cause the problem, and if you are working in stressed and hot environment, there may be chances of getting low sperm count. In order to enhance proper spermatogenesis you may to consume herbal medicines which may help you. However, you must.. Read more
Japani oil
Japani oil for men is used to improve and stimulate libido and increase vigor..
Sanda Oil
Sanda Oil helps to generate heat in organ and helps to pump more blood in the shaft which gives hard..
Ashwashila capsule
Patanjali Ashwashila capsule is a combination of Ashwagandha and Shilajit which makes it a powerful..
Charak Vigomax Forte
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