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For black skin

asked by tapansingh000 on 4 October 2017 9:54
my friend have light black skin , how improve the color from her body & face please give the advice & which product is the best for skin to remove black... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- The color of a person depends on the genetic influence and the lifestyle will have some contribution to the color. Drinking fruit juice, wearing sun screen, healthy food, good sleep and regular exercise will give a healthy glow to the skin Ayurvedic medicines like Glohills Skin care kit, Manjistadyaristam - 20 ml after food twice daily and Narasimha Rasayanam - one tsp before food twice daily can be.. Read more

Alovera , karela and Amla Juice

asked by DKSINHA85 on 15 September 2017 10:25
Dear Sir, I just need the Information that can I take Amla juise, Alovera Juice and Karela juice on regular basis and how can I take it? I should take it together or one by one at different time?? I am taking Amla juise daily morning and night. Pls confirm with details so that I can start these 3 juise. Please note I have sometimes problem of constipation. I also having problem of hairfall and now... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Mix patanjali aloevera juice with fibres and patanjali amla juice in equal amount of 15 ml each in 30 ml of water and take the mixture empty stomach in morning and evening (two hours before dinner). The mixture is useful for effective bowel movements by increasing the peristaltic movementsWhile Karela juice is used in controlling the raised blood sugar levels especially in diabetic patients.. Read more

Acne and black head

asked by Prank89 on 15 March 2017 21:01
I have an issue of black head and pimple and do not have much resources available with me, as per for natural treatment, so kindly suggest me a product so that i can apply it directly. I would like to buy product that can reduce or completely terminate this... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Black heads are a type of acne sen due to the oxidation of the melanocytes. It is seen when the sebum clogs the hair follicle. Internal medicines must be taken to reduce the black heads and clear the skin Ayurvedic medicines like Khadira aristam and Kaisora guggulu can be taken for a month and reviewed. You can apply Divya Kanti lepam and Kumkumadi thaila to the face Include flax seeds, nuts.. Read more

Black lips

asked by lovepreet singh on 22 November 2016 23:10
Hello doctor, I colour of lips is black so i want any medicine that turn its natural... Read More
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Black spots on tongue

asked by lokkey on 27 October 2016 22:06
My age is 32M, iam suffering black spots on tongue from the last two months.they burns while iam eating.also eatching on butts. No allergey only eatching.... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- The chronic accumulation of the plaque in the tongue sometimes causes black spots. It sometimes causes symptoms like itching or burning when there is more bacteria or fungus. Practise general oral hygiene by gargling after eating food. Ayurvedic medicines like Divya Mahamanjishtharistha, Madusnuhi Rasayanam - one tsp at bedtime and Triphala Churna can be taken for a month and reviewed Include.. Read more

Skin problem Black neck

asked by Karuna1986 on 2 October 2016 19:28
Hello doctor, I am having problem on my neck. Its dark black from sides. Please suggest me good cream for this I have tried everything thing.... Read More
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Dark spots

asked by snehalokhande on 2 June 2016 13:46
hello sir I m getting pimples n which most of the time terns to black spots.. I m having heat nature.. pls suggest me some treatment so that I can cure it within a... Read More
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Black Cataract

asked by Gurprit Singh Khalsa on 10 October 2015 15:06
Suffering From Black Cataract Dear Sir, My mother's age is 60years.She is suffering from black cataract since 8 to 10 months.she is diabetic patient also. Recently we visited to doctor he told us that her eye pressure is 25 and given googles for safety from ultraviolet rays given some eye drops. so please help me can we use ayurvedic medicine for cataract and if yes then which... Read More
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Black heads

asked by manava on 9 January 2015 16:36
Age: 27 Gender: Female I have black heads on nose My menstrual cycle is regular but bleeds only 1-2... Read More
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Black spots on skin

asked by answer on 15 July 2013 12:16
i am a women of age 35,i am having a black spots on skin(face,hands)since from 10 years,how to remove this... Read More
Dr.Jilsy Says:- Hello, Thanks for the inquiryHope that the black spots are freckles.If there is a hereditary predisposition, it is difficult to prevent its occurrenceUsually these black spots aggravate when exposed to sunlight for a considerable time. In order to reduce black spots apply (1)Divya Kanti Lep- Mix 1 tbsp powder with rose water or unboiled milk and make into a paste.Apply it every morning for about 1.. Read more

