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Ayurvedic Medicines For cancer - Ayurvedic Medicines & Remedies

Cancer treatment

asked by hariprasad upadhyay on 1 August 2013 17:06
my brother aged 62 yrs suffering from livrer cancer i.e. having multiple cyst poorly differentiated as per Dr. of TATA HOSPTIL it can not be operated and suggested CHEMO THERAPY.Kindly advice suitable ayurvedic treatment... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, It seems the patient is suffering from the most common form of liver cancer which is Hepato cellular carcinoma. The symptoms include Abdominal mass, pain, emesis, anemia , back pain , jaundice and so on This is said in ayurveda as "Krichrasadhya" which means curable but difficult to be treated.I advice you certain medicines which are found suitable for this condition as a first line.. Read more
Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/PaQhLrZQo-g
Hamdard labub kabir
It helps to give strength to brain, nerves and the muscles of the male sex organ. Improves vigour an..
Patanjali Youvan Churna
It is useful in treating general debility, weakness, improves strength and stamina, and builds up im..
Charak Vigomax Forte
Vigomax Forte is a rational aphrodisiac formulation. Withania somnifera is an anxiolytic and antioxi..
Maharishi Amrit Kalash
Good for nerves, promotes vitality and inner strength of Men...

Mouth cancer age 35 years gender,male

asked by jon77 on 21 July 2013 15:25
sir mere bhai ko mouthcancer he jo ke bar kar ab gale tak bi ponch gaya he mouth me jo guthly thi wo fat bi gai or ab wo hisa khali he or us sid me or bi guthles ho gai he sir plz kuch bataye ke hum kya kare... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, In this particular case a detailed examination of the patient is very much important so as to identify the type of cancer and the extend or stage of cancer. Only based on this information can any medicine be prescribed Hence at this stage i strongly recommend you to consult your nearest oncologist as well as an ayurvedic physician which follows a detailed check up and conclusion of diagnosis... Read more

Lung cancer(Adenocarcinoma) mets with bone stage 4 cancer

asked by v.k on 17 July 2013 17:17
Please help us.......my dad is 53 years old......2 chemotherapy is over......I beg you sir plzz help us.......there must be some aurvedic treatment for above mentioned disease....my number is... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, Yes, i can understand the love for your father and hence we are here to help you out. As far as stage 4 of lung cancer is concerned, it is a tough battle but however good ayurvedic treatment is found to increase life expectancy and bring person back to his routine life At this stage i would recommend you to get in touch with Dr. Raghavan in dhathathreya. Just type in "dhathathreya.. Read more

Cancer me hame kya karna chahiye

asked by anuj108 on 8 July 2013 3:45
dear baba ramdev ji Sarvprtham charnsparsh Mera naam anuj h mere papa age45 ke aas paas h jada tandurst bhi nahi h unko docktor Ne cancer bataya h first stage Muh me kavwa ke bagl me 50paise jitna jagh me mans badha tha uaski imi jaach karayi gayi h jisme cancer bataya h first stage Ab ap bataye hume kya karna... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- dear cancer me sharir ki safi rakhni chahiye,positive mental attitude bahot matter karta hai Sharir ki safai jase ki Panchkarma ityadi ka regular course lena ap apne pitaji ko panchkarma ke liye jaroor le ke jaye doore roj subah 4 se 6 ke beech me uthane ke bad SUn rays me 10 mins baithna ya walk karna ,uske bad pranayam jase ki Kapal bhati,anuloma viloma, surya bhedana, Bhramari ityadi bhi bahot.. Read more
Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/PaQhLrZQo-g
Japani oil
Japani oil for men is used to improve and stimulate libido and increase vigor..
Patanjali Ashwagandha capsules
Boost up sexual and mental power, immunity with Ashwagandha..
Addyzoa Capsules
Addyzoa Capsules is an ayurvedic medicine made to be used for Male Functional Infertility, Oligosper..
Maharishi Amrit Kalash
Good for nerves, promotes vitality and inner strength of Men...

