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Kauch beej powder effect and side

asked by Vivek2000 on 8 March 2018 14:05
Age-17+ Gender-M Beard grow k liye kauch beej powder patanjali ka use kr skte h kya koi side effect to nhi hoga doctor Use krne ka main purpose growing beard hi hai koi sexually problem nhi h to koi side effect to nhi hoga na sexually life m iska use krne... Read More
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Beared growth

asked by yashu111 on 18 December 2017 10:13
Dear Sir/Madam i am 22 old male i want to grow my beard but it is not coming properly on both side of the face and it would be thinner so kindly request you to give me advice to grow full beard... Read More
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Less beard growth

asked by on 1 November 2017 15:26
dear sir, i am 25 years old and i dnt have beard i feel ashamed sometimes. ia am a safety officer but i feel demotivated sometimes o face the crowd.i seriously need some help please reply me what should i do.i will be really thankful to... Read More
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Problem with beard growth

asked by rubick on 29 August 2017 11:14
24,male,6.2 feet,i weigh around 98kgs, i have problem with beard growth, i have no medical problem in past,, as i have come across the mucuna pruriens powder(kaunch beej) avaliable in patanjali stores... my question is how to use n how many days should i use to get good beard on my face.. does this powder increases my height ..that i dont want to as i am already... Read More
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Beard and moustache growth

asked by Revenge on 14 August 2017 2:25
I am 22 year old but there is improper growth in the facial hair (very thin, slower rate of growth).due to this I hesitate to stand in front of my friends,relatives affraiding of there please suggest me the best way to grow my facial hair very thick and faster.there is a proper development of hair near private part and at... Read More
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Beard problem

asked by manjit chetry on 19 July 2017 11:57
I am 18 running yrs old but I have very little little hairs on my face......I need to grow thick beard and mustaches how can I grow in a 3,4months... Read More
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asked by rayees111 on 10 May 2017 13:47
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No Beard & No Moustache

asked by kmkumar on 7 July 2016 12:11
I am 28 years of old, but i dont have beard & moustache on my cheeks. Please guide me what should i do and how to come over from this please help me out... Read More
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How to turn/Cure white beards

asked by durgeshtiwari on 1 June 2016 23:45
Dear Sir, I am 27 years old, My beards hair started greying 1 year back and now it covered 20%.I am very frustrated and depresed. I use to take proper diet,sleep,excercise,relax,but still i am facing the problem,even it is not heriditary propblem.Please suggest me some medicines for fast... Read More
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Beard& mostchque

asked by murar on 16 March 2016 17:52
Sir, My english is week .so just try to understand. i am 23 years old but my face is beard& mostchque less. So plz suggest me a perfect way to grow my beard.bcz i am verry worried for this problem. Sir , donot ignore my question u are my only one... Read More
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Beard growth on facial

asked by male1282 on 17 February 2016 12:11
Hi Sir, Namskhar.. My age 27 years still i didn't get bread on my face i am applying Amla oil on my face every morning after weakup but i didn't see any improvement on face i was saving weekly Twice but i didn't get hair on my face. Can you please help me to improve my facial hair. i am looking for marriage Next year, please help me... Read More
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How to stop grey hairs at beard and head

asked by tarun2307 on 30 September 2015 12:06
Guru ji please tell me which pranayam i should do and what medicine can i take from patanjali to cure this for getting cured? My information is below Age:29 gender: male, unmarried Diet: Vegetarian with eggs Sleep: 8 hours daily(11 to 6... Read More
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Beard and moustache

asked by handia on 31 August 2015 11:31
hello sir, my name is handia age26 and i don't have beard and moustache uptil now. pls suggest me the patanjali product..........pls pls pls. waiting for your... Read More
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Ayurvedic medicine for grow beard thicker and faster

asked by rahees on 19 August 2015 16:23
hi 20 year old boy...i havn't beard...suggest any ayurvedic medicine for grow beard thicker and faster...someone says beer ghee helps to grow beard it... Read More
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Beard and mustach

asked by Hash on 12 June 2015 6:22
Iam 22 year old but i dont have yet any beard and mustach and i look like children please give me effective remedies for beard and... Read More
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Regarding less mustache and beard ...

asked by arjun nair on 8 April 2015 12:09
am 25 , working as an engineer for US problem is moustache and beard seems to be small and not having moustache and beard ...this makes me feel bad between colleagues. refer me a medicine or oil for hair growth in moustache and beard ...looking forward for reply from your respected... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Thick facial hair in the beard and moustache area develops in males after puberty due to the harmonal changes.The growth of the hair is based on the harmone testosterone which acts on the hair receptors. If there are any problem with the harmones, the growth of the hair will be affected. If there are no other symptoms and harmonal changes, it could be a feature linked with heredity. You can take some.. Read more

To prevent white beard and convert white beard into black

asked by Het Patel on 15 March 2015 21:52
Dear Sir/Madam, Namaskar, I firmly believe in our Baba Ramadev since long and almost i follow many tips of Baba. MY QUESTION IS- I am 37yrs old-Male-My Complain or my humbly request is to stop or PREVENT WHITE BEARD as well convert white hair/beard into black hair back. Thanking you, Baba Ramdev Ki Jay... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- It is not possible to turn the grey hair back into black with medicines. Grey hair usually follows a family history and is seen with more stress, any harmonal changes or poor nutrition. The melanin is not present to give the black color to the hair. You can take Ayurvedic medicines to prevent further greying. Ayurvedic medicine like Narasimha Rasayanam - 1tsp before food twice daily and Trichup.. Read more

Less moustaces and beard

asked by kdyadav on 30 December 2014 12:45
good afternoon madam, I m kd yadav ,28 ,married and 3 kids(sons). medically and physically sound at this age i ve grew less hair on body ,less mouctaces, beard ,less underarm hair thin arm flabby stomach .i undergone harmonal test S. testosterone : 5.19 ng/ml , c reactive protien 8.5 mg/l , S. calcium : 9.3 mg/dl. pls look into this case i m feeling ashamed in front of other troops.pls give... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- The blood reports mentioned by you are within the normal limits. The facial hair and the pubic hair becomes thicker at the time of puberty. The harmonal changes is responsible for the growth of hair. Testosterone is the main harmone that helps to develop the male characteristics. You can take some medicines that will help to improve the growth of the hair due to a increase in the harmones. Medicines.. Read more

Can i take amla churna with milk to improve my hair and beard blackness

asked by gongu on 8 October 2014 12:24
age 31 gender male present complaint nothing medication no appetite good past illness not any prolonged illness marital status married sleep sound sleep blood pressure normal... Read More
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Thin moustache

asked by ajith jk on 2 October 2014 10:38
Dr, I'm 26 yrs old got very thin moustache like chinese kind,at he end portion its thick but in middle its thin also beards are growing slowly, Pease let me know in bangalore which clinic i need to consult so my moustache can grow... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- The facial hair including the beard and mustache grows thicker after puberty. So it depends on the harmone testosterone which acts on the hair receptors and support them to grow. But it also follows a family history based on the genetic influence. Try to shave or trim frequently which will also help to improve the growth of hair Ayurvedic medicines like Divya Aswashila capsule and Narasimha Rasayanam.. Read more
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