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asked by PAWAN89 on 22 February 2018 23:09
Reply  -  Related Tags: Kidney

Under Eye Circles - Hyperpigmention

asked by Sbhatia on 22 February 2018 22:13
I am a 24 year old female with no allergies. I have dark circles under my eyes, but wasn't born with them. I was very young when the discoloration appeared. I excercise occasionally and have good diet (vegetarian). What can I take to rid of the under eye circles? At most, my iron and B12 levels are a little low, but nothing that would cause concern.... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Circles, Dark, Eye

Pain in right side Testicle

asked by Mohammad Abideen on 22 February 2018 16:53
71 years, Male, married, Tobacco Gutka Habit, sleep ok. Too much Anxiety after waking up in the morning due to testicle pain. B.P. is normal always. No... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Pain, Right, Sidetesticle

Disc desiccation annular year and disc bulge

asked by Chetnakumarshiv on 22 February 2018 10:43
MRI report shows : for male 37 years 1.disc desiccation noted at L4-L5 and L5-S1 levels with posterolateral central annular year at L5-S1 level. 2.postero central disc bulge noted at L5-S1 level causing mild indentation on central thecal sac. Kindly suggest for home remedies; excercise and... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Asthma;, Sinus

Pregnancy both Fallopian tubes were removed

asked by Swetha999 on 21 February 2018 19:32
Female 30 yrs, both Fallopian tubes were removed Ivf done 4 times, I don’t have any Heath problem, periods is normal 27 days. 2 times got ectopic pregnancy so both tubes were removed . is there any chance for tube growth in... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Pregnancy

Infertility problem

asked by Anuran on 21 February 2018 16:57
Meri shadi ka 10years ho Gaya hai mensuration 6month me one time ata irregular period hai maine 6 time IVF karba chuki hoon par fail ho Gaya hai AMH jaida hai please koi medicine bataya taki mai pregnant ho sakoon aur might koi problem nahi or na ho mere husband Ko please help me ... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Aur, Hai, Koi, Nahi

Ovarian cyst

asked by Kate on 21 February 2018 15:10
I am 22yrs old.female of 54kg.Unmarried.Since the beginning I had irregular periods. Last during an ultrasound session I got to know that I have a cyst of 12cm on my right ovary which was completely ruptured.Had to undergo a surgery where my right ovary was being removed. It's just been 4months of my surgery and now I got the cyst back on my left ovary which is of 7cm. Missed my period this... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Cyst, Ovarian

About scalp psorisis

asked by Prince30693 on 21 February 2018 14:41
Sir , i have scalp paorisis.. amd it was start penetrate om face but after starting patanjali kayakalp tail and doing 1 hr yoga face is now completely ok !! Now scalp is only remaining!! How much time it tales... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Paorisis

Sexual health

asked by saimadhav on 21 February 2018 10:24
Dear Doctor, I am 50yrs old male, I have Blood pressure under control with medicine (Olmezest AM-20mg),Sugar under control(HBA1C-5.5)NO medicine and I am regularly doing Exercise and diet control HT.173 c.m and WT.77kg and I Have fatty liver grade-1 My errection is in normal but not strong, Here i requested you for Hard errection ,Long duration for intercourse so, please prefer good ayurvedic... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Health, Sexual

Cyst near s2 nerve & baldness

asked by reney on 21 February 2018 0:23
Babaji i am 34 years married women from the past 2 years, no kids, i have back problem. Acc to MRI i have a cyst at my back near s2 nerve & that cyst presses my nerve that hurts a lot in my whole left leg until foot. So, which medicine shd i take? Besides that i have lots of hair fall and baldness because of the effect of... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags:

Chronic Kidney deaseas

asked by Chhanda on 20 February 2018 17:50
my name soumen sarkar age 33years my creatinine level is 2.9 and gfr is 27.blood pressure 80/145...i need advise and medicines..... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Chronic, Kidney

Retinal Detachment Surgery-Vetrictomy

asked by aadhiradhi on 20 February 2018 15:10
My Son Age 17, had a Retinal Detachment Vetrictomy surgery last month. Still under medication. His retina is very weak. He has just entered his college first year and immediately underwent for this surgery and forced to discontinue this year because of this surgery. We dont find any family history related to this problem. Kindly suggest some medicine to strengthen his Retina. Also advice the... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Detachment, Retinal
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