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Use of Shilajit sat and Ashwagandha this question feed

Kedar9970, 16 September 2017 9:39

Hello Dr. I am 26 year male. I am using shilajit sat, Chandraprabha wati and Yuvanamruta wait from last 20 days.. I have seen powerful benefits from this .. Can I use this for several months to increase my strengths furthermore... Please advise.. Thank you in advance..

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Hello sir, Above mentioned medicines are combination of mineral and herbal extract, so can be taken safely for few weeks. Although the Divya shilajeet sat should only be taken for 4 weeks continuously then the use should be discouraged. But as per my opinion shifting the body over medicines to rejuvenate it should be done for few weeks then with balanced diet and proper exercises the body should be maintained. So please discontinue all the medicines as soon as you achieve energetic and healthy body and start taking balanced diet and yoga asana like dhanurasana, sarvangasana, surya namaskar, halasana to maintain healthy body and practice pranayam like kapal bhatti, anulom vilom ,bhastrika and bhrahmari pranayam for healthy mind. Drink plenty of fluids to hydrate body along with few minutes walk to rejuvenate the complete metabolism of body. Stay natural.

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posted by Dr.Kanika on 20 September 2017 17:41

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Dr. Kanika Mam, Thank you very much for advice. I just want to know whether I can use above mentioned combination of medicine for long term.? Or should I use only shilajit sat for long term.. Please advise. Awaiting for your reply... Thank you..

posted by Guest on 19 September 2017 21:01

Hello, Divya shilajeet sat taken in a dose of 2 drops in milk twice a day after meals. The main use of shilajeet sat is as an anti aging agent, along with increases the sexual health and rejuvinates the body. Also it is considered as best medicines for premature ejaculation and thus should be taken according to the severity of premature ejaculation and age. Divya chanderprabha vati is mainly used in urinary tract infection and maintaining healthy urinary system in a dose of 1-2 tablets twice to thrice a day with luke warm water after meals And should be taken till the problem persists. Divya yauvanamrita vati is used to treat general debility and increase stamina boosting the male power, vitality, and vigor and can be taken safely for 4 weeks only and should be taken further.

posted by Dr.Kanika on 19 September 2017 13:07
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