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Trying to Conceive & Weight Loss this question feed

pretty66, 15 October 2013 8:31

Dear Sir,

I am trying to conceive for 2 years. I am 28 and husband is 31. Initially, we approached an ayurvedic doctor. Even before seeing the reports, she said the problem is with my husband (low sperm count) and suggested ayurvedic medicines. We continued it for 3 months.Actually he has normal sperm count. We stopped it and we continued with allopathy.

They took few tests for me. I am currently overweight (63.5 kg, height 157cm). I had a cyst problem for a month. But that was there only for a month after which it got vanished. Then my fallopian tubes were cleaned(no blocks were found. Husband's count is 83 million and morphology is 50%.

He is 170 cm and 90 kg.

I wish I could conceive soon. Doctor has asked me to reduce my weight to 54kg. How do I reduce my weight and can conceive soon? Can i do exercise while trying to conceive? I have difficulties in bowel movements. Can I take ashta chooranam for that? How can I safely reduce weight and increase my fertility rate?

(I am taking English medicines)

Tags: Conceive, Overweight, Pregnancy, Weight, Weight loss
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

You can take Triphala churnam which will not affect with your medicines. Triphaladi churnam and Triphala churnam are the same where in Triphaladi churnam licorice will be added, but the effect will be the same. Triphala means it contains three fruits of haritaki, vibhitaki and amalaki. You can take 2tsp with warm water at bedtime. You can take horsegram immediately after your periods and stop during ovulation. Eat foods with fiber and complex carbohydrates. Include figs, prunes, raisins, ginger, garlic, pepper. Drink enough warm water. Exercise regularly. If Triphala fails, please try Erand Tail or Divya haritaki Churnam. Please let me know after using for 2weeks. Dr.Ramani.

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posted by Dr.Ramani on 25 October 2013 1:59

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Also, please tell me whether triphaladi chooranam and triphala chooranam or one and the same? what is the procedure to take it? Does it has any side effects?

posted by pretty66 on 21 October 2013 14:42

Dear Doctor,

Thanks for your reply. I was taking Progynova (10 tablets taken) and suggested me to take Meprate from 21st day.

If I take triphala churanam now, will it affect the English medicines?

I have constipation trouble. So I was taking Triphala churanam. Even after taking Triphala the problem persisted. Can I continue taking it?

Can horsegram be taken while trying to conceive?

posted by pretty66 on 21 October 2013 14:28

Both of you must try to reduce weight. Please mention the English medicines you are taking now. You can make some life style changes to reduce weight. Eat healthy food with more vegetables and fruits. Include complex carbohydrates. Eat less with more frequencies. Eat less and early at night. Include horsegram, cabbage, spices like cinnamon, garlic, ginger, turmeric, drumstick, bittergourd, plantain stem. Avoid fried fatty sugary foods. Practise Yogasanas like Matsyasana, Dhanurasana, Uthithapadasana, Utkadasna, Paschimottasana, Padahastasana and also exercise regularly. You can do exercises when you are trying to get pregnant. Following this will help to reduce and maintain your weight. Try on fertile days during your ovulation that is 14days before your periods. Lie down for half an hour for the movement of the sperm. You can take Triphala Churnam which will help for your bowel movements and also to reduce weight. Asta churnam is used mainly to improve digestion and relieve flatulence. Foods to become pregnant are usually nourishing in nature but you can take it with a limit. They are ghee, milk, black gram, nuts, curd, dates, banana. Do exercise and control your weight. Please let me know if you need any medicines for Infertility. Have regular checkups with your gynecologist. Dr.Ramani.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 20 October 2013 2:14
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