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Facial hair removal

asked by Shifa on 10 February 2018 23:02
Dear Dictor I having pcos problem n having facial hair how can I remove this facial hair ?? Can u tel me body Ubtan is good to use pls suggest... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Ubtan can be applied to reduce the extra facial hair. Basically besan flour along with turmeric or chandana will be beneficial in reducing the growth of hair when used regularly. The paste must be applied and allowed to dry. Then removing it with warm water will help to clear it and also will reduce the facial hair It is seen in PCOD due to the harmonal changes. So medicines taken to balance the.. Read more

Facial hair remover.

asked by POPS on 5 April 2017 12:45
I have more hair on my face.. So i should want to remove it permanently... is it possible???... Read More
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How to remove facial hair and want to conceive

asked by Priyanka aggarwal on 7 March 2017 9:48
I priya age 26 affected from facial hair from last 2 year having problem irregular period and pcod but now period come on tym but facial hair so much on my face and no baby babaji please tell me how to remove facial hair permanently and how to... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Female fertility depends mainly on ovulation process.In PCOD this process is altered due to hormonal imbalances.Although ovulation is completely a hormones dependant process controlled by hypothalamus which stimulates further pitutary gland to release hormones.PCOD leads to increased hair growth,acne, altered menstruation cycle and decreased levels of insulinAyurveda calls it bandhatva caused.. Read more

Facial Twiching

asked by Anirudh123 on 9 February 2017 16:15
My cheeks starts shivering whenever I have to speak in public or while I giving presentation. It also happens when I laughs, smile or get nervous. I am suffering from this from the last 2 years. I am 20 years old now. Please give me the solution for this... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, muscles of face control the activity of mouth, they control talk,smile and other expression of face. Any muscular weakness causes the imbalance leading to facial twiching especially in a stressful situation,where the adranile rush is there.According to ayurveda, the vata dosha in body causes the spasm in musclesAyurvedic medicines recommended are as follows- 1.karpasathyadi tail-local.. Read more

Access women facial hair

asked by Lovina on 25 November 2016 9:23
Dear Concern, My name is Lavina I m 32 unmarried . I have access facial hair my only questions before starting any procedure is it reversible. Can I have face that I used to hav earlier I have got too many access hair on my face it feels like bearer on chin and on both sides of face Please... Read More
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Solution for facial hair

asked by shikhamaz on 16 November 2016 23:28
I am 30yrs old married lady.I have remarkable facial hair & have gone through laser treatment also.But after 6-8months again it started growing,though bit less.Please suggest me a way out.I don't have... Read More
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PCOS problems

asked by AgarN2 on 4 September 2016 11:08
Hello Sir, I am 34 married woman with 16 months old baby. I have complaint of irregular periods(from starting) and unwanted hair on face. I had dermoid cyst also which was removed at the time of cesarean. My BP is fine, bowels is fine and no diabetes. Plz advice treatment for my problems. I am fair colooured so coarse hair on face is a big pain. Thank you so much!... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- PCOD is a harmonal problem which causes the formation of many cysts in the ovaries. It affects the ovulation and irregular periods along with facial hair will be seen. As a cosmetic concern, a paste of turmeric and gram flour can be applied to the face to reduce the facial hair. A healthy diet and regular exercise is essential to improve the sensitivity of the insulin as there will be insulin.. Read more

Facial hemispasm

asked by Rumjhum on 20 July 2016 10:10
I am 51 year lady. I have facial hemispasm problem since 2006.i am taking Lamitor od 200 mg in the morning. I have high cholesterol and high tryclyceroid. Bp normal. My mri normal.i use to have 32 days menstrul cycle. Now a days it is irregular .everyday I do 45 min morning walk. My appitite normal. I am married and have 27 year old son. 1993 I had done lumber puncher thrice. My mother is expired... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Hemifacial spasm is caused due to aggravated vata with symptoms like involunatary twitching. It is commonly seen due to the compression of the facial nerve. It also affects the movement of the eyes or eyebrows. Vata pacifying diet and lifestyle will be beneficial Ayurvedic medicines like Divya Dashmool kvath, Aswagandha Ghrit and Brihat Vata Chintamani can be taken for a month and then reviewed... Read more

