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Medicine for colloid cyst

asked by Manjunaga on 22 September 2018 15:42
Hello, I'm nagarani. I have a colloid cyst in 3rd ventricle. This problem occured 2009. So suddenly they are decided to surgery . They did VP... Read More
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Colloid cyst brain

asked by Pravati on 23 July 2018 13:02
Age-34+ Male , Having colloid cyst brain of 7.7mm.No other illness , Getting headache now a days daily full head . Is there any medicine for... Read More
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Colloid cyst (Brain) Medicine

asked by vi_94 on 12 July 2017 6:55
Hello, My wife has a colloid cyst in her brain with size of 9mm. Can you please suggest some ayurvedic medicine to cure that... Read More
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Colloid cyst

asked by Anjuli on 14 June 2017 17:28
Age-39, Female,One month back in CT scan report of Brain we found Well-defined hyperdense cystic lesion at the foramen of Monroe suggestive of... Read More
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Colloid Goitre

asked by anandkhare70 on 15 September 2016 14:46
Age-58 Male, Colloid Goiter I am Suffering from Colloid Goitre, I have no problem in Voice, breath, eating, Senior Specialist Doctor advise me... Read More
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