Dark spot ,acne ,pimples

asked by Susg on 3 April 2013 13:28
meri age 22 h ,meri full body par black spot h aur shoulder par bhut jada ho gye h ,mein har treatment karwa lekin koi asar nhi hua ,plz aap koi help kijiye ,jise mein apni skin ko black spot aur pimples se bacha saku.aur skin ab day by day dark hoti ja rhi h... Read More
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Black vomit

asked by paree on 17 March 2013 9:19
hello dr, I have a question abt my mom she had black vomit twice ..what u could think it might be food poisoning or something else? she just had travel from usa to india it happens two time first when she went to usa and now once again while travelling back home she vomit black should i be concern? she had surgery stomach like 4 yrs ago had one trauma with my daughter who was 1 1/2 yrs old... Read More
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Dr.Sharma Says:- Dear Paree Its very difficult to comment without having the pathologicals with us. There could be a lot of reasons involved here to be seen and assessed It would be in the best interest that she should be evaluated immediately accordingly Then you can may be write us back and we ll see if we could help her with the medical condition and may suggest some herbal mixtures or natural remedies along with.. Read more

My all body colour black

asked by Smart boy on 29 January 2013 20:42
Sir phly mra clour white tha mgr ab bohot fastly black ho chuka hai aur ho rha hai eyes may pain feel hoti hai may kea... Read More
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Dr.Sharma Says:- Dear Thanks for writing . Apne jo problems bataye hai unko access karne ke liye apko Medical tests karvane padenge Pain in eyes and Black color discoloration kuch Aise medical problems ke bare indicate karate hain jise immediate medical attention dene ki jarroorat haiAp pahle possible medical condtion ko rule out karne ke liye ek bar Dermatologist ko consult jarroor kare aur phir hame likhenIn the.. Read more

Black Periods during menstruation

asked by moon on 30 June 2012 9:35
Namaste, 3 daysback my periods started but it is dark brown in colour pls... Read More
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Weight gain medicines

asked by ananda s on 6 January 2012 17:54
Baba Ji Ko Pranam Mai 25 year old hu ,our mera body bil kul patla hai ,ple mota ho ne ka upay batay... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, There are many methods to gain weight by considering some basic factors which are important. Usually, weight gain is possible with some corrections in diet and lifestyle as weight gain is hampered due to irregularities in diet and other issues like eating habits, lifestyle errors like not sleeping properly or working overnight, and other similar issuesOne can correct these issues and.. Read more

Dark black patch on face by harmonal problem

asked by vikkapunna on 10 April 2011 0:39
i have a dark black patch like pigmentation mark on my both the cheeks.. doctor suggest me that it is due to uterus problem. i also have irregular periods from long time. i want some... Read More
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Lips turning bit Black

asked by nithi on 7 November 2010 11:15
Hello Doctor I am female with 24 Years of age all of sudden my lips is turning bit black i dont know the reason i dnt put lipsticks,nor drink nor smoke nor have coffee nor tea.But iam putting clip to my teeth most of time i lick my lip with my saliva. Can you please tell me some... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Due to electrolyte imbalances in body, there may be chances of dry lips and it may turn in to black due to lack of proper blood circulation and inadequate moisture maintenance. If you are exposing to sun for long hours, and avoid excessive sun exposure and avoid dry, cold weather without care. Use sunscreen on your lips and keep the air humid in home Drink additional fluids like juices in.. Read more

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