No beard or moustache really fed up of the embarassment

asked by meet1106 on 14 July 2016 1:20
Sir i am 23 yrs old male,i dont have any beard or moustache..i have consulted endocrinologist also..he says everything is normal..sir i am a surd,so its really embarassing not having any beard or... Read More
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Less facial hair

asked by wadu on 21 June 2016 13:42
My age is 22 and i have very less hair on my face and mooch and few hair are present on my face but they are very far from each other i feel very shame in front of other people plz tell me effective medicine for this bcoz i treated many no.of doctors before but no result come... Read More
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Facial paralysis

asked by Lissy on 19 May 2016 9:14
Hi! I am a 35 years old woman,about 4 years ago I got faccial paralysis on my left face. I was treated in the hospital with physiotherapy without any result, after with acupuncture by one chineese acupunturist. After a couple session of accupunture I am able to move my face partial, but I can not move my forhead at all. All the specialists and therapists say my muscles are too weak and the ... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- There are effective Ayurvedic medicines for facial paralysis. These treatments will be beneficial to strengthen the facial muscles. The treatments like Oil massage, Fomentations, Streaming oil, Nasya and Vasti will be beneficial. These treatments can be taken in an Ayurvedic hospital for a period varying between 12-16 days Ayurvedic medicines like MahaRasnadi Kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water.. Read more

Facial hairs in woman

asked by mona2016 on 10 May 2016 14:06
Hi I am woman of 32 yrs.I have facial hairs since my teenage.It started on sides of face and then starting growing on neck as well. I don't have any mensturation problems or other related problems. I am not suffering from any other medical problem. please suggest some medicine and yoga to get rid of facial hairs.... Read More
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Ramsay Hunt Syndrome - right facial palsy

asked by Vrs on 26 April 2016 16:05
Hi doctor. I was affected by Ramsay Hunt Syndrome in Feb 2016. The allopathic medicines subsided the herpes virus in my ear. However the palsy on the right side of face remains.what can I do now? I have recently started with ayurvedic medicines from a vaidya..will that help in any manner..after two months of the disease... Read More
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YogaGuru Says:- Can you mention what all ayurvedic medicines you are taking from vaidya for this problem? You should also try Pranayama as it treats all sought of disorders from the.. Read more

Facial paralysis

asked by soni1991 on 23 April 2016 13:53
Hello sir,I am 25year old girl having facial paralysis after surgery for brain tumour in September 2009.sometimes I feel disbalance in walking also & right side slow in writing. My hair have also become thin after treatment of radio & chemo therapy. I have taken many treatments like accupuncture , Kerala massage, accupresure in last 6years n recovered also some percent but not full. Please... Read More
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asked by Dharmvir Yadav on 11 April 2016 10:39
Age:35, male, 3 or 4 years ago i took homeopathy medicine for Allergy cough. But noe that medicine caused side effect and due to this i have extra facial hair on my chip. Please tell me any way to stop this hair growth. Thank You! Dharmvir Yadav Height-170 cm weighr- 65... Read More
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Facial Paralysis At Left Side

asked by SKGuchhait on 7 April 2016 16:32
I am suffering from Facial Paralysis problem in last 2-3 days, where i m unable to carry water in mouth, left eye is not closing properly, ear has some pain feeling at left side, not able to eat food & drink a water due to mouth not closing completely...kindly suggest yoga & medicine for quick... Read More
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Problem of facial Hair

asked by sm123 on 7 March 2016 11:04
Sir, Age :24 Gender:Female Unmarried I have facial hair problem.As per doctors it is due to hormonal imbalance. Earlier my mensuration cycles where irregular, but now through ayur vedic medicines and rakht doshantak kadha this problem no more persists. I do not use any parlour products or cosmetics. Please suggest some... Read More
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Facial warts

asked by rhtmalhotra24 on 24 September 2015 12:15
Guruji tell me any good ayurvedic medicine for warts. I had 4 warts on my hand 6 years later and gone automatically.but at present I HAVE 2 TWO WARTS ON MY FACE from last 2 months .while i was shaving one cut by razor and it is increasing in size daily. Tell me any permanent solution of warts. I dont want it removed by operation.also tell me ayurvedic doctor in delhi whom i can meet... Read More
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Facial paralysis

asked by son10 on 13 June 2015 2:24
My son is 3 months old.he has a facial paralysis on his right side by birth.may u tell me what should I... Read More
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Facial hair growth

asked by ramchen on 10 April 2015 22:43
27/m/no facial hair growth/ no medication/ I'm also suffering from asthma from childhood, less appetite. I have very less facial hair, less / uneven moustache, and less hairs on chin, tried shaving, but no result, feels less with confidence, people think of me as a kid (teenage), even I'm very thin, my weight is just 50 KGS. Thank... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, In males, if there is variation in hormonal levels, there are chances of having few characteristics of feminine. In your case as you are complaining about less facial hair or beard and moustache. Considering these changes as hormonal, you can try to follow some medications which will help to give some modifications in hormonal way. You can have the following medicines such as Narasimha.. Read more
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