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Pcod cyst,gas problem,weight loss

asked by reena.j on 17 June 2013 15:31
namaste i am 17yrs old girl, i was diagonsed with pcod 3yrs ago now my weight has increased to 70kgs can u suggest patanjali medicine for weight loss and pcod cyst, i also face gas problem and i have knee joint pain i dont eat junck food, i eat only home made less oil and less spice food, i dont have any other illness please suggest me patanjali... Read More

PCOD from past 2 years

asked by Shaggy on 12 May 2013 14:27
I have been diagnosed with PCOD. Few months I took allopathy medicine then after that continued for cycloset syrup for 6 mnths. Till the time i take medicine periods are regular but as in when I stop no menses at all.I have also observed belly enlargement and fats. Pls suggest me good medicines to reduce and regularise my... Read More

PCOD and Pain in Uterus

asked by gangahoza@gmail.com on 10 May 2013 13:13
Namaste my age is 29 yrs and was diagnosed with left ovarian hemorrhagic ovarian cyst which is 2.7 cm and as per ur reply i have started the package medicine for PCOS from 14th April 2013 but still i feel pain inside my uterus/vagina, its like a pin poking me inside, also having back pain and at night feel uneasiness in my vagina. so please suggest me should i continue the same medicine for 1 month... Read More

Pcod and infertility

asked by papu123 on 9 May 2013 19:24
I am 28 years old female,married.I have PCOD since i was 18 years old and took allopathy infertility treatment 3 months like metformin,clomid,Gonadotrophins injections and Timed intercourse for concieving ,but no luck i couldnt concieve with those medicines past3 months .My hormone reports are normal only cystic ovaries both sides.and i do not ovulate on my own.I have irregular periods as well... Read More

PCOD can be cured

asked by joe3 on 8 May 2013 12:21
I am 31 years old,till last year i got my periods regularly,in march2013 i didn't got my period...waited till April and i then went to doctor........after all test done my doctor said i am suffering from PCOD..... even i gone for follicular study.......according to my report egg is not forming only .....Multiple follices......so please tell me what should i do... i have seen some package of... Read More

What treatment is better for pcod problems paleolithic or homeopethic

asked by bhamoh on 11 February 2013 23:44
hie i am bharti n i am 19 yrs old i m consulting a homeopathic doctor for my irregular periods she has started my medications but has suggested me to go for a sonography test for pcod...i am a little tensed and confused which treatment to follow homeopathic or paleolithic ..i have been searching on net about pcod treatment but dint find sufficient solution please help me out..thank u... Read More

Irregular menses,thyroid,PCOD

asked by chikki on 25 January 2013 19:33
hello doctor, i am married since 3 years,i have irregular menses with pcod and my tsh is high .i am under medication for tsh with thyroxin75.now my tsh is normal.i am unable to conceive.i have come to know about dashamularishta and ashokarishta.will these work for me and can u pls suggest me the dosage for both... Read More

Irregular perioda due to pcod

asked by shumu on 15 January 2013 17:41
hello doctor firstly thankyou so much for helping us with our problem really doing a great job please tell me permanent remedy for pcod nw my periods are irregular please tell me hw can i get rid of them permanently and which poses in yoga can help me to regularise my... Read More

What is treatment for Severe PCOD

asked by shailja on 30 December 2012 16:47
I m an overweight Female.I have been diagonsed with severe PCOD,cosulted many Doctors. I have irregular Periods from my chilhood. missed it for years also. Alopathic,,Homeopathic treatment is already taken. there is no other problem shown in Scan. Taking Pushpdhanwa ras,Kanchanar gugglu,Kumaryasva and Ashokrishtha. Solve my infertility... Read More

Pcod, hypothyroid, hair fall, obesity

asked by Seeima on 28 November 2012 1:17
Hello, i m 35 years and have pcod from 14 years. And completaly stop menses. I have dignosed hypothyroid last 2 years. I m facing hair fall and male type baldness. hair under cheen, weight 106. Can ur treatment cure my all problems? And how many time will take? Digetion is good ... Read More

