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Ayurvedic treatment of cancer in ovary third stage of my mom who is 82 years old. first chemo therapy administered. this question feed

RAMAPADA, 24 July 2015 23:17


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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


Considering her age and disease condition, as a part of palliative care, you can provide with some Ayurvedic medicines which are helpful. As she is having history of CA ovaries, and if there is no spreading nature yet, then there are chances that she regain her health. However, while undergoing chemotherapy, patient will undergo immense stress and anxiety and discomfort, so she needs counseling and provide her with these medicines like Cancer Package Medicine that contains multiple medicines including herbal powders and Rasa Preparations which has to be mixed thoroughly and can divided into 60 equal doses and give only one dose per day and rest of the medicines as mentioned. Additional to this package if she is willing you can give Godhan Ark which is having anti-cancerous activity.

Try to give her steam and cooked food always. Even few fruits can be steamed and given her and always prefer lukewarm water for her easy digestion and see that she is getting enough antioxidants like walnuts, green tea, mint tea, Wheatgrass Tablet are helpful. Try to give her easily digestible food and avoid giving too much spicy or greasy food and even foods with artificial colors, or chemical preservatives to be avoided.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 26 July 2015 15:20

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