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Weight loss issue

asked by Nima12 on 27 August 2018 14:33
I am 32 years old. Gender- F Merital status - Married, regular menstural, not yet plan for baby. I having weight loss issue, i am not being able... Read More
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Crohns disease

asked by Manormas on 26 June 2018 14:20
Hello dr. I m 30 years old married woman. Recently I am diagnosed with crohns disease with ulcer at ilium portion and diverticulie.. I always had... Read More
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Gastric and constipation

asked by Chidu on 15 March 2018 10:39
Hi sir my name is chidanand I am 31 year old I have gastric and constipation problem from so many years, I have taken many ayurvedic medicines... Read More
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Medicine about constipation

asked by Rahul786 on 7 February 2018 21:56
Please tell me can I take loose syrup of allopathic some time difference in patanjali piles bill means dono thodi thodi Der me le skta... Read More
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Constipation with Soft Stools

asked by Mandeep4u on 20 January 2018 10:53
Hii Sir/Mam, I am Mandeep Kumar Age-29 Weight-80 kg Height-5.11 i am facing constipation problem from last 20-25 days.Stool is soft and i feel... Read More
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Overall Health, chronic allergy

asked by always_learning on 29 December 2017 19:47
Male 28 years. I have allergy issues from long time, mainly cough & cold, headache, frequent sore throat, voice hoarseness and urticaria. Also... Read More
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asked by paru mammu on 10 December 2017 9:36
constipation problem for my 2years 3months old male boy since many months. After consultation we gave english medicine but it is working for... Read More
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Constipation and gastric problem

asked by skpatil997 on 27 November 2017 22:49
I am 23 years old male and currently worked as student. I have daily used my finger for my bowel movement and manually try to get clean my colon... Read More
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External piles

asked by Guru1920 on 22 November 2017 0:53
Im suffering frm piles frm last 2 months almost sub try kiya per accurate relief nhi milraha hai ... Stools pass karte hi bleed hona strt horaha... Read More
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Too much vomiting with little blood.

asked by maya k on 4 August 2017 14:47
Hi I am 29 year old female. I have chronic constipation since almost 20 years. Since childhood i tend to have a headache incase i went in to too... Read More
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Acidity/ Bloating/ Constipation

asked by patan123 on 1 August 2017 19:51
Dear Doctor, I am 37 Male, I don't eat spicy food often. But some how I got Acidity for the past 4 years and my stomach bloated always. Once... Read More
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Stomach problem

asked by Sourabhhbti on 27 July 2017 14:24
Sir my age is 28. For the last 10 years my stomach is not able to be cleaned when I go to toilet and I have to go to toilet several times. For the... Read More
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Zandu agnitundi rasa

asked by Punz on 26 July 2017 12:50
Hi Doctor,I am suffering from chronic indigestion, constipation & weak leaver from last 1 year.I had tried many allopathic medicines but they... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Constipation, Indigestion, Leaver

Problem for digestion & constepation

asked by ajaykk on 4 July 2017 14:27
sir,i am 25+yr & i am a boy , i have a problem for digestion,what i eat i can't digest it, i am suffering from constipation,i don't... Read More
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Thyroid gas constipation

asked by Raj choudhary on 15 June 2017 19:00
And I have thyroid to please help me....last 2 years I m suffering from gas and stomach never clean everyday.please give me some... Read More
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Chronic constipation and bad breath

asked by Guru270 on 4 June 2017 0:36
Hello doctor, My age is 24 and i suffer from constipation for past 2 years. Now the condition is bit worrying like bowel movement once in 3-4... Read More
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Gas, improper evacuation of stool, fatigue

asked by parminder1984 on 21 May 2017 16:25
Dear sir, I am suffering from gas problem since 2 months, and my bowel movement are not regular and not properly evacuate,stool containing... Read More
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New development of moles on thighs n lower leg

asked by dhristi on 11 May 2017 22:08
hello sir. my mother has developed a number of moles on her thighs and on her calf muscle of different sizes. she is 45+ and has developed these... Read More
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About constipation

asked by Babbita on 21 April 2017 12:35
Dr mujhae last 14-15 yr saye constipation hai motion acchae says nahi hotae . phlae acidity bhee thee par abb aram hai par kabhi kabhi gass but ho... Read More
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Unilocular cyst in both ovary (32&35mm in left ovary. 34mm in right ovary)

asked by Ditsa on 8 April 2017 23:48
I am 36 Years old married.Before two and half year I had gone for laproscopy for ovarian chocolate cyst in both ovary. Then I conceived and now my... Read More
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