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Pimple acne darkspot

asked by vaibhavlanghe on 15 May 2018 22:35
Hii Name :vaibhav Gender :male Age :20 Skin type :oily I have acne and pimple from 6 to 7 years Lots of acne and dark spots are on my face I did the course of 1 month from patanjali chikitsalaya they consulted kantilep, kayakalpavati, aloevera gel, and khadirarishtha juice for 15 days but the pimples acne and balck spots are not gone. Pimples gone for a little time and comming again on my face... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- As you have completed a course of medicines for a month, you can do nasyam with Kumkumadi thailam. Please review after a month. It will be beneficial to reduce the black spots and will improve the complexion. Ayurvedic medicines like Mahatiktaka kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water twice daily before food and Chirata Capsules can be taken for a month Include more fresh fruits, vegetables, berries.. Read more

Pimples and scars

asked by Riu on 16 December 2017 20:43
I m 18 year old girl I have normal skin type and have big problem of pimples and dark spots and scars how to get rid of them please tell... Read More
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Acne and Sinus

asked by Anapurna on 25 November 2017 21:12
Hello sir, I have started treatment for sinusitis since May onwards and I m having a blood purifier with 2 other ayurvedic medicines. One medicine I m having along with milk at night.This has been administered by an ayurvedic practitioner. Along with that I am having dashmoolarishta for my periods and also I m having aloe vera juice daily. Since I started having these medicines,I am getting tooo... Read More
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Acne problem

asked by DHOLI on 18 August 2017 12:25
I am having a lots of acne on my face with pus in it. Its big in size. Its painful also. My face luks very ugly. One goes other pops up. I have got lot of dark spots and scars on my face. My skin tone has become... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Acne is seen due to the harmonal imbalance and is more prone in oily skin. The pores get clogged with dirt and causes an inflammation leading to pimples. Please do not scratch the pimple as it will cause scars. Healthy life style changes will help to reduce the pain. Ayurvedic medicines like Maha majistadi kwath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food, Khadira aristam and Kaisora guggulu can be.. Read more

Charak miniscar cream

asked by Punz on 21 July 2017 16:11
Dear Sir/madam , I want complete description about charak miniscar cream including its indication,benefits & dosage.I will be very much thanksful to you if you provide me the brief info about this product as soon as... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Scar becomes a cosmetic concern and Miniscar helps to reduce the formation of the scar. It can be applied during the formation of the scar which will improve the microcirculation and improve the collagen formation. It contains Sariva, haritaki, kumari and babul which have anti-inflammatory effect and anti-oxidant properties. It is highly recommended to apply in the last trimester of pregnancy.. Read more

For blood purification

asked by bhawani singh rajawat on 14 June 2017 7:56
Sir i want to know that patanjali have any product for blood purification and what is the benefits of herbal Ayurvedic... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Vitiation of dosha in blood produces the toxins with in blood which affect the circulatory system and skin majorly, thereby leading to many infections and other skin diseasesAyurveda applies the concept of raktashodana either by administration of oral medicines or by systemic purification by procedure of panchkarmaMajorly blood letting therapy termed rakta mokshana, purgation – Virechana.. Read more

Acne and face wrinkles

asked by afsheen on 9 June 2017 16:11
I am 42 and my daughter is 18. I started to have bad acne and my daughter got same issue. She has on her forehead, and chin while I get pimples on face. Some of mine are big red and it hurts too. I am also developing wrinkles and would like my face to look clean, clear and beautiful. What can you... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hwllo, Clogged hair follicles with dead skin cells leads to development of acne vulgarisIncidence of acne vulgaris in females pre menopause and teen age is quite high due to hormonal changesStress should be avoided completelyAyurvedic treatment recommended for 5-6 months are as follows- 1. Divya triphala guggul – 2 tablets twice a day with luke warm water before meals2. Arogya Vardhini Vati.. Read more

Pimples problem

asked by kushika on 14 May 2017 12:03
Dimple Bansal...22 years old.....bhut jyada pimples niklte h..Chote Chote daane type.....pura face hi khrab Ho Chuka h..grmi b bhut jyada feel hoti h....chamak b Khtm Ho gyi b aged lgne lg gyi....jhurriya type aakho k pas....Gaal pichk gye p open pores b Ho gye h.....chickenpox hua tha 3 mnth Phle Uske scars b ni gye....back p bhi h daane....Plsss meri help kijiye....meri skin... Read More
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Regarding deep acne scars and acne pits

asked by m3ee on 10 April 2017 14:08
I am a girl of age 23. I am suffering from acne since the age of 15. Earlier it used to be one two pimples but now it used to 6 or 10 its painful and red scars and deep pores are there on my face. I work on shifts I try to drink at least 3L water a day buts till cannot see any results. can you please suggest me any medicine I use Kantilep also but I guess it is mnot working on my scars and my acne.... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Pimples are seen due to harmonal imbalance and more prone in oily skin. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken to purify the blood, cleanse the system and balance the harmones. Healthy lifestyle and good hygiene will help to reduce the pimples. Amla aloe juice can be taken along with Divya Manjishtha capsules for a month and then review. Try to make powder of mung dal, amla and orange peel. You can mix it.. Read more

