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Any permanent solution for Hyper IgE symptoms?

asked by PJ16 on 24 April 2018 11:29
Age - 26 Gender - Female I want to understand if there is any permanent solution for Hyper Ige (2976 KU/L), where I am suffering from food allergies, yeast infection i.e. candida and sinus (nose block for full year), weight loss but bloated stomach, low food digestion, eczema on front of elbows and face and low immunity to a level of weakness and sometimes I faint as... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Hyper IGE syndrome is an immunodeficiency syndrome that can cause symptoms like allergy, eczema, weight loss and sneezing. There may be flareups of the symptoms and it must be treated with care at that time Ayurvedic medicines like Divya Swasari quath and Brihat Vat Chintamani can be taken for a month and then reviewed. Include ginger, turmeric mint, pepper, mung dal, tulsi, coriander and honey... Read more

Charak takzema tablet

asked by Punz on 26 July 2017 13:44
Hi, I am 28 years old boy my skin is dry,itchy & most of the times i use to scratch it which irritates me allot . Please i want your help & advice. I red somewhere charak takzema tablet is helpful for skin related issues.So is it ok to take this tablet ? If yes then what are the benefits,indications & dosage of takzema tablets. please reply i will wait for your... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, The main indication of tablet takzema is in leprosy while other uses include the reduction in stress, anorexia and in intestinal worm infestationThe tablet can also be given in epistaxisThe benefits of tablet takzema is achieved by scavenging the free radicals and reduce the serum transaminase levels and amyloid levels thus helping in skin rejuvenation by reducing the inflammatory response in.. Read more

Eczema for Infant 6 months old

asked by vishal.shali on 24 March 2017 1:39
Dear Doctor, My Son is 6 Months old and has developed Eczema on Face ( Cheeks ) Arms , legs ( limbs ) . Sometimes it is weepy and sometimes it is dry. When he was 4 months old he had developed eczema herpeticum and he was given IV Drug acyclovir and flucloxacillin to treat the same . After that he was put on Atopic steriod treatment that inludes hydrocortisone 1% , Emovate 0.5 mg and Betnovate... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Eczema is a non infectious spread of skin eruption with severe itching sensationScaling, erythema and vesiculations are other prominent features presentAyurveda calls it vicharchika in which symptoms are red rashes with bumps caused majorly by dushit rakta and ras dhatu with associated severe itch due to raised pitta dosha and profuse discharge when kapha dosha also get involvedDry lesions.. Read more

Eczema 6 year old girl

asked by meenuitself on 16 January 2017 18:00
My daughter is 6 year old n has mild eczema on neck, arms n legs since birth.We gave tried various medicines but still not of much help.We live in cold country and eczema is quite common in kids here. Is there anything herbal I can use to soothe & control her eczema. Soaps and body wash makes her skin more dry so can I use ubtan or any other patanjali product meant for... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- hello, Eczema is sudden spread of skin eruption followed by severe itch which is non infectious in nature. Scaling, erethma and vesiculations are other prominent featuresayurveda calls it vicharchika. In ayurveda the symptoms involves red rashes with bumps with associated severe itch due to raised pitta dosha and profuse discharge when kapha dosha also get involvedDry lesions with pain can also be.. Read more

Disaster condition skin problem

asked by mitsabhi on 15 January 2017 2:21
hello i am suffering from skin allergy problem , i don't know why it is occur , on my back side full back is cover with dry and hard skin due to like azima problem, so i want to cure this very soon , what will i do . please tell... Read More
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Baby Eczema

asked by Mandira on 16 August 2016 19:52
Dear Doctor, My baby is 2months old. She had a brain injury at birth because of moderate HIE(lack of oxygen at birth). Had seizures in first hour. She is now on medication to avoid any further seizures. Also she stretches to one side so much so that she starts crying after that. Neurologist said it could be because of muscle stiffness. And gave medicine for that as well. Total I am giving her 3... Read More
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Toddler Eczema

