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sati, 11 September 2010 18:41

Please give me the following details of the above listed Ayurveda Herbs. 1. Tasir [hot or cold] 2. Good for Pitta or Vata or kapha 3. what are the uses of these Ayurveda Herbs. 4. Method of taking & Quantity of taking 5. Side effects or precautions. 6. What are the best combinations. 7. Additional information [what ever you want to add]

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


Botanical name : Dioscorea pentaphylla Linn.

Names: Vidari kanda English : Wild yam Hindi : Vidhari Kand Malayalam : Kattukizangu, Kattukachil


Rasa or Basic Taste : Madhura (Sweet) Guna or Quality : Guru or heavy, Snigdha or slimy. Virya or Potency : Seeta (cold potency) Vipaka or Taste after digestion: Madhura (Sweet).

The useful part of Vidarikanda is Tuber and it helps to pacifies vitiated vata, pitta, emaciation. The medicine is found effective in different forms for different diseases such as skin, gastric related complaints such as anorexia, colic, burning sensation, vomiting, inflammation. For females it helps to prevent menorrhagia and general debility. It is also used to promote breast milk production similar to shatavari.

Medicines like Vidaryadi kashayam, Vidaryadi Lehyam are examples.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 11 September 2010 19:00

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