I’m 23 year girl detected with 8mm stones in gallbladder.im regular at exercising and sometimes suffer from constipation

asked by sonali.rajpal@gmail.com on 26 July 2018 11:51
Respected sir, So basically I don’t experience any pain but I have a lot of problem when it comes to digestion . I have bloating all the time and feel gassy and full. There is always discomfort I feel in my stomach. I alwyss keep burping.can you pls suggest any medication?? Will these gallstones dissolve or pass in my stool or urine? I have 8mm multiple stones almost... Read More
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asked by ManishSharma on 26 July 2018 10:10
My mother was diagnosed with amyloidosis a year back...now the disease is spreading in multiple organs..she is having swelling on her face,legs,hands..she is having pain in bones specially in hand and legs...she is not able sleep even after taking sleeping pills..she is not able to walk and can't even sit by her own...she is 42 years old...can it be... Read More
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DSRCT - Sarcoma tumor medicine

asked by shilpajindal on 25 July 2018 14:53
My sister Shilpa has diagnosed with high grade DSRCT sarcoma. She is just 38 years old now. The allopathic doctor advises chemotherapy, followed by surgery.Is there any ayurvedic medicine for it that can cure itand increase the life... Read More
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Mensuration Problems

asked by saikripa on 25 July 2018 11:35
Aum Sai. I didnt get my periods . Last periods end date was on 7th June 2018. Got all my body check up done and Ultra Sound The report says 21mm of fibroid in anterior wall of uterus. Endometrial linining is visualized , is thickened and echogenic and measures 18mm in width.No abnormal vascularity seen in endometrium or myometrium, Cervicx is normal in Size 7x5.2x4.6 cm. Both ovaries are normal... Read More
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Sever back pain

asked by MOHAMMEDKAMAL UDDIN on 23 July 2018 19:40
Mohammed Kamal Uddin, age 10.03.1973, gender Male I have sever low bank pain, there is an operation at right site of my low back and now left side is effected, the pain filling left hand to left leg... Read More
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Hashimoto and sinus low immunity

asked by Pia527 on 23 July 2018 17:36
Im 37 female 2 kids ..last yr in oct had an abortion and right aftr tht hv seen low immuinity phase...tsh was fluctualting ....and frm 13 to 7 to 10 and had Tpo 130 and Tg 6 Doc started me on thyroxine 50 and soon in 1 mnth came to normal thn came low next mnth 0.08 he reduced dose to 25 and aftr mnth had to.stop it as tsh got more low to .02.. Im currently in tht mnth as he saod to.take teat... Read More
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Colloid cyst brain

asked by Pravati on 23 July 2018 13:02
Age-34+ Male , Having colloid cyst brain of 7.7mm.No other illness , Getting headache now a days daily full head . Is there any medicine for that one will cure with out surgery ? Please advice me . No BP , No sugar nothing else , having eysite from last 15-20 yrs... Read More
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Sudden right ear hearing loss

asked by sankar sinhahajari on 23 July 2018 12:56
Namaskar I informed you nine years ago (January 2009)that- "My daughter has sudden hearing loss(90%) from 28.12.08.As per local doctor and Apollo hospital she is suffering with "Sensorineural Hearing Loss", now start treatment with steroid(Predmet).But not assured about recovery (Less chances)." Now she always hears some noise in right ear, and sometimes she suffers... Read More
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Createnin level increase after take patanjali medecine

asked by ujjwal debsarma on 22 July 2018 16:15
My father is going to dialisys from last 5 months. He take patanjali medecine and after take patanjali medechine his createnin level is increase from 7.8 to 10.96 and urea from 68 to 91. so sir please reply what should i... Read More
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My name is kiran age 35

asked by Kiranojha on 22 July 2018 14:29
Hello sir is it advisable to consume medohar vati if im planning to conceive we are focusing on family planning now moreover i have pcos don have my right ovary i do yoga everyday pls... Read More
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For increasing height

asked by tiktika on 21 July 2018 20:44
my age is 18 years & i'm female. My height is 150cm. I want to "increase my height" till 160cm. So any medicine is available for it? Or any other option for increasing height. Plzzzz help... Read More
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IBS constipation with gastritis and weakness.

asked by bhaveshrakhecha6 on 21 July 2018 19:46
I am 31 years male, suffering from IBS constipation and gastritis. symptoms are as follows:- * Indigestion * Constipation with 2-3 unclear motions a days. sticky stool. * Heaviness in left side of stomach with gastritis * Loss of appetite, and hunger.. feels like vomiting while eating food. * headache on alternate days. kindly suggest a line of ayurvedic medications, and what kind of diet need to... Read More
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