Pcod, hypothyroid

asked by sssita on 21 November 2012 1:12
I m 35 years old suffring pcod from 13 year and recently dignosed hypothyroid. My weight is 103 and i loss my hair a lot. i dont give allopathy treatment due to dengerus side effects please help ... Read More

Infertility due to PCOD

asked by Mrs. Mathur on 1 November 2012 15:26
Dear Sir I have been married for 8 years and was Thyroid and PCOD was diagnosed in 2005. I have since then taken various medications but could not conceive. I had done IUI also.I had once conceived 3 years back but since there was no growth we had to terminate it. I have reduced weight . Now I am at 58 kgs but in the process my periods have reduced(2-3 days with clots).Please Advice Mrs. Mathur... Read More

PCOD, No Ovulation and unable to get pregnant

asked by Lakshmi-1 on 20 September 2012 16:01
Thank you very much for the reply guruji. I will start those Yogasanas. Also I will start taking M2- tone capsules. I have multiple cysts in both ovaries and no ovulation happens. Also I forgot to mention I take metformin 500 mg (twice)for insulin resistance. is there any other medicine I should be taking for weight loss and improve chances of ovulation and could concieve. Thanks... Read More

PCOD, No Ovulation and unable to get pregnant

asked by Lakshmi-1 on 19 September 2012 0:50
Namaskaar Guruji, I am 30 yrs old (weight 80 kgs) and have PCOD almost since puberty. I had tried contraceptive pills earlier to regulate my menstrual cycles. Now I cannot have menses without medication. Recently i tried clomid 100mg and resulted in no ovulation. Other day i came across the site and saw the pcod package containing Divya Phalghrit - 200 gm Divya Strirasayan vati - 40 gm Divya... Read More

PCOD OR PCOS for pregnancy

asked by surabhi02 on 9 September 2012 23:18
Dear doctor my wife is having PCOD problem that doesnt seems to be so severe bt still we both are planning to have child bt she is nt conceiving..previously she has been taken metformin for almost 6 months at 850mg thrice a day bt unable to respond from it..now doctor has given her a course of 3 months of Kreamson 35..sir her age is 30 yrs and weight 70kg..kindly suggest a ayurveda medicine to cure... Read More

PCOD, irregular periods, Hair fall, hair greying, acne and facial hair

asked by bitu on 28 August 2012 15:06
Doctor, i am 26 years old, female, unmarried. I have been suffering from PCOD problem since last 4-5 years. i have irregular and long periods. I consulted a gynecologist and have been taking the medicine Diane 35. As such my periods have come regular but i am having other problems like hair greying, hair fall, facial hair, acne. My hair greying and hair fall has been increasing day by day. also my... Read More

Thyroid and PCOD

asked by ashwiniraj on 6 August 2012 15:22
Namasthe sir i have a Thyroid and PCOD my body weight is 83kg i wanto reduse my weight can i take ayurslim... Read More

Pcod, weight gain, irregularar periods

asked by bharti on 4 August 2012 15:07
26y, female, from last 7-8 years, homeopathy aalopathy medication i hd taken, but found no reliefe. difference between the periods is 3-4 month or sm time it will convert in 8-9 months. nd now i hv facial hair growth. by my scan report the result is:- both overies r enlarged in size. right ovary 11ml nd left is 10 ml in vol. multiple small cysts, measur3-4mm in size, with peripheral arrangements r... Read More

Pcod, facial hair and weight problem

asked by neeesha on 28 July 2012 10:44
hello doctor im 27 yrs, been suffering from pcod since 2 yrs. (irregular periods, facial hair, increasing weight) i was taking diane 35, but now i have stopped it from last 2 months, for it has a lot of side effects. Doctor please advice me ayurvidic medicine which wil cure my problem from the root. also i am married and i want to conceive naturally. Doctor please help... Read More


asked by L.khan on 21 May 2012 16:32
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