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Treatment of uterine fibroid

asked by PoojaG on 16 April 2018 13:43
Hi, I am 4 year old unmarried woman. I had problem of heavy bleeding and fibroids were detected after USG. The fibroid currently measures 71.8* 64.5*64.4 mm. I have already taken 3 courses of 3 months each of Ullipristal Acetate. Please suggest a non-surgical treatment.... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Please let me know your age and weight to guide you further. It is quiet natural for the fibroids to shrink during perimenopause. So if the bleeding is controlled with Ayurvedic medicines, fibroids can be managed without surgery. Please do have regular checkups with your treating gynecologist as advised. Ayurvedic medicines like Sukumara kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily.. Read more

Relating intramural fibroid

asked by Phulwaria on 7 March 2018 21:50
I am 36 yrs old married women.i have a single intramural uterine fibroid of size 10cmx10cmx10cm.presently I am suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding for first two days,severe hair fall and bloated stomach.please... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Heavy bleeding is a common problem seen in fibroids. So Ayurvedic medicines like Musali khadiradi kwath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Asoka aristam and Pushyanuga churnam can be taken to reduce the bleeding. Then medicines like Sukumara kwath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily and Divya Kanchanar Guggulu can be taken for a month and then reviewed. Reduce.. Read more

I have Fibroid cyst in my left breast (size-2.1x 1.6)

asked by Sanjana Gandhi on 1 August 2017 23:20
Hello doctor, I'm 24 years old female married 6 months ago since last 6 years I have lump in my left breast which pains more before period and pains less after my periods. But from last 4 months it's very painful. Can you suggest medicines on it ?And from Ayurvedic medicines does it goes away completely and will never return back... Read More
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Long periods

asked by Tina gupta on 17 July 2017 10:27
Hello sir, I m 45 years old,weight 82 kg,ht 5ft 5",unmarried Sir last time on 5 the June my periods stated since then I m bleeding continuously.sumtime lite sumtime spotting.again on 11 July I started heaving bleeding I took medicine pause 500 but not stop. It's having continuously Sir i m suffering from hypothyroid.myt3 is 120.80,t4 is 6.98,and TSH is 18.130. Heterogeneous uterus with... Read More
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Your medicines giving reverse effect

asked by kishoripriya on 18 February 2017 11:56
Female,47yrs, married, no issues, undergone 3 ovarian cyst surgeries. Now i had been taking your treatment for uterine fibroid for the past 4 months. but my fibroid has increased in these 4 months by 2cm - from 5.5 to 6.7cm. Your medicines seem to have the reverse effect. why is that? Please give me a reply as soon as possible. Medicines taken were stri rasayan vati, kanchanra guggulu... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Fibroids less than 5cm are managed with medicines based on the symptoms, size and location of the fibroid. The medicines are generally advised to reduce or shrink the fibroids. But there are always exemptions with the results where we come across cases with no improvement or increase in size. This is due to the genetic influence that causes the uterine muscles to grow inspite of the medications... Read more

PCOS/D and Uterine Fibroid treatment

asked by Heena Sharma on 5 February 2017 22:47
Hello , I am 28 year old and married woman, No children.I have diagnosed with Poly-cystic Ovary (only left ovary,Right one is normal ) and An uterine fibroid '13 mm' in size. Also I think due to this PCOS problem my hairs are getting thin and falling in very high amount. There are starting of 'Jhaai' or light brownish/greyish spot on my both cheeks. Unwanted hair growth on... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Polycystic ovarian syndrome is formation of small cysts in ovary due to altered hormonal levels in blood.Insulin levels are also disturbed and this causes the disturbed menstrual cycles, with associated symptoms like acne, weight gain, diabetes and excessive hair growth over body due to altered hormones and raised testosterones.This also causes the uterine fibroid build upAyurvedic medicines.. Read more

Fibroid gallbladder stone

asked by tisha on 25 November 2016 15:48
Dear sir, Mera quesion hai ki meri 7 month ki beti hai aur breast feeding karti hai , mujhe 1 year pehle se 4 cm fibroid hai aur abhi pregnancy ke baad gallbladder me multiple stone pakad me aya hai, magar koi bhi symptom nahi hai .. ayurvedic me ka stone dissolve ho sakta hai ..please koi medicine bataye fibroid aur gallbladder stone k liye ..patanjali medicine kaha se milega online... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Gall bladder is a pear shaped organ underneath liver. The main function of gall bladder is to store bile produced by liver and transported through bile ducts.during meals, gall bladder contracts and empties bile into intestine and thereby assisting in digestion there.There are two types of gall stone-Cholesterol gallstones and pigment gallstones.Ayurvedic medicines for gallstones are as.. Read more

Fibroid treatment

asked by alka yadav on 19 September 2016 9:05
Sir I am 27 year old with multiple intramural fibroids ,it was diagnosed on usg on December 2013,since then I have got GnRH,ocp having ethinyl estradiol cyproterone acetate combination for ovarian cysts which was then resolved and before that I did homeopathy treatment which I have left now because that was not much beneficial,now I have completed 3 month course of hormonal treatment ulipristal... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Fibroids can be managed and these Ayurvedic medicines will help to prevent the further growth of the fibroids. Those which are less than are managed with medicines. Please take the medicines and review after 3months. Please let me know about your menstrual cycle to guide you further. Ayurvedic medicines like Varunadi Kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Divya Kanchanar.. Read more

Fibroid/fatty liver

asked by paramu on 22 August 2016 17:42
Dear Sir, Kindly note that, my wife aged 43 yrs suffering from fibroid. She don't have any diabetic and BP. I want to know that she is undergo any operation. She is not interested to go for operation. The results are follows : Liver : Mildly enlarged in size (15.4cm) and shows increased echogenecity. Uterus : Resroverted, measures 8.2x5.6x4.6cm. Endometrium 5.9mm. Heterogenous lesion... Read More
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Bulky uterus with uterine fibroid and cysts in liver

asked by kishori on 8 April 2016 16:15
I am 46yr old female with problems of vaginal and urinary infection and white discharge every month after my periods. Also heavy bleeding on the 1st or 2nd day of my period. My ultra sound scan shows bulky uterus 10.3 cm length with intramural/submucus uterine fibroid 53x50mm near the fundus and posterior wall. endometrial thickness 13.5mm 11thday of period. I have had 3 surgeries for recurrent... Read More
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Utress fibroid, heavy bleeding.

asked by renu agrawal on 9 September 2015 12:06
hlo sir my mom is 50 yrs old. unko utress fibroids hai. ultrasