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Chyawan Prash

asked by kkishore on 27 May 2017 19:56
Param Pujya Baba Ramdevji, Apart from Ambala, Ghee and Sugar, how do you mix other 48 dravya jadi/booties in your chyawanprash? Do you make a Churn of all those and then mix the churn or you boil those in water and mix the essence? I think , mixing Churn will give the full benefit because , after boiling, 90% of drvya is thrown away. Will very much appreciate your reply on this Baba ji. Best... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, chayawanprash consitute 36 herbs in amount of 50grams are as follows- bilwa bark, agnimantha root bark, shyonak root bark, kashmari root bark, poatla root bark, bala moola, mash parni, mugdha parni, shal parni, prishna parni, pippali, gokshur pachang, brihat pachang, kantkari pachang, karkat shringi, bhumyaamalki, draksha, jiwanti, pushkarmoola, krishna aguru, haritaki, gaduchi, hridhi.. Read more

Does chyavanprash expire or it gets better on getting old?

asked by karnxsh on 6 December 2015 20:12
I need to know that wether chyawanprash expires or it gets better as older it gets. If yes, than after how much time it expires,so that we should stop eating it after that... Read More
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Which chyawanprash is better (a) dabur or (b) patanjali?

asked by loveu143.forever on 8 May 2015 10:22
Iam a 30 yr Male, which chyawaprash is better for health (a) dabur or (b)... Read More
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Constipation problem after taking Chyawanprash dose in high quantity more than usual

asked by Rijoy on 9 February 2015 23:19
To Doctor,| I'm taking Chyanwanprash since my childhood but i didn't face any kind of problems, but after taking Chyawanprash not according to usual dose since last day i am getting pain then constipation problem only during night, before doing that i was normal without any problem, i just want to know is, there any best solution to treat this problem in Ayurveda treatment or should i... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- You must be aware of the ingredients of Chyvana prash which has more than 45herbs. It is mainly used to improve the immunity and to support the growth of the body with increased energy levels. It enhances digestion by balancing the stomach acid and helps to regularise the bowel movements. The herbs like haritaki, pippali, amla, musta, tulsi, vilwa, punarnava, kantakari, ela helps to improve the.. Read more

Chavyan prash

asked by ayurved_herbal on 1 February 2014 18:45
What is Chavyan prash and what are its uses, ingredients, composition, side effects, medicinal benefits and... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Chyvan prash is a common medicine used in all age groups to improve the immunity and strengthIt contains Amla or the Indian gooseberry as the main ingredient. It also contain ashwagandha, vidarikand, pippali, white sandalwood, cardamom, tulsi, brahmi, arjun, jatamansi, neem and many others with honey and ghee. It is good for digestion and good for the eyes It balances the stomach acids, and promotes.. Read more

Chyawanprash for 22 month old

asked by Brs on 13 June 2013 22:04
Hello sir, my daughter is very prone to infections. Se gets ear infections, uti infections or lymph node infections . I was wondering if I can give her chyawanprash. What would be the dosage for that. Also she is very prone to colds and cough . Constantly has a runny nose. Do let me know if I can give how much to her. Thank... Read More
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Dr.George Says:- Dear parent, Wishes from my yoga. Chyavanaprasha is actually a medicne mentioned in geriatric care. That means it is used to delay old age. Though it contains medicines such as nellikai and several other such herbal medicines it is not a medicine mentioned for pediatric use. It won't harm anyway If your kid is facing prolonged respiratory problems consult a n ayurveda.. Read more

Dabur chyawanprash

asked by sushprit on 3 June 2013 18:21
Can dabur chyawanprash be given to pregnant woman? Or which trimester should be given and which trimester it should be... Read More
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Dr.George Says:- Dear friend, Wishes from my yoga. Chyavanaprash is a medicine which is indicated in geriatric care. It means it is indicated in delaying old age. It is a medicine which contains amla gooseberry in abundent. It is the biggest source of vitamin c and several other vitamin suppliments. There won't be any harm in using a bottle of chyavanaprash in pregnancy but that is not indicated in.. Read more

Milk after chyawanprash

asked by Alokumar on 26 May 2013 9:53
I have a distaste for milk, I am unable to drink milk. I like milk products like curd etc. My question is: if I do not drink milk after taking chyawanprash, will there be no benefit? What should I... Read More
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Dr.Krish Says:- Hello, In AYurveda each medicine has specific "ANUPANA" which means, particular medicines must be taken with water, milk, ghee, rice etc If this is followed properly efficacy of the drugs can be seen and also sometimes there are changes of boils in the mouth or increase in pitta, to avoid such complications medicines must be taken with milk Chyavanprash if taken along with milk not only.. Read more

Chyawanprash for Psoriasis

asked by Charanjit on 10 May 2013 3:45
Hi My wife 56 years of age, has psoriasis for the last three years. Does chyawanprash aggrevate the psoriasis? What medicine or oil do you recommend for psoriasis. Should she continue taking... Read More
Dr.Krish Says:- Hello, Chyavanprash is a very good medicine but for psoriasis there are better medicines than chyvanprash and one more clarification for you that chyavanprash doesn't aggravate psoriasis For psoriasis you can get her done PANCHAKARMA tREATMENT nearby your home, consult an ayurveda doctor and ask him about panchakarma trt Internal medicines & Oils: Mahamanjistadi kashaya - 30ml.. Read more

dabur chywanprash

asked by paree on 7 February 2013 8:31
hello dr, Just a quick question if a person have cholesterol and high blood pressure can take chywanprash daily or no? any home remedy for lowering cholestrol n high bp.. thank u so much... Read More
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Dr.Geetika Says:- Person with high cholesterol cannot take chywanprash because its a ghee preparation.High cholesterol gets deposited in arteries leads to artherosclerosis.Fatty and fried food to be avoided,groundnut oil must be avoided,butter and buffalo ghee to be avoided.You can consume garlic cloves daily.Arjuna kwath helps in lowering cholesterol.You can take hridyaamrit vati also as it helps in keeping heart.. Read more

