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jai gupta, 16 October 2010 19:00

Dear BABA JI i m suffering from stammering from childhood now m 24 years old & have lack of confidence please tell me ayurvedic medicine & yogas to remove stammering & improve my confidence to be successful in my life .otherwise i will come to you and survive whole life in ur ashram bcs i cannt live with deases in world. m very very thankful to u baba.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


Stammering is a condition which is seen in several patients. It is not an easy task as to heal this condition . Here one will need self confidence and positive attitude towards healing this condition.

Here i shall suggest you a few remedies which is helpful.

  • Apply brahmi oil on bregma of your scalp. Massage it for nearly 15 minutes and allow it to remain for the remaining hours. Following this have a bath as well. This oil will influence the broca's area of brain which is responsible for speech.

  • Consume brahmi ghritha. This is one of those ayurvedic medicines available as medicated ghee which too serves the purpose of acting on CNS. It soothens the nerves responsible for speech thereby reducing the blocks in speech. It shall be consumed for upto 3 months and reviewed.

  • Practice speech therapy. This is very much important and can be practiced on self. This can be learned either from physiotherapist or from online sources as well.

These are the effective remedies which can assist you in this case.

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posted by Dr.Sony on 7 June 2014 12:49

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I am 51 year old male and finding speech block in formal situatons as s big hurdle in official life. I consulted an ayurveda doctor who prescribed 1. varavilasadi kashayam + suvarnamukthadi tablet two times before food; saraswatharishtam+aswagandhatishtam two times after food. Will this hep?

posted by Guest on 16 November 2016 23:12

my self ravichandra patil, now I am at 22years old, I am stammering from last 6months so I loss my confidants, so please refer me to improve my talking confidents level

posted by Guest on 24 May 2014 19:20

stamnering is not a disease, rather it is a habit which can be improved. it is due to 3 factor- wrong brething style,lack of air in the lungs while speaking, & psychology.

posted by Guest on 4 March 2014 12:43

I have Stammering,I must need your Ayurvedic Medicine, then What I can do? When I Speaking tounge is Stuttered, I am Shop keeper,while I handle my Customer I have happened many problem with Communication,I need treatment. Thanking You.

posted by Guest on 22 January 2014 18:08

sir....i stammer in group discussion as conducted by various companies........please suggest a remedy

posted by Guest on 24 January 2013 21:08

sir my nam is moaz khan um live in pakistan. sir mae bhot paryshan hun apni haklany ki wajha say mari lif bhot kharab hai ap pls pls kuch solution batayen. . . sir main apni life say paryshan hogya hun kuch kar nah pata . mae elictrical ka student hun . .

posted by Guest on 29 November 2012 13:39

sir mai 26 saal ka hu mai haklata hu aur kisi se baat krne mein ghabrata hu plz muje koi dava bataye jisse maeri haklane ki dikkat dur ho jaye

posted by Guest on 25 October 2012 22:19

Bachpan mein haklane ki problem kam thi but ab jyada ho gai hai koi treatmet batai

posted by Guest on 1 September 2012 14:59


Stammering is a disorder that affects the flow of your speech and also called as stuttering. This may occur since birth and acquired and due to anxiety, stress, any kind of drug abuse, past history of major illnesses etc. There are some associated complaints or symptoms such as rapid movements of lips, eyes, and jaw. Even if there is any anatomical abnormality with speech producing organs stuttering do occur.

There are few home remedies like applying Vacha churna 5 pinchs with ¼ teaspoon of honey early in the morning and certain tongue twisters can be read. You can practice yoga and pranayama which is very helpful to reduce stress and anxiety. For more details, you can contact us. You can use Rasraj Ras which is very helpful.

Avoid consume spicy and oily foods.

For more details, you can contact us,

With regards,

Dr. Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 16 October 2010 23:58
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Your given complaint is called as Stuttering or Stammering and it is a disorder that affects the flow of your speech and in your cases it is particular for few letters and reasons would be multiple such as stress, anxiety, or any other associated illnesses, even in few cases, there may be drug abuses If you are suffering from anxiety, stress, there may be aggravation of the symptoms and during.. Read more

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