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Kidney failure

asked by Kamlendra on 12 February 2018 11:44
Dear sir meri sister ki Age 45 hai, abhi unka 1.5 month se daylisis chalu hai., abhi pesent ka cretinin 6.7 hai Aur urea 123 to plz Aap suggest Karo hum kya Kare Aur BP 110 ya 120 rahta hai Aur koi problem bhi nhi... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Dialysis is advised as the kidney function deteriorates based on the blood test reports. It is recommended when the creatinine value is more than 8or 9mg/dl and the GFR less than 15. Please continue with dialysis, medications and regular checkups. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken along with your allopathy treatment to improve the function of the kidneys. Then the medicines can be tapered based on the.. Read more

Can Pulomanary fibrosis be cured in ayurveda ?

asked by Prakhushi on 11 February 2018 23:18
My father-in-law is 58 old have pulmonary fibrosis since 2 years but diagnosed late and want to see if it can be cured in Ayurveda. He can not walk much steps and start feeling breathless. Oxygen level goes down to 85 in resting mode and more if he walks. He is too much weak,coughing,breathing problems. kindly Suggest me what to do to get rid of this disease. I can provide more details if... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Fibrosis, Pulomanary
Dr.Ramani Says:- Pulmonary fibrosis is the scar in the lungs that causes symptoms like dyspnoea and increase in phlegm. The normal oxygen saturation varies between 95% and 98%. So oxygen supplementation will be advised to ease the breathing if the symptoms become severe. The following medicines can be taken to improve the function of the lungs Ayurvedic medicines like Divya Swasari quath, Divya Sitopaladi churnam and.. Read more

Tinnitus, Dizziness, anxity

asked by sandeepspall on 11 February 2018 15:48
I am suffering from Tinnitus in both ears, Dizziness (chakar aana, sometimes), anxity from last 1 year. I am taking treatment from neurologist (Depran L, Felicita od). But there is not much inmprvement. Please... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Anxity, Dizziness, Tinnitus

Weight gain despite simple controlled diet

asked by God-Great on 11 February 2018 9:33
Hello I am 43 years old mother height 5' 2". I got married at age of 22. Before Marriage I was always skinny with weight 48kg. After marriage, my weight got started increasing and reached maximum 72kg at age of 26. I was able to bring it down to 42 kg and then maintain the same even after I delivered my first child at age of 33. In last 10 years my weight is increasing year by year now... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Bloating, Gain, Weight
Dr.Ramani Says:- I understand your concern in gaining weight inspite of your healthy lifestyle. The reason for weight gain is also influenced by genes or family history. So please take the following medicines that will improve your metabolism and will also help to lose weight. Losing weight gradually will last longer and will be able to maintain it without gaining again Divya Medohar Vati, Varunadi Kvath - 15ml with.. Read more

Facial hair removal

asked by Shifa on 10 February 2018 23:02
Dear Dictor I having pcos problem n having facial hair how can I remove this facial hair ?? Can u tel me body Ubtan is good to use pls suggest... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Facial, Hait
Dr.Ramani Says:- Ubtan can be applied to reduce the extra facial hair. Basically besan flour along with turmeric or chandana will be beneficial in reducing the growth of hair when used regularly. The paste must be applied and allowed to dry. Then removing it with warm water will help to clear it and also will reduce the facial hair It is seen in PCOD due to the harmonal changes. So medicines taken to balance the.. Read more

Aplastic Anaemia Treatment

asked by Raja Mazumdar on 10 February 2018 16:06
Age - 7years, Gender - Male My son Master Sagar Mazumdar is suffering from Aplastic Anaemia, doctor has suggested for bone marrow transplantation. Sir I need Ayurveda treatment for my son. Kindly help me for the... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Anaemia, Aplastic
Dr.Ramani Says:- Aplastic anemia is a condition in which there is a defect in the marrow to produce red blood cells. In that case, stem cell therapy or bone marrow transplant will be advised. I shall suggest you the basic medicines that will help to improve the production of red blood cells. Meanwhile, please do have your regular checkups and follow the advise of your treating physician Ayurvedic medicines like Divya.. Read more

Ibs weight loss

asked by Jk12345 on 10 February 2018 8:29
Dear sir, I have ibs since my child hood, I am 34 presently, losing weight, as frequently I have to go bathroom. Kindly suggest me something to have weight gain... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Ibs, Loss, Weight
Dr.Ramani Says:- Irritable bowel syndrome impairs the metabolism and affects the digestion or nourishment to the tissues. In that case, digestion has to be improved and then medicines that help to nourish or gain weight can be taken. Medicines like Indukant Kwath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Triphalahills for Healthy Digestion and Vidaryadi lehyam - 1tsp after food at bedtime can be taken.. Read more

Female reproductive health

asked by yoginancy on 10 February 2018 7:39
female 32 years ..married...hello sir .on nivember 2017 i had natural miscarriage at 6.weeks .bleeding lasted foe 6.days.ultraskngigraphy showed no tissue left so no d and c was required.but after that i am having back pain lower it has been around 3.months nw .what to periods are regular after miscarriage .vut not able ti coceive n mt bloid pressure remains high ..plz give ur... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Female, Heallth, Reproductive
Dr.Ramani Says:- It takes a month after miscarriage for the symptoms like dull backache to reduce. Dhanvantaram thailam can be used to massage the back which will reduce the pain. The pain could be due to the harmonal changes in the ligaments. Ovulation usually occurs after 4weeks from the miscarriage Ayurvedic medicines like Dasamoola kvath- 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Asoka aristam and.. Read more

Polio treatment or medicine for better life

asked by Sunil1608 on 10 February 2018 0:21
I wish to advise for poliomyelitis (polio) And plz resurch medicine for better life my age is... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Poliomyelitis
Dr.Ramani Says:- Polio is caused due to an infection in the nervous system. Please let me know all the symptoms and investigation reports to guide you further. I shall suggest you the basic medicines that strengthen the muscles and improve the flexibility. Ayurvedic treatments like Vidaryadi kwath - 15ml of kwath with 60ml of warm water before food twice dialy, LNRAswagandha capsules and Dhanwantaraam ghrtam - 1tsp.. Read more

Mild Autism

asked by psingh150 on 9 February 2018 12:05
My son age is 5 years old, he is suffering from Mild Autism and we are giving him allopathy from last 1 year but there is no improvement, still he is restless,shouting, speech problem and doest not want to mingle with any one. Pls suggest us proper guidance and medicine to cure... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Autism, Mild

Gall bladder stone..age 50 years old my father..

asked by Anant jagtap 1432 on 8 February 2018 21:14
My father janardhan age 50 years old..the sonography of abdominal and pelvis report was saying .the gall bladder is physiologically is normal in shape and size.multi calculi (3-4) seen in gall bladder.. largest measuring 13×9 mm.the thickness of the gall bladder wall is normal... please sir I want to give treatment ayurvedic please tell mi medicine... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Bladder, Gall, Stone

Suffering from preml mature ovarian failure

asked by Aarushansh on 8 February 2018 20:51
I am 32 and suffering from premature ovarian failure,my LSH and LH level comes too high in my blood test report.Please suggest the possible treatment/medication for the... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Failure, Mature, Ovarian, Pre
Dr.Ramani Says:- The failure of the ovaries to produce eggs is premature ovarian failure. It happens due to the harmonal changes and FSH along with LH will be high. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken to improve the ovulation and also the quality of eggs Ayurvedic medicines like Sukumara Kwath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Shatavari capsules and Phala sarpis - one tsp before food twice daily can.. Read more
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