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Ayurvedic Medicines For Vertigo - Ayurvedic Medicines & Remedies

Vertigo & pain

asked by sarojyogesh on 11 April 2013 12:34
i am a 27 yrs married women i am suffering from vertigo since last 03 years i feel pain in eye's vains and headache. i feel that i can not hold my head. whenever i change my position i feel that whole earth is moving. i feel so nervous. and i am 05 month... Read More
Dr.Ramani Says:- Hi It is not uncommon which gives the sensation. Harmonal changes relax blood vessels causing painLohasavam + Draksha arista- 15ml after food twice daily (iron) Dhanvantaram Kasayam -10ml with 40ml boiled warm water before food twice daily (strengthens uterus) Rasnadi Churnam - apply with lemon juice(Forehead)Use Iron rich foodsAvoid standing for long time ,hotbaths, lying on back (last trimester).. Read more

Kindly suggest me pranayam that can be done in the combination of health problems like rheumatoid arthritis, hypo-hyperthyroidism,vertigo n migraine

asked by renuchangia on 26 February 2013 10:02
I m 37 yrs old female married since last 15 yrs. ,ve 3 kids in two issues. My mother is eplileptic. I had done overexcercises in my past years. now I ve started yoga with pranayam since I used to eat very little, I ve problem in eating even adequately. I m not able to reduce my weight since 2 yrs after I developed thyroid problem. I also ve pain in the Bones as they show degenerative... Read More
Dr.Sharma Says:- Dear Mrs. Renu The problems which you have described like Pain in the body, Weight Gain, Low appetite and not able to digest it easily and Hormone imbalance indicate that Metabolism is not balanced and hence all the problems are occurring. To start with you may take Aloe vera with some pepper added to it After few days start with Asthiposhak as it will be helpful in loss of calcium of bones Then.. Read more

Vertigo due to left middle ear problem

asked by vedanth1942 on 9 February 2013 16:07
Doctor, For the past few months i am getting dizziness ocassionally and some of the following symptoms may be associated or may not be associated. I do not get vomiting or nausea . I get dizziness when 1.When on some days when i get up from the bed. 2 if i sleep turning to the right side of my body.I observed this on two or three occassions 3.When i bend my neck down or look up towards sky to... Read More
Dr.Sharma Says:- Dear Sir Considering well in detail your present medical complaints ,it seems both of the above problems.Actually there a lot of people complaining about Dizziness when they Cervical problems, as the head rests on the spine and neck is not able to move as it was earlier, due to degeneration etc,it may happen.So your Doctor was probably right when he said it could be due to thatAnd Also ENT specialist.. Read more

Ayurvedic treatment of vertigo

asked by drswati on 25 September 2012 11:36
what treatment is given for... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, There are many origins for vertigo. Vertigo is explained as the condition in which a person develops a sudden sensation of spinning and feeling of moving the head and there are many causes like if there is disturbance within the inner ear. Sometimes if there is an inner ear infection occurs, also called as labyrinthitis may cause vertigo, and similarly if there is head injury, you may get.. Read more

SEVERE MENIERS-heavy tinitus,vertigo,almost nill hearing ,additionally word identification is not there.

asked by rajkumarmadan on 11 October 2011 22:11
I am 74 year old with history of cardiac and Meniers disease. Cardiac-Underwent Aortic valve transplant in 1978 .In 2005 was diagnosed with arrythmiya and AICD was implanted.In 2011 ,ICD was replaced with COMBO device (in view of additional problem of valves not being synchronised). Meniers –It was diagnosed in 1984.I am already using Digital hearing aids in both years. Had a history of... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Greetings from, As you have multiple complaints, it is better to continue your regular allopath medicines and along with that you can step in safe alternative medical procedures such as ayurveda, siddha, and other system of medicines which help to maintain your immunity and prevent the symptoms. There are Panchakarma Procedures which helps to improve hearing ability or reduces.. Read more

Suffering from vertigo

asked by anil pathania on 1 September 2011 16:23
About a year back I am suffering from vertigo.I have taked many medicines but did,nt get any outcome.My problem is still continue. Kindly suggest me how I come over this problem. Regards, Anil... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Greetings from, Vertigo is a kind of balancing disorder where vertigo is a condition where feeling of dizzy, and feeling of spinning or floating movements. If there is any irregularities in vestibular system which as to be monitored and if there is sudden down in blood pressure, there may be feeling of vertigo If you are under any typical medications, there may be vertigo. There.. Read more

