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I have dark circle under my eyes will u give some suggesion for it?

asked by sharma1988vivek on 10 December 2009 5:45
There are dark circle under... Read More
Dr.Ravinder Says:- Hello and greetings from Dark circles are not only a cosmetic problem but it also denotes our irregular life style and various deficiencies in our body. Stressful life, long working hours, less time to sleep, late night work or parties, irregular dietary schedules and low vitamin diet etc are very common reasons for dark circles. In a healthy person mainly these reasons or anyone of.. Read more

Hydrocele ayurvedic medicine

asked by mittal on 9 December 2009 22:46
Sir , my right side "ANDKOSH "Testicle is doing pain more than 8 years but the size is normal . from some time the left hand side testicle is also feeling pain but size is normal. I have sufferd a heart attack during march 2006 and also a diabetic patient . my age is 50 years.I do Pranayam more than 3 years and 5 months regulary in which Bharstika,kapalbhati,Vahiya ,Agnisar... Read More
Dr.Ravinder Says:- Hello and greetings from Hydrocele is the accumulation of fluid around testis in scrotal sac. It results in enlargement of testis and heaviness in testis. Hydrocele is generally caused by infections or cancer or trauma etc. Hydrocele is generally not painful. So it seems from your description that you are not suffering from Hydrocele. The pain in testis can be due to some sort of.. Read more

Is there a recommended Ayurvedic treatment for Herpes?

asked by holideva on 9 December 2009 22:32
Is there a recommended Ayurvedic treatment for Herpes? I tried searching for Herpes on your webstore, and there was no result. Does this mean that there is no recommended Ayurvedic treatment and a person with Herpes should consult a medical doctor for... Read More
4 replies  -  Related Tags: Ayurvedic treatment, Herpes
Dr.Ravinder Says:- Hello and greetings from Herpes is a viral disease and we(medical field)have yet not found any sure treatment to cure viral infections or kill virus as in case of bacterial infections. Viral infections can only be controlled from further spread by regular use of antiviral medicines. There is no use of antibiotics in case of viral infections and we recommend you to avoid taking unnecessary.. Read more

Bring down FSH to conceive

asked by meenu on 9 December 2009 17:47
I am 38 and trying to conceive since last 7 years. IUI and 2 cycles of IVF failed. Conceived during second IVF but miscarried in second month. In Nov and Dec, my FSH level has come out to be high (12.1 in Nov and 14.5 in Dec). My doctor says that is should be less than 10 to have good quality eggs and conceive. Earlier reports before Nov have been normal. In Nov and Dec too, other than FSH, E2 and... Read More
3 replies  -  Related Tags: Conceive, Infertility, Fsh
Dr.Ravinder Says:- Hello and greetings from Infertility is caused by a number of factors and hormonal imbalance is very common reason for infertility. Apart from hormonal imbalance blocked fallopian tubes, underdeveloped reproductive organs like uterus, irregular periods, cysts in ovaries and fibroids in uterus etc are very common causes for infertility. Sometimes chronic weakness, chronic diseases and.. Read more

Can corns and calluses on the foot be cured permanently surgical procedure was not effective

asked by swarna on 8 December 2009 23:51
i have acorn problem accomanied by calluses but i tried surgical removal with no use long ago a tutor of mine removed one for my sister with some animal fat and it never appeared again please let me know of some permanent... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Calluses, Corns
Dr.Ravinder Says:- Hello and greetings from Callus and corns both are formed by repeated irritation on skin from some friction, pressure or rub. The skin of the particular area becomes thick, hard and rough. Calluses are mostly not harmful but may lead to ulcer formation. Cones are formed when the pressure or friction is in elliptical shape or rubbing motion. Corn is a callus of dead skin formed on smooth and.. Read more

How to regain the power of eyes ?

asked by sonu85 on 8 December 2009 4:14
respected sir/madam i am 25 years old and wearing spectacles from the age of 13 and my spectacles number is -4.5 for both the eyes. i request you to please tell me any medicine or any exercise through i can get the power of my eyes back. ... Read More
Dr.Ravinder Says:- Hello and greetings from Vision or eyesight is really a God`s gift for mankind to see His beautiful creations. Vision is badly effected by improper diet or dietary deficiencies specially deficiency of vitamin-A,continuous and long time working on computer, TV and high intensity lights etc. Diabetes, hypertension, glaucoma, infections and injuries to eyes are also some major causes of.. Read more