Ayurvedic treatment for colorectal cancer spread till peritoneum

asked by da.casanova on 1 July 2013 18:43
hello sir, mera nam Avinash Pawar hai. 18-06-2013 ko mere pitaji Shri Uttamrao Nagorao Pawar (57 yrs old) inka colorectal cancer ka operation hua hai. Cancer colon se shuru hoke peritoneum tak pahunch chuka hai. Maine unko Hyderabad ke Global Hospital mein 17-06-2013 ko admit karwaya tha aur 18 tarikh ko unka operation hua tha. Surgeon ne bataya tha ki cancer third stage tak pahunch chuka hai aur... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- dear ap unko abhi godhan dena shuru kare cancer ayurvedic medicineme shuru kare yoga vcd for cancer me diye asan ityadi jo ve araam s ekarr paye ,ve unhe kare, Haridwar me jankari ke liye unhe direct phone.. Read more

Jadi butti medicine for cancer

asked by ravoof on 19 May 2013 12:41
My mother aged 65 years,female. My mother is suffering from cancer stage4 from last 6 months and she getting treatment at Indo Basavatarakam Cencer Hospital & Reaserch Centre,Hyderabad. Cancer has spreaded in four places ie., abdominal, bottom of spinal column and adjacent to liver. Recently abdominal scanning has did. in that report adjancent to liver side is removed. But abdominal and... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, I am sorry to inform you that your mother's condition is worsened. Upto grade 2 is a stage where ayurveda can play a great role, but following this it is really hard to get cured However at this stage, it is not practically advisable to prescribe you any medicine as the condition can still worsen.The will power of patient at this stage along with the environmental support is very much.. Read more

Oral cancer

asked by Abhay Pandey on 16 May 2013 0:43
Mahaashay ,Pranaam meraa naam Abhay Abhay Pandey hai ,mai peshe se 1 patrakaar hun jo lagaataar 8 varshon se manjil ke liye bhatak rahaa hai,kuchh dino se mere baayen kaan k paas 1 gilti ho gayi hai aur gaal ke bhitari hinse me kuchh daane bhi mujhe aksar ye dar banaa rahtaa hai ki kahin mujhe kark rog to nahi hogayaa .mujhe koi upaay bataayen ki mai apani bimaari ko pahchaan... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear Abhay ji Iss tarah jaanch ke bina yeh kehna mushkil hoga ke yeh Kark rog hai ya nahi, Yadi ap tambakoo ke lat se jhoojh rahe hai toh iss tarah ke cnacer hone ke chances jyada hai, Bahar hal ap iski Proper Medical janch karvaye Par kuch upay jase ki Triphala ke pani se ap Mooh me rakhe ,subah aur shaam, phir uske bad ap Til tail rakhe ,,isase apko kaphi fayeda milega. Doosre ap khadiradi vati.. Read more

Adinocarcinoma Cancer between stomach and intestine

asked by Bvdg on 13 May 2013 23:39
My uncle is at IV stage of Adinocarcinoma Cancer. He used to have vomiting,acidity and had a tremendous weight loss around 10-15 Kgs. He has gone through Laproscopy surgery and feeding tube has been put there in stomach. After first round of Chemotherapy, it resulted in Diarrhea(loose motions). He again lost 7-8 Kgs of weight and suffering from weakness. His current weight has come down to 43... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sanjay):- as per your problem as you told me its a 4th stage so its clear that much cannot be done in this stage but hopes are there so regarding that start with [cancer ayurvedic medicines] (https://www.lovenaturalremedies.com/index.php?page=shop.productdetails&flypage=flypage.tpl&productid=42&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=64) along with that i want you to go and take advise at padanjali ... Read more

Cancer under the tounge

asked by shashi shekhar on 10 May 2013 14:41
my father has frctured at 8yr. ago and their right leg was fractured then we treat his leg. but there was a paralisis attack on his body. bt. he refused us fr. treatment of paralisis bt. now three month ago again fractured their left leg, we treat this bt they are not eating food from three months, they are taking only juice when we cconsulta ENTdoctor he told usthat he is suffer from cancer under... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, Thank you so much for writing to us. There are several doubts and confusions in your query.What age is your father? Is he diabetic? Several questions need to be asked and your father must be seen in person to realise the situation. Here i would recommend you to approach an ayurvedic doctor without delay for a proper consultation. After going through proper ayurvedic pareeksha and reaching to.. Read more

Myeloma Cancer

asked by asharma on 9 May 2013 0:30
Hello, My husband's cousine brother is suffering from Multiple Myeloma. He has been diagonised in last month. His age is 52 years and he is married. Please suggest if you have any medicine or Yoga for this disease cure. Also let me know if its really curable and what is the survival rate. Please let me know if you have any specific questions about his illness to answer or... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, Thank you so much in taking time in writing to us.Multiple myeloma is said to be cancer of plasma cells responsible for producing antibodies.Here these cells accumulate in bone marrow and is seen to interfere with the production of normal blood cells Currently at what satge of myeloma he is. Stage 1 is practically good to be controlled by ayurveda. While stage 2 and 3 are very much difficult.. Read more

