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Urination problem this question feed

bart, 29 August 2012 8:21

I am diabetic. My fasting is 111 and pp is 183. I am having some urination problem sometimes I go to bathroom more often then I should say after every 2 - 5 mts and sometimes i go to bathroom just twice in m4-5 hours and also face very less amount of urine. I do not have burnign sensation while urinating but after words I do get in the area of urnie and anus and also middle stomach bt that comes and go away. I do not have fever chill vomit weekness or anything. There was a pain in my stomach in the middle but I got my periods after words it was also gone. Right now I am taking chandraprabhavati shilajit rasayan vati tabelt yesaka for diabetese madhukal vati madhu nashini vati livomap and for urinating problem neeri its been almost one week since i am having this problem of urinating. What could be wrong with me ????? I showed to two vedji and they both checked my pulse that it is not kidney related ???? Please help me doctor. Thanks

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


Diabetes is a metabolic disorder and there would be some associated symptoms which you are facing right now. That is frequent urination. Increased frequency of urination is the prime symptoms of diabetes. As you are presenting with the complaints of burning sensation which is occurring due to excess heat in your body, and you have to be careful enough to follow balanced diet and follow diabetic diet which is very beneficial and that may help to reduce the frequency of urination.

As you are consuming Chandraprabha Vati, shilajith Rasayan vati, Vasaka, and Madhunashini vati, and Livomap, you can continue those, however you can add one more medicine by skipping Livomap if possible such as Gokshura Guggulu for internal usage.

As a complications of diabetes, there may be chances of getting nephropathy, retinopathy, general body weakness. So, in order to prevent those complications, you have to follow healthy and balanced lifestyle which is very important.

With regards,


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posted by Dr.Vijay on 5 September 2012 16:45

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Dear Sir,
Iam 51 years old male with diabetice recently i observe the severity of urination when it is alarming me i cannot stop for a minute / two minuts, small amounts will come out ie, urinatio is not in my control . Please suggest any aurvedic medicine

posted by Guest on 23 February 2013 12:33
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