Complex partial seizures in 10 year old chlid

asked by Deepa1980 on 28 August 2018 17:49
My son has complex partial seizures of temporal lobe since 2 years.He had dengue encephalitis 3 years back.After that he was fine for 1 yr n then seizures started .Seizure lasts for 15 sec with staring spells n fast heart beat.He's taking allopathic medicine but full control on seizures is not there.Could u please suggest ayurvedic medicine for... Read More
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Tremor Hashimotos and insomnia

asked by JANE CHAPPLE on 28 August 2018 16:33
Hello I have been taking 400 x 2 of Ashwagandha a day plus 500 x 2 of basil daly to try and help my essential tremor (MRI confirmed it is not Parkinsons), Hashimotos and insomnia. I have been taking this for a couple of months with no improvement so far and wonder if I should increase my dose to 400 x 3 daily of ashwagandha. For your information I am taking natural dessicated thyroid x 3 grains... Read More
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Growth in my bust and body

asked by Alex3 on 27 August 2018 23:25
I was still 17 and height of 5.3 and my breast is continually increasing from past 1 year even my body weight is also increased can u please me help out for finding better treatment or exercises to reduce my bust size as fast as... Read More
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Scanty periods and infertility problem

asked by R. Mishra on 27 August 2018 14:54
Im 34 years old weight53kg heghit is 11.5"inch. I was married in 2014. Still i am able to concive. Test reports- 1. Tsh-1.76 2.Amh-2.46 3.Blood-10.76 4.left ovary have 1.5*1.4Cm follicle cysts. 5. HSG reports also found normal. 6. My husband semen report also normall. Sir what can i do? Kondly help me.... Read More
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Weight loss issue

asked by Nima12 on 27 August 2018 14:33
I am 32 years old. Gender- F Merital status - Married, regular menstural, not yet plan for baby. I having weight loss issue, i am not being able to loose weight even after following proper deit and regular exercise and yoga.. However i have other health issues such as GERD (acid reflux) gastric, indigestion,upper abdomen pain, constipation, irregularity of bowels. My thyroid is little high than... Read More
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Prematureovarian failure

asked by swethalakshmi on 27 August 2018 13:21
hai my age is 27years i suffered from premature ovarian failure for the last few years .i am planning for baby.i need to know how will cure pof there is no medicine in alopathy.what i do suggest... Read More
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Medicine compare for erectile dysfunction

asked by bhola kumar on 27 August 2018 6:49
Aap Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati... 1-1 tablet shubh saam le khana khane ke baad - dabur kanak makardwaj vati ... Ek ek tablet shubh saam le -Kaunch Pak.. Ek - Ek chamch shubh saam milk ke saath le Patanjali badam paak 10gram khaye shubh saam le.. Aap ye medicine continue 2months tak le Lahusan ki 3-3 kaliya khaye shubh saam sabut chbaa kr - Dry fruits jese aakhrot, Anjeer, kismis, badam, kaju... Read More
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Fetal hydronephrosis 8mm

asked by Golu1234 on 26 August 2018 13:31
My baby has mild hydronephrosis in left reneal pelvice from pregnancy time 6MM after birth it was 8MM .now he is 1 year 3 month & his hydronephrosis 8MM constant . Is any treatment in ayurveda for permanent removing... Read More
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Erectile Disfunction

asked by vverma on 24 August 2018 11:54
I am 65 yrs old and am also taking elopathic tablets fr BP (140/80). I developed mild ED a few years back and was using Viagra fr the purpose. Viagra gives me stomach upset, nausea,acidity. Can you suggest a suitable ayurvedic remedy fr ED and some oil fr instant... Read More
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Non Obstructive Azoospermia

asked by JSkumar on 23 August 2018 12:47
Dear Sir, Iam a Male my Age is 33 and i was married before 2 years, and we are not having child. When we gone for Sperm Test it was Nil and Mentioned Azoospermia and i taken medication for UTI for 2Months After that we taken the Blood Test Which is Showing my FSH Level is 26.8 & My testoserum is 180 Previously i was smoking by for last one month i quited is it posible to recover from... Read More
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Ayurvedic treatment

asked by Saikruppa on 23 August 2018 10:49
Hidr. My age is 36 am suffering from high blood pressure and thyroid at beginning am having 4 yrs old son before I never had thyroid and I have albumin and creatinine in urine also dwelling in one leg.i also have small cyst in ovary which I never had... Read More
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Increase penis size

asked by Surajbisht on 23 August 2018 0:04
Can I increase my penis in age 23. Plz tell which medicine good for it and my penis not erect properly.younamrita vati is good or... Read More
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