asked by AksharAvyan on 28 July 2016 2:48
Age - 20 Months toddler gender - Boy Present Complain : Avyan has rash problem/mild eczema. We have already tried all the prescription medicine, consulted dermatologist but everything seems help for a while and again flares up. He is very itchy on whole body and has also developed patches due to steroid cream. Can you please suggest some natural remedy to control baby eczema. Thanks in... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Eczema occurs in the skin due to an allergic reaction. In children, there will be more itching and they tend to scratch. Ayurvedic medicines must be taken for 3 months to reduce the symptoms. Please let me know the symptoms to guide you further Medicines like Divya Mahamanjishtharistha and Divya Nimb Ghan Vati can be taken and reviewed. Elemine Cream can be applied externally. Include greens, snake.. Read more

Eczema problem

asked by kritanjay kumar on 26 March 2016 21:35
age 50,male,suffering from eczema for more than 5 yrs,presently using divya kayakalp vati for 2 months but no improvement seen,appetite good,urine normal,doing half hour pranayama almost daily, vegetarian food habit,not diabetic,pressure normal, Please , recommend me medicine at the earliest. Thanks in... Read More
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Skin eczema and asthma

asked by Arati2016 on 3 March 2016 11:45
My 10 year old son is suffering from skin eczema and severe itching. He is having it from 3 months of age. He also has asthma. He is becoming over weight and is slow in studies. We want ayurvedic remedy for his health problem. Kindly... Read More
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Patanjali hand wash suitable for eczema

asked by oum.aim2011 on 2 September 2015 22:08
dear sir/ mere haath par eczema ki samasya hai kya men patanjali soap and handwash ka istemaal kar sakta hoon ...iska koi side eefect to nahin... Read More
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Remedies for eczema

asked by harshladdha on 2 July 2015 14:20
Doctor my 2 year old daughter is suffering from eczema , its on her hands legs and neck which causes lot of itch redness and sometimes blisters. i have tried all types of oils creams gels but her skin dries within 10-15 minutes of application. pls suggest some remedies that can solve this problem... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, It seems your 2-year-old daughter is suffering from combination of skin complaints apparently it is related to Atopic Dermatitis plus eczema. First of all don’t worry about this condition, there are some good medications which you can start using and basically you need to improve her immunity system and we need to maintain her moisture on her skin. Lets not focus only on external.. Read more

Eczema cure

asked by shailap on 1 July 2015 23:49
i have eczema since 5yrs.i took allopaty drugs but it was not cured.i have eczema on leg and botox so pleas help me to get cured of it. i am 28yrs... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Eczema is a skin condition where there may skin itching and it can be dry type and wet type depending on the skin type and intensity or severity. Usually eczema happens due to poor eating habits, and in Ayurveda we say it as Virudhahara for long time, for example having milk and fish together or having milk and salt together in any form and eating too much sweets in night time may lead to.. Read more

Eczema atopic dermatisis

asked by Mitasangh on 8 December 2014 12:46
I have a problem of eczema from past 6 months on my arms and lower legs. I a very healthy and active person. I am also taking homeopathic remedies for the same but its taking much time to cure and I can see more boils than earlier which the doctor says will reduce after a year of treatment. I have purchased kaya kalp kwath from Patantali shop near my place and consumung it from last week, Just... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Eczema is a group of symptoms caused due to a reaction in the skin and it may be dry or weeping. As you have mentioned with boils, it is weeping in nature. So KayaKalpa Kvatham can be taken for you skin problem. It contains amla, guduchi, nimba, manjista, haldi, chandana, daruharidra which is good for the skin. Kaisora guggulu can also be taken along with the kasayam. Include healthy food with.. Read more