Garbhashay cancer

asked by Bhm on 28 April 2013 19:58
Meri maa ko garbhashay ka cancer huwa hai unki age 55 hai 1 sal ho gaya cancer ko par hame pata nahi chala .abhi mummy 4 stage pe hai .mujhe ispe treatment dijiye... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Saurabh):- Dear Patient, As per your information if your mother is in Last stage of Uterine cancer then first of all don't discontinue the allpathic medicines which ever she is taking Also start Godhan Ark as 1 tsf with 4 tsf water-three times daily before meals. Gomutra is the best medicines for Lekhana(Scrapping) so it will be of a great help in cancerAlso start Cancer Ayurvedic medicines for 2-3 months.. Read more

Primary Liver Cancer

asked by Brij77 on 25 April 2013 10:07
Age/SEx,,,, 55/M Recently came to know that I have disseminated Primary liver Cancer.(about a month ago)I have been prescribed Sorafenib(an oral Chemotherapeutic Agent),Rannitidin and Multivitamin. Complaints.. Mild Pain at the site of Liver, Excessive Loss of weight,Severe Weakness and fatigue in addition I am suffering from Diabetes and Hypertension No surgery has been done on me I... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Liver cirrhosis is a condition in which there is a degeneration of liver cells. They will fail to perform their functions properly. Liver is the most important organ in our body with all metabolic process. The best part of liver is that it has a power to regenerate. Taking this into account, you can go for surgery as a last option. But now after considering with your primary physician you can take.. Read more

Ayurvedic medicines to avoid reoccurance of breast cancer

asked by sweety.pranchi on 25 March 2013 22:29
dear sir i was digonised with breast cancer,i have undergone chemo-sergery-chemo-radiation-radiation booster i am taking toxima tablet every day still i have fear of geting cancer back,so i need your valuable advice and medicinal assistence in selecting your cancer product to avoid situation of re... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear To avoid recurrence you should try to be stress free as stress leads to Free radical generation and may cause that You can take Maharishi Amrit kalash for that ,it has been seen to improve Quality of life and wonderful for maintenance of health. Secondly you can take Cow dhan as it helps periodic clearing of morbid Doshas Yoga for cancer will make you strong and improve your body responseyoga.. Read more

Breast cancer

asked by nikras on 25 March 2013 17:03
Jay hoo.. ramdev baba ki Dear baba my mother has breast cancer since 6months and we made the operation in emergency basis now doctors are telling that we have to go for kemo therapy for 12 times and then after there is no guarantee to get back soon. Kindly suggest me to have prepare treatment of my mother. Awaiting for your positive reply. ... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear Here we can hope to improve the quality of life and help deal with the side effects of chemo and be able to bear with the chemo taxing on the health She can start taking Maharishi Amrit kalash ,it will benefit a lot in this situation Rest also take Godhan, it is said to be helpful in Cancer patients by removing toxins from the body Yoga practice is also an essential part,as Pranyam it imparts.. Read more

Breast cancer

asked by aishu86_g on 23 March 2013 22:23
Just two year back my mother had operated due to breast cancer and doctor removed the left breast . Now again it s seems that again in right breast there is comes again . kindly advice that is any ayurvedic solution for same to treatment of breast... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear ' It may be hoped to improve the quality of life in your mother's case There are some medicine like Amrit kalash which has been tried in Breast cancer patients for improving quality of life and avoid the side effects of cancer medicine[NOT for cancer] She will be benefitted in that ways Also she may start taking Godhan as its said to scrap out the morbid from the body SHe should start.. Read more

Gall bladder cancer

asked by mukesh802167 on 17 March 2013 1:51
Hi...my mom age 52yrs old suffering frm gall bladder cancer.she is in last stages.this cancer also effected liver but in little amount.can you tell me is there any scope of recovery in auyurved. Please reply me soon... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- dear sir here we may hope to improve quality of life as the cancer has spread, Maharishi amrit kalash will be good health suppl for her. She may also take godhan will help scrap out the toxins from the body and flush it out Some liver preps like Livomap,arogyavardhinivati will help her and gain energy to do yoga ,yoga vcd for cancer best of.. Read more

