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Swaravena, 25 July 2014 13:19

Hi doctor , I'm 26 years female. My height is 5.8 and weight is 84kgs. I delivered a baby boy 6 months ago through normal delivery and I'm breastfeeding him now . I had gained nearly 12 kgs during pregnancy and I want to lose my weight soon . I. Dint have any other heth complaints and I'm v active and do all works at home . I have a good milk supply also . My fat is looking very loose and flabby like unwanted water retention especially in my arms . Please kindly suggest me a remedy in such a way that it won't affect my baby also .

Thank you

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

The weight gain will depend upon the eating habits during your pregnancy. As your baby needs nourishing foods, it is better to avoid taking any medicines to lose weight. Instead you can focus on your eating habits, exercise and yogasanas which will not affect your baby in any way.

The weight gain during pregnancy and weight loss after delivery varies in each women. Your BMI is 28 which is in the overweight category, but you can try to bring it to 24 after you stop breast feeding. As breast feeding needs extra calories, you have to eat a good nutritious diet also.

Try to have a early supper with light food. Include cinnamon, garlic, jujube fruit, horsegram, cabbage, honey, ginger, turmeric, drumstick, bittergourd, plantain stem in your diet. Reduce excess sugar, salt and fried foods. Try to exercise regularly like walking or some strecthes.

Yogasanas like vajrasana, paschimottasana, bhujangasana, padahastasana, tadasana, trikonasana, especially asanas that work the arm muscles like adhomukasvanasana, makarasana, mayurasana, bharatwajasana can be done which will help you to increase the muscle tone in arms, reduce weight and also make you healthy.

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posted by Dr.Ramani on 27 July 2014 2:32

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thanks a lot all for your valuable advice and helping me ......... I ll surely follow the instructions and try to maintain my weight . very informative replies ...

posted by Guest on 29 July 2014 10:22

Hello, It is a common issue people face after delivery.As you have mentioned you have gained 12kg after pregnancy and delivery but your weight was slightly over even before that.It is your bone weight which adds more to your weight contribution as far as i think. As you are a lactation mother you have to manage the weight without effecting the milk production.

You can have 20ml hone mixed with cold water in the morning in empty stomach this helps in stopping further addition of fat to the body. Do not use food which are fatty and decrease the quantity of milk and milk products.avoid curd, butter milk nuts and fried items.

use food which gives protein to the body.you can have salads, pulses and cereals more.green gram can be takes after steaming.

You can have ragi powder soup. Oats without adding milk is good in weight reduction.

Practice yoga and pranayama daily.have exercise.

You can have 15 minutes walking daily and make sure you get stressed by that.Do active works and please avoid day time sleep.

posted by Dr Roshan on 27 July 2014 15:55


Weight gain of 12kg during pregnancy is absolutely normal.Since you are breast feeding your body weight will naturally come down.But if you have not taken any proper postnatal care then the weight reduction might take little bit longer.

You can lose your weight easily by the following dietary and lifestyle changes and with some simple internal medications that wont interfere with your breast feeding.

Diet: Your diet should be highly nutritious since you are feeding the baby and you need some extra calories to stay healthy.But make sure you are not taking too much sweets,too much oily food.You can have sprouted and baked green gram for breakfast,any urad dal preparations like idli,dosa etc as well.you as well as the baby.If you have the habit of taking ragi then thats one of the best choices for You can add more of garlic and shallots to the dishes that you prepare.

Lifestyle : Go for a brisk walk daily for 30 min or do regular yoga.

Medicine: Since you are breast feeding you need to take only one internal medicine 1) Vara Churna : 15g with warm water twice daily before food.(morning and evening )

posted by Dr.Parvathy on 26 July 2014 16:05
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