My nephew is 7 years old. He is declared autistic by NIMHANS, Bangalore. Is there any cure for autism in Sri Ramdev Baba's Patanjali Yogpeeth?

asked by gowinpande on 6 December 2009 7:34
My nephew is 7 years old. Upto 2 yrs. of his age he was learning to talk normaly but after that he lost speech gradually. Looking at this abnormality, we took him to NIMHANS, Bangalore last year where he was declared autistic after several tests. We would like to know if there is any possible cure available at Patanjali Yogpeeth. If yes, then, we would like to personally bring him to Patanjali... Read More
10 replies  -  Related Tags: Adhd, Autism, Patanjali autism, Ramdev
Dr.Ravinder Says:- Hello and greetings from Autism or autism syndrome has strong genetic base and is a developmental disorder of brain. Its origin and cause has not so far clearly studied and the treatment available for autism is based on to improve the quality of life of the patient... Read more

Looking for zinc bhasma and also kayakalpa preperations

asked by sivakalai on 2 December 2009 21:37
hi, iam specifically looking for zinc bhasma, do you sell it seperately or with any lehyam or can you suggest any trusted site that ships abroad. And I am a pranayama practitioner in search of kayakalpa preparations which are for spiritual purposes, is it possible to custom make? as Baba Ramdev knows well about... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Kayakalp, Zinc, Bhasma
YogaGuru Says:- We do not sell Zinc bhasma at the moment, but we will try to arrange it for your and let you know.. Read more

Ayurvedic Medicines and yogas for Scoliosis

asked by jhalak on 30 November 2009 2:11
I have scoliosis from birth. I have been to doctors and come to know that it is of 30 degrees curve. I came to know about this at the age of 22. Please guide me about the medicines and the yogas ehich helps in this... Read More
Dr.Ravinder Says:- Hello and greetings from Scoliosis is the curvature in spinal cord of an individual. The exact cause of curvatures not not clear but generally genetic factors and birth defects like spina bifida and cerebral palsy patients are at high risk of scoliosis. This scoliosis or curve in spine may cause discomfort, pains and look very odd. Scoliosis may distort the balance of body. Yoga and.. Read more

How to avoid masturbation habit and increase my penis size

asked by raghav.anil on 29 November 2009 4:43
pranam baba ji .. iam 23 yr ummarried male baba ji , muzhe peechle 5-6 years se masturbation ki buri habit lag gayi ... kabhi kabhi ye regularly aur kabhi kabhi 15 se 25 dino me krna padta h ..jiski wajah se mera mere penis ka size theek tarah se enlarge nhi ho paya ... aur uski motai bhi kam h .. mere penis ka size approximate 6 inc h ..isko enlarge aur mota krne ka saral aur possible solution... Read More
7 replies  -  Related Tags: Masturbation, Penis
Dr.Ravinder Says:- Hello and greetings from Over masturbation at the time of development age or teenage is very harmful and causes severe weakness in body and sexual power. Many physical and sexual problems arise just by the habit of over masturbation. Nightfall, urinary problems, erection weakness, premature ejaculation and low sperm count are all generally found in those who are in habit of over.. Read more

Ramdev grus prodcts

asked by neharika on 28 November 2009 2:27
i'm neharika,vijayawada(andhra pradesh),i want to buy ramdev guru's health products like:divya amla juice,divya aloevera juice. can anyone tell me if i can get these products anywhere at vijayawada, and if no then from where can i get these products . its urgent kindly help... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Ramdev, Ramdev products
Dr.Ravinder Says:- Hello and greetings from Now , you can buy all your medicines at your home. Please visit to shop for all pure and safe ayurvedic products. We will deliver your order at your home with full privacy at our earliest. Further queries are.. Read more

Sex weekness

asked by rohan on 27 November 2009 1:05
Hello Sir, I am suffering from sex weekness (early ejaculation), and unable to make my wife pregent. suggest me to any aurvadic product to cure this disease.and what kind of diet i should take for this... Read More
Dr.Ravinder Says:- Hello and greetings from Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are most common sexual problems of males. Generally over masturbation is the reason for these problems. Apart from over masturbation chronic infections of urogenital system, hormonal weakness and side effects of medicines are also very common causes for sexual problems in males. Healthy semen in males with full sperm.. Read more
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