Kayakalp Tail

asked by Dips1234 on 12 August 2014 4:50
HI, Is Kayakalp tail safe to use on 6 months old baby who is having eczema since he was 2 months... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Eczema is very common among infants and hence the name infantile eczema. It is commonly found in cheeks, forhead, crawling surfaces and neck in infants of six to nine months. It is generally moist in infants. It is due a reaction of the skin due to allergies. It sometimes has a genetic influence. Once it starts it continues to occur in childhood and in the later years Eczema is treated mainly based.. Read more

Cure of atopical eczema

asked by riarajpal on 28 April 2013 15:51
Respected Doc, My son is 4and half yr old and he suffering from a topical eczema. He is food allergy of dairy product, chocolate, fry things, very sour things.he got eczema when he was 18 month we gave vaccination after that eczema came. He was born very healthy baby. Now he itches very night without eating these food. Pl tell me if any cure of this . God bless u please help me to get rid of... Read More
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Dr.George Says:- Dear parent, We understand the situation. It is an exematous situation as you said. I request you to stay calm. This condition is like that only. It will not respond to any medicines for while in certain times. Though u avoid all the aggrevating food stuffs it will be there as such. I feel this is not the right time to go for alternative system of medicines. You consult a skin specialist.. Read more

Remedy for eczema

asked by meghu on 24 March 2013 22:11
Age 37 female i'm suffering from eczema since 2 yrs. i have tried many dermetologyst but cure is temporary.Now i'm frustrated with it and want permanent cure from this... Read More
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Dr.Sharma Says:- Dear Mam you have not mentioned the site where you have got the Eczema in entire body or is it localized, We would have liked more information from you. If the Eczema is localized you can go for Leech treatment as it would be helpful in removing the impurities. Also Panchkarma treatments like Snehana swedana and cleansing therapies would be good for you Rest medicine like Eczema medicine.. Read more

Eczema during pregnancy

asked by somiali on 9 October 2012 18:00
I am pregnant and I have eczema. My eczema has gotten worse with my pregnancy. Earlier I used to think it was due to foods which have a high content of nickle but during pregnancy I seem to be flaring up even though I am on a low nickel diet. My eyelids also become swollen during flare up. Is there any medicine that is safe for pregnant women... Read More
Dr.Arindham Says:- Hi, Well as per your problem , i would like to state that there may be some triggering substance for your problem. it can be either, food, or soaps, or perfume any allergy, temperature variation or other supporting cause So if you can find the exact cause that will help Also stress worsen up the conditions and we need to keep an eye on that too apart from that you can take Divya Haridrakhand.. Read more

Divya gomutra ark

asked by Luella on 6 May 2012 15:20
Dear Sir, I like medicinal herbs and herbal supplements very much, so I need information about Divya gomutra ark ?, waiting for your answer, kindly reply... Read More
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Cracks on fingers of hands

asked by rajiayu on 12 March 2012 14:53
i am having cracks on hands and both foot .i am observing this severe in winter and other seasons less. i have userd kadirarista and maha manjistaadi kashay tabs till now .,also homeopathy.please advice as i have still facing this... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Due to lack of adequate nutrition, and due to external environmental factors, there may be chances of cracks on foot and hands. Some individuals do face this problems as hereditary, and few individuals do face this problem from their work profile. By considering all these factors, you may need to consume some ayurvedic medicines which are helpful for you. however, you can consume Divya.. Read more

Keshor guggul

asked by Nitesh sharma on 12 October 2011 17:02
Please provide information about ayurveda product Keshor guggul ?, I would be very thankful to... Read More
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Godhan ark (Purified Cow Urine)
Godhan ark is Purified Cow Urine / Gomutra, very useful in problems related to Liver, stomach, eczema...
Dashang Lep (Paste)
Useful in Eczema, Fungal infection, Wounds & Hydrocele. Dashang Lep is an ayurvedic pack to be applied...
Neem Giloy Juice with Tulsi
Neem Giloy Juice with Tulsi is useful in all kinds of flu (fever). Increase hungriness by clearing...
Charak Takzema
Charak Takzema Tablet is indicated in the treatment of Contact dermatitis, Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)...

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