Acne scar and hair thinning

asked by SnehaG on 8 April 2017 11:18
I'm 28 and have pcos with sometimes irregular menstrual, acne and hair thinning problem. I'm trying my level best to have proper diet for pcos. For acne, as suggested, I'm using divyakanti lep, neemghan vati and kayakalp vati from past 2-3 months, And my acne have reduced visibly now but many acne scars are still there on cheek area. Also my hairs are getting too thin, specially... Read More
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Acne and black head

asked by Prank89 on 15 March 2017 21:01
I have an issue of black head and pimple and do not have much resources available with me, as per for natural treatment, so kindly suggest me a product so that i can apply it directly. I would like to buy product that can reduce or completely terminate this... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Black heads are a type of acne sen due to the oxidation of the melanocytes. It is seen when the sebum clogs the hair follicle. Internal medicines must be taken to reduce the black heads and clear the skin Ayurvedic medicines like Khadira aristam and Kaisora guggulu can be taken for a month and reviewed. You can apply Divya Kanti lepam and Kumkumadi thaila to the face Include flax seeds, nuts.. Read more

Pimples acne and blackheads problem

asked by divi2502 on 13 March 2017 13:43
Hello doctor..i am 24year old woman...from the past 2yrs I have pimple breakouts on my face and blackheads too and they have left marks on my it is becoming problematic with age...I want a clear skin plz... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Acne is more common in oily skin and black heads are seen when the follicles are clogged. You can clean your face with [Saundarya Face wash](] which will help to clear the skin Medicines like Khadira aristam can be taken for 3months and reviewed. [Pimplex Ayurvedic cream for.. Read more

Side effects of nimb ghan vati

asked by User2131 on 7 March 2017 10:15
I am a 20 year old female & I suffer from low haemoglobin. I exercise almost everyday & follow a healthy diet. I suffered from acne for a long time but then started using Divya kanti lep & kayakalp vati and have noticed significant improvement and even acne spots reduced but still had mild acne on my forehead. I recently started using nimb ghan vati & even that acne disappeared. But... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, PCOD which is polycystic ovarian disease is basically a hormonal disturbance caused disorder where the imbalance in hormones causes abnormal hair growth followed by acne as secondary symptoms.In order to have healthy skin in PCOD have a regular check up of hormones at an interval of 6 months.Local application of divya kanti lep purifies skin locally and removes and soothes the acne.Alongwith.. Read more

Wheat allergy and acne on trunk and face

asked by ramandeep kaur 24 on 7 February 2017 15:32
sir m 18 year old male i have acne on my body and face red in colour . i hav taken allopathic treatment for this they said i ha allergy to wheat orange and geeen chilli and many more cutrus fruits . sir m taking medicine from 3 year but they are not effective kindly guve me some suggestion and treatment for this as i m fed up from allopathic... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Celiac disease in ayurveda falls under grahani. In this the tridosha affect the digestive fire and thereby leading to allergy. while in modern sciences four types of allergen affect the immune system of body and gluten in food causes the coeliac disease.Ayurvedic medicines recommended are- 1.kutazghan vati-2 tablets twice a day with luke warm water after meals 2.kutaz partati vati-2 tablets.. Read more

For acne ,pimples,blackheads, uneven tone,pores

asked by Piyu@piyu on 5 February 2017 23:42
I am 24 yrs female.I am suffering from acne vulgaris. my face is of oily skin,unevenly tone,tanning,pimple, blackhead.their is pores in the spots are also... Read More
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For acne/age18/female

asked by Myraa on 3 February 2017 15:03
Can I take Patanjali Divya godan ark,aleo Vera juice,neem juice and Amla juice altogether? It won't harm? I want to take for my acne problem.thank you so much... Read More
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Oliy skin and acne

asked by cheena on 16 January 2017 11:37
Age 24, weight 43, unmarried,vegetarian. Problem- too much oily skin and acne problem along eith dark spots on face, back and neck. Its heredity.. i have taken alopethic treatmnt since last 4 years.. bt its not working. When i stop yaking treatment my problem arise again.. as i am unmarried i want such typ of trtmnt which has no side effect. I want to get rid ftom oily skin, acne and dark acne... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Acne is more prone to occur in oily skin. The pores getting clogged by dirt causes acne and it leaves black marks. Acne is mainly caused due to the harmonal variation and it triggered by other factors like environmental hazards or faulty diet Ayurvedic medicines can be taken for 3months and then reviewed. Ayurvedic medicines like Divya Mahamanjishtharistha and Divya Amlapittantak tablet for acidity.. Read more

Kapaalbhaati duration/acne /lust

asked by Tripsy on 10 November 2016 7:25
I am a male, my age is 23, though I was doing Pranayam from last 8 year's but I was doing it only 3-5 min, I am bit spiritual in nature so I always try to control my senses of lust den one day I heard of bahaya Pranayam & root lock, I was very much happy it work's like magic, my sense of self confidence raised high now I can control my senses , Alas I didn't got any... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Kapalbhati -one of most revered and known excercise titled as SANJEEVANI-INFUSER OF LIFE ON EARTH. kapal means forehead and bhati means light thus this excercise focuses on the high energy level concentrated over forehead while practisingThis excercise increases the sensuality as the male partner performes the kapalbhati while physical activity, the air puffing out exherts ejaculation by.. Read more

Acne and pimples

asked by YOYOKAPIL on 5 October 2016 8:42
respected sir, i have suffering from acne and pimples and i am 19 years old please give solution for this. Thanx & Regards, Kapil... Read More
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Acne/ Pimple

asked by riya_ on 16 September 2016 17:12
Hello sir, I am 25 yrs old and I have oily skin and suffering from acne from last 6 yrs and have scars on face.. it looks very bad.. Please suggest me proper medication for my pimples. I badly want to get rid from dis. Please sir help me out Regards... Read More
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