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Daily low grade fever in between 98 to 99.8 from 2 months

asked by Saip on 16 June 2018 10:24
Since 2 mnths temp varies from 97.6 to 99.8 ,earlier it is normal ,I'm 24 yrs male ,first widal done o& h titres 1:40 temperature varies between 98 to 99.8 after 5 days widal o&h 1:160 ah,bh 1:20, taken antiboitics like gudcef ,ornio, azithromycin, moxinow, doxt-xl,for 14 days,then widal o&h 1:40 but fever pattern is same,morning after 9am increases to 99 ,after noon goes to 99.4... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- The recovery period of typhoid varies in each person and hence it must be monitored with care. Please take the following medicines and I shall guide you further based on the response to the medicines. Ayurvedic medicines like Jwarnashak Kwath, Sudarsanasavam - 20ml after food twice daily and Divya Giloy Vati for a month and then reviewed Eat healthy cooked warm easily digestable food. Include.. Read more

Consistent low grade fever

asked by Thakur009 on 13 May 2018 17:20
Aru history May (6 year 10 months age) May 1 full day in jungle like park, running around 7 km, very tired Had dinner - pizza and egg At night fever started, hands and feet swollen and by morning rashes developed on legs. Anti histamine started by evening. May 2 - fever, swollen hand and feet , rashes on full body May 3 - fever, hand swelling gone, feet swollen, face swelling started May 4... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- The raised ESR becomes normal within a week of treating with medicines and it is based on the cause. As you have mentioned, it suggests some allergic reaction also. So please check ESR after a month and then let me know. If it persists, it would be necessary to take other investigations like IgE to rule it out. Medicines like Amrtha aristam - 15ml after food twice daily and Mahasudarshan vati can.. Read more

Low grade fever

asked by Vedalam on 26 January 2018 21:12
Low grade fever since last 9 years. Loss of appetite. White coated tongue. Widal... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- In some of them a low grade fever, persists even after a year. Please let me know your latest Widal test result to guide you further. Eating easily digestable healthy food, drinking enough water and good rest will be beneficial to reduce the symptoms. The medicines must be continued for 3-6months to notice some improvement Ayurvedic medicines like Amrthothara kwath - 15ml lof kwath with 60ml of warm.. Read more

How to take patanjali giloy ghanvati for weakness skin disorders fever etc

asked by koelll on 20 October 2017 6:48
I want to no how to take patanjali giloy ghanvati for weakness skin disorders fever etc should it taken with warm water or normal water before meal or after... Read More
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Dengue Fever

asked by ncrsardana on 21 August 2017 11:51
Sir My Daughter 11 years old. She is suffering from Dengue fever and confirmed by her blood. I have given liquid i.e. water, nimbu pani, salted laasi. Please suggest me any medicine to cure the dengue fever and her platlates not... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Dengue fever is treated based on the symptoms. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken to reduce the temperature, body pain and it will help to increase the platelets. Please do check with your platelets and let me know to guide you further. Ayurvedic medicines like Nilavembu kvath - 20ml twice daily before food, Mahasudarshan tablet and Divya Punarnavadi Mandoor can be taken for a month and then reviewed... Read more

Fever is continued

asked by Sunilkandwal on 25 June 2017 23:30
Dear sir my son is 3 1/2 years old he suffering from fever last three days I already take medicine but fever is continued between 99 and 104 dig. Afternoon time is down but evenings time 104 continue so Sir kidly give me... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Please consult your nearest doctor if the temperature goes beyond 104F and if it lasts for more than five days. Medicines must be given for a temperature greater than 101F till it normalises. Blood investigations have to be done to find out the cause of fever like typhoid. I shall suggest you some Ayurvedic medicines that can be given to reduce the temperature. Please continue with the Allopathy.. Read more

Chronic Granolamous Desease treatment in Aryuveda

asked by GLal40 on 25 June 2017 16:57
Dr, My grandson has Primary Imuno defeceincy, doctor says 'Chronic Granolomatous Desease' & advice for bone marrow transplant, we fear for risk of life. The child gets periodically infections/ fever. Please suggest us treatment/ medicines in... Read More
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Fever over head

asked by Krishna2809 on 26 May 2017 17:22
My sister is ill from 2 or 4 day.she is 21 years old the fever is over her head she is admitted to Ram lohia hospital the doctor has done many tests on her like 2 times bone marrow,MRI and other but all tests are positive she can't speak also because her throat is also close due to the fever... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Pyrexia of unknown origin refers to any type of pyrexia whose diagnosis can not be concluded irrespective of number of investigations performedBlood culture and urine culture should be performed to know the sensitive antibiotic which can be administeredAny rise of temperature should be avoided to raise the temperature of head as brain tissues are susceptible to be damaged in high temperature .. Read more

1 year old baby lekin bilkul immunity nahi hai.

asked by Artika1988 on 17 April 2017 21:56
Namaste baba ji Meri 1 saal ki beti hai. Wo premature born hui thi. Uska birth weight 1.5 kg tha. Abhi wo 1 saal ki ho chuki par uske mai immunity bilkul nahi hai. Woh har mahine ya fir har 15 din ke baad bimar ho jati hai. Aur jab tak hospital mai admit nahi ho jati tab tak thik nahi hoti. Aur usse thik hone mai 1 week lag jata hai. Kya mai usse giloy juice de sakti hu taki iski immunity badh sake... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, In ayurveda ashwagandha is good immunity modulator and is administered in children and infants along with gheeAyurvedic remedy called ashwagandha ghee is administered to provide nourishment and acts in improving immunity as is a good anti oxidant in natureBeing a ghrit preparation, ghee helps in absorbing both water and fat soluble phytochemicals. It should not be administered during cold.. Read more