Brain cancer stage 4

asked by satish71 on 10 March 2013 15:12
Hi Respected Doctors My father has been diagnosed with stage 4 of Gliabostoma..My father was doctor in alternative system of medicine Homeopathy for last 30 years..He is 70 years old and also diabetic since last 10 years. He was hospitalsied for 60 days.He refused to be operated as he was not at all confortable with surgery/ radiation and Chemo he is now at home with an attendant , bed ridden... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sanjay):- as per your problem it is now very difficult to say that ayurvedic medication will help you only panchkarma can do any thing in it its a procedure in which some oli is used to pore on head called siro basti can be done along with that snehan and swedan can be done to give strength to his body but if you think it will be cured fully so you also know that it is not possible cancer of 4th stage.. Read more

Blood cancer

asked by Rishi kumar on 6 March 2013 18:22
baidya ji, pranam....sir mujhe aap batai..., ke pudiya ko kitni din khilana h aur kitni din band rakhna h.aur syp jo aapne bataya use kitni bar aur kaise dena h aur kitna dena h? pahle se jo bati aur syp(gomutra,giloye swaras,alovera swaras,wheet o grass) chal raha h use to continue rakhna h na? aapne jo syurp aur vcd batye kya wo patanjali chikitsalay me mil jaynge? ......aapne jo mere sawal ka... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, Thank you so much in writing to us. See, there is an issue with your posting which i would like to clear. Firstly please note that you will have to write the name of doctor who gave you this advice clearly.If so, then the concerned doctor will reply you Otherwise it will be very difficult to realise on what you are talking about, whether it be the medicine or treatment. Askmyyog is worked upon.. Read more

Aurvedic medicine for blood cancer

asked by Rishi kumar on 27 February 2013 19:52
baidya je, pranam. sriman meri beti ko relapased b-cell all(cns-3) ka treatmant tmh mumbai me chal raha h.use abhi high dose chemo chala h.es samay wo maintance me ghar aai hui h.ise 4th maintance me he relapaced kar gaya tha.doctor ne bmt ke liye bola h,per blood sample half match hone k karan succsess rate bahut kam bata rahe h aur kharch bhi bahut jyada h. jisme mai asamarth hu.es samay ise... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear Rishi ji NAMASKAR Apko apne beti ki dawa jo ki pudiya mix kar dete hain use beech 2 me band karna chahiye ,isase sharir se bahar bhi niklana chahiye ,,isase System par bhi overload nahi padega. Sath me ap unhe Yoga aur pranayam ke liye bhi prerit kare, Yoga vcd cancerIsme Cancer related kafi dari beneficial baten batyi gayi hai Sath hi ap unhe Maharishi amrit kalash ka bhi sevan karvaye. Yeh.. Read more

Ayurvedic treatment of ovarian cancer

asked by adp on 17 February 2013 15:24
60yr female with stage 4 ovarian cancer had ascites,b/l pleural effusion b/l ovarian mass has taken 2 chemotherapy session 21 days apart had hypertension taking medicine for... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear MAM Thanks for writing to usAs most of the abdomen and pleural is affected due to Metastasis and involvement,there might not be desired resultsAlthough to improve the quality of life ,Cow urine shall be highly beneficial for youIt will help detoxify Also Ashwagandha cap,Manjishtha cap,[Gioya Ghan vati] and mulethi powder may be taken together, Once you start with the above ,then after wards.. Read more
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Patanjali Youvan Churna
It is useful in treating general debility, weakness, improves strength and stamina, and builds up im..
Divya Yauvanamrit Vati
Ayurvedic medicine made for all types of Sexual problems in males, including premature ejaculation,..
Patanjali Ashwagandha capsules
Boost up sexual and mental power, immunity with Ashwagandha..
Sanda Oil
Sanda Oil helps to generate heat in organ and helps to pump more blood in the shaft which gives hard..
Cancer (Karkatarbuda) Ayurvedic Medicines
Package of Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines to fight Cancer. Cancer is a curse caused by busy lifestyle...
Swadeshi Aloevera Juice
Extremely useful for skin diseases, Diabetes, Acidity, joints pain, arthritis, digestive disorders...
Godhan ark (Purified Cow Urine)
Godhan ark is Purified Cow Urine / Gomutra, very useful in problems related to Liver, stomach, eczema...
Patanjali Aloevera Juice with Fiber
Patanjali Aloevera Juice is a very thick juice of Aloevera plant and is used in all health related...
Patanjali Isabgol Husk (Dietary Fibre)
Isabgol, also called Psyllium, is obtained from the seeds of Plantago ovata and is very high in dietary...
Dekarsinohills 60 Tablets
Reduces fatigue, Boosts immunity, As a competency therapy in treatment of cancer, As a complimentary or...

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