Vertigo patanjali

asked by Nitesh sharma on 4 May 2011 10:16
Hello, kindly provide advice on vertigo patanjali ?, God bless... Read More
Dr.Arindham Says:- Namaste ! First of all we need to know the reason for your vertigo There are many causes for vertigo in which the person feels dizziness, nausea sometime and off balance too vartig can be due to cervical problem, or due to low blood pressure, due to improper metabolism too and may be due to ear problem So we need to know the exact reason and then accordingly we can suggest some remediesSo kindly let.. Read more

Baba ramdev yoga for vertigo

asked by Kimmie on 8 April 2011 18:57
I need advice on baba ramdev yoga for vertigo, thanks for your help and please provide details as soon as... Read More
Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, In ayurveda, treatment is available for both vertigo and sinus problem. In this case a detailed history is very much important to rule out the reason behind vertigo and sinus examination is to be done After proper examination and analysis treatment shall be started. A complete eradication of both these are the only options left and will be costly. Here both external as well as internal.. Read more

Vertigo ayurvedic baidyanath

asked by Leela Jawed on 17 February 2011 11:52
Kindly provide advice on vertigo ayurvedic... Read More
Dr.Sony Says:- Hi sampat sharma, Vertigo is called as "bhrama" in ayurveda. It is a condition in which vata and pitta gets aggrevated and combines with the rajas which leads to imbalance in the air cavity of the ear canal. There are several medications in ayurveda which is good for verigo. You can take saraswatha arishta and ashwagandha arishta 2 times a day. Each is to be taken seperatly and should be.. Read more

Vertigo ayurvedic medicine

asked by Mona123 on 31 December 2010 0:55
My daughter is 5 1/2 yrs old and recently doctor diagonosed Vertigo.Since from the childhood she had a nausea and vomiting and from last one year she had a four attacks of vertigo like nausea and room is spinning.Kindly... Read More
Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, Vertigo is a condition which can occur due to several factors.In this case, a detailed history and CNS examination is important in ruling out several conditions. At this stage, unfortunately i cannot recommend you any treatment or medication. I would kindly request you to approach the doctor and ask him the reason behind vertigo. Once the reason is known, you can bring your daughter to the.. Read more

Vertigo Herbal remedies

asked by mona h on 26 October 2010 12:17
hi i got dizziness spinning vertigo problem from last 2 years i cant lying down properly i cant turn it over in bed i have always hadache i cant work properly i cant do proper movement i am always dizzy can you please give me a medicine or some advic... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello madam, As per your given query, you are suffering from vertigo since 2 years and vertigo is explained as sensation of motion or spinning, and losing physical balance. Vertigo is associated with many disorders and is having different etiologies. Usually vertigo may be positional and associated with vomiting, or nausea One type of vertigo is peripheral vertigo that is associated with inner ear.. Read more

Vertigo ayurvedic medicine

asked by romeochamp on 8 March 2010 11:31
Dear Sir My father has started getting vertigo problem since 1.5 years. Doctor has discovered a hole in the inner membrane of one of his ears...may be it's connected with that. He has done x-rays, MRI, scan of head/ problems have been identified. The vertigo can come anytime and stays for days. He has to be admitted to hospital every time he gets that. He has head ache and vomitting... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Vertigo is a sensation of motion or spinning, or losing balance. This may occur due many associated illness. Some times it is associated with nausea or vomiting Peripheral vertigo associated with inner ear. Benign positional vertigo is due to a disturbance within the inner ear Central vertigo associated with brain Vertigo may occur at any stage of life and related with existing disease like.. Read more

Vertigo problem

asked by kkalra on 21 January 2010 22:47
My name is Kiran, I got this problem in November 2009. It was very severe and I had to rush to the hospital as I never knew about it. Anyhow, they gave me the meditcation, did all tests and finally send me home. I was out of work for two weeks as I couldn't handle them. My question here is that now I start getting it everymonth. I had another attach in December and now again in Janauary. I am... Read More
Dr.Ravinder Says:- Vertigo or dizziness is a feeling of spinning around or falling down. A person feels like he/she is moving whereas he is stationary. Apart from loss of balance or sudden fall vertigo symptoms are headache, nausea, vomiting etc. Generally ear infections, inflammations etc are the reasons behind nausea but side effect of some medicines, migraine, cervical spondilytis etc can also cause vertigo. We.. Read more

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