Heavy bodyache and fever

asked by Sarita jha on 25 February 2017 13:47
Sir.... Main roj alovera juice aur amla juice ka sevan karti hu... Aur yoga b krti hu.... Parr.... Kinhi wajaho se... Pichle week nhi kr payi.. Uss k baad achanak bhut bodyache hone lga.. Aur fever b aaya...Sir btaeie... Ab main kya karu...??... Read More
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Fever in 30months male child wt.11.7kg.

asked by Anju sen arya on 3 February 2017 4:27
Sir my two and a half yrs boy child, 11. 7kg wieght., is suferring from fever since 10 days continously ie from 24jan till now, . his blood report is normal ie. no malaria or any other desease or infection is found.. Only rbc count is 10 ie 2unit less then normal. Pse suggest medicine.... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Pyrexia in any individual is indication of any infection within the body.Ayurveda calls it jwara where distubance in any of doshas and indigestion causes the ama production there by leading totoxicity of rasa and rakta dhatu. many medicines like bhringasav,kumar kalyan ras,tribuvan kirti ras, vyoshadi vati are advised in fever. For proper prescription complete history of fever and associated.. Read more

Typhoide fever

asked by amit bohra on 9 December 2016 4:55
Sir I am 24 year old, weight 47 kg, sir mujhe last 4 month se typhoid positive a raha hai, English dwae le raha hu BT dwa chodne k bad fir se a jata hai, pet mai gas ki problem bhi rahti hai, hath-pairo m jaln ahti hai,or hamesa halka hlka bukhar rhta hai,immunity system kamjor hai ,mujhe konsi dwa Lena chahiye or kya prhej krna... Read More
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Fever due to high esr treatment

asked by Astha Tiwari on 5 October 2016 19:36
Age-19 years Gender-female Complaint-fever due to high esr Family medical history-no this type of disease Past illness-fever due to high esr Marital status-unmarried Dietary habits-two times Diabetes/blood... Read More
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YogaGuru Says:- Take Divya Giloy Ghan vati 2 - 2 tablets twice daily. With in few days you will see positive effects. Your ESR would come down and slowly fever will vanish. It will boost your.. Read more

Typhoid fever

asked by Aman1984 on 5 October 2016 17:21
I m 32years female.i have typhoid fever from last 3years In these months(June to November).fever is only 99.5.but lot of body pain.i also have thyroid.please give me the advice how can I cure my fever... Read More
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YogaGuru Says:- Start using patanjali giloy ghan vati 2 - 2 tablets twice a day and within few days you see positive effects. Also you can use giloy juice as an.. Read more

Fever from two to three days

asked by SCHINUP on 28 September 2016 13:09
My wife Priti ,age 25,not pregnant.Meri wife Ko 3 din se fever ho jata Hai or fir utar jata Hai .ab wo bhot weekness feel kar Rahi hai Sara badan pain kar Raha hai . starting me lairgoDS tablet di thi.kuchh samaj nahi as raha.ab Dr Ko dikhana usne pcm or cetrazin tablet di hai or mp or hb test ke liye bola hai . reports kal milengi.but m ayurvedic me trust karta hu please help me to improve her... Read More
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Mild fever all the time

asked by chibs on 14 September 2016 17:59
I am 30 years old, two yrs back i suffered from fever. All reports like dengue,typhoid were negative. Ultrasound was also done and there were hypoechoic masses in pancreatic head and pancreatic tail region. My mantoux test was positive. Doctor gave me some medicines for 2 months approx, fever came down. However after some months again my fever started and it remains mainly 99-99.5 and in the... Read More
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Feeling fever

asked by preeti minhas on 1 September 2016 8:31
Hello sir I am from h.p and from 2-3 days I feel the feeling of fever when I check it lies between 98 to 99 I m also trying to conceive I also take medicine from doctor but no relief what should I do plz... Read More
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Giloy for Kids

asked by Malika1 on 24 August 2016 15:21
my daughter is 3years & 3 months old. she started going to school in april 2016 and since then gets viral fever every month.now people are telling me that she might be suffereing from fever in bones and thats why its recurring. doc had first adviced crocin/maftal-p to reduce fever but later goes to antibiotics. we are adviced to give her giloy. can it be given to such a small kid. please reply... Read More
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YogaGuru Says:- Giloy is a safe herb to use and I do not see any harm in giving it to kids, in fact my son is also taking Divya Giloya Ghan Vati of swami ramdev from last 1 year. He started it when he was 9 and now he is 10. If you are not sure then walk to nearest patanjali clinic for advice. But this is a wonder herb to boost the immunity in kids as I have seen it myself. It protects kids from all types of fever.. Read more

Dengu Fever

asked by jyagnik on 10 August 2016 12:08
Respected Guru ji, Pranam My and my wife's age is 72 & 65 respectively. I have enlarged prostate & hyper tension. My wife has Asthma & Diabetes We want your suggestion preventive medicine for Dengu. It is spreading rapidly in and around Kolkata. Thanking... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Pathanjali tulsi ghan vati can be taken as a preventive medicine for Dengue. As with your wife she can taken Divya Swasari quath and Divya madunashini vati for a month and then review. Please let me know the blood reports to guide you further. Include complex carbohydrates, bitter gourd, fenu greek, garlic, ginger, legumes, beans, mushrooms, dark green leafy vegetables, jamun seeds, cinnamon.. Read more

Increase appetite

asked by nayani on 7 August 2016 17:58
Hi my 3 years old daughter eats nothing . also she gets ill every month with fever n cold . plz suggest me remedy for... Read More
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