Divya chyawanprash

asked by pooja_1 on 15 January 2013 23:45
hello, i take chyawanprash 1 teaspoon and then drink warm milk. but can i take chyawanprash only in winter season or everyday ? please let me... Read More
Dr.Geetika Says:- Yes you can take chyawanprash and then drink milk.It is hot in potency but you can take it if it is not producing any unusual symptoms in summer also.There is another avleha preparation of patanjali called Amritrasayan that is specially made for summers you can that also instead of chwyanprash in summersDr Geetika.. Read more

Chyawanprash and weight loss

asked by judygodchild218 on 31 July 2012 21:20
I am told that Chyawanprash improves digestion power and promotes proper growth and body nourishment. Does consuming Chyawanprash everyday help in weight loss, if you control your food... Read More
YogaGuru Says:- Yes Chyawanprash does help in weight loss and toning of body. If used regularly it helps in shedding extra weight and one can get good physique... Read more

Chyawanprash utilisation

asked by Jolyane on 4 July 2012 15:29
Ayurvedic Medicines herbs and supplements are great for heatlh, so please provide information about Chyawanprash utilisation ?, I would appreciate your kind reply... Read More
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Benefits of patanjali chyawanprash

asked by Velvet on 27 June 2012 15:47
I wish to buy some medicinal herbs and herbal supplements, I require information about Benefits of patanjali chyawanprash ?, I would appreciate your kind reply... Read More
Dr.Ramani Says:- Chyana prash has so many benefits with a combination of about 40 herbs. It contains amla as the main ingredient along with vidari, kakoli, mahameda, punarnava, mashaparni, pipali, chandana, jatamamsi, brahmi, ashwagandha, tulsi It improves the energy levels and increases the immunity. It helps to improve the digestion, nourishes the dhathus thereby increasing weight. It strengthens the heart and also.. Read more

Dabur chyawanprash help bloating

asked by Leela Jawed on 20 June 2012 15:47
Medicinal herbs and supplements are great for heatlh, so please provide information about Dabur chyawanprash help bloating ?, I am very thankful to... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Chyvan prash contains Amla or the Indian gooseberry as the main ingredient. It also contains ashwagandha, vidarikand, pippali, white sandalwood, cardamom, tulsi, brahmi, arjun, jatamansi, neem and many others It is good for digestion. It balances the stomach acids, and promotes the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients into the blood. It also provides relief in constipation, reduces.. Read more

Chyawanprash (with saffron)

asked by Rimpy on 27 May 2012 15:48
Sir, it seems you are expert in suggesting medicinal herbs and supplements, may I request some information on Chyawanprash (with saffron) ?, waiting for your answer, kindly reply... Read More
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Patanjali chyawanprash benefits

asked by Dirk on 7 May 2012 15:47
Doctor, I have heard that herbal supplements and herbs are userful for human body so can I request some information on Patanjali chyawanprash benefits ?, waiting for your answer, kindly reply... Read More
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Muscle weakness

asked by ask68 on 2 May 2012 9:10
Sir, my son 8 years old affected by muscle weakness,he climb staircase littlebit strain and falldown while running and walking(Dr. says this is genetic problem .Pls any cure for... Read More
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Dr.Krish Says:- Hello Senthil, Muscular Dystrophy is a group of inherited disorders that involve muscle weakness, loss of muscle tissue which get worse ove time Physical examinations such as joint contractures, low muscle tone will help us to know what's the problemOther tests such as CK,EMG, NCS will also help In ayurveda muscle weakness means depletion of Mamsa Dhatu Medicines: Indukantha Kashaya - 25ml twice.. Read more

Infertility issues

asked by ankita das on 28 February 2012 1:27
i have undergone 4 cycles of IVF which have failed. everything goes well with the cycle, but the embryo does not implant in the endometrium of the uterus. can i eat sona chandi chyawanprash before going through another IVF... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, As per your given query, probably you are suffering from infertility. As there are many issues related with such as male factors, female factors which contribute. Hence, after considering those factors one should follow some ayurvedic remedies which may assist you to correct the irregularities in uterus. Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments are beneficial for the same such as enema, or similar.. Read more

Dabur Chyawanprash dosage for 5 3/4years boy

asked by dragantt on 18 February 2012 14:25
Good day again Sir, Thank you very very much for your fast answer and sory for desturbing you again but my baby is 5 3/4 years old not 9 month , He will be 6 years old end of May 2012, these year .So should we give him Dabur Chyawanprash as you said, 2 or 3 gr a day twice daily or the amount should be bigger for his age. And if no need any gap to be keept during administration for how long can... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Chyawanprash, Dabur
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, you can give as 2-3gms as mentioned earlier, there is no harm in giving this medicine for longer duration, however, if you want to keep a gap, you can give a gap during summer season for one or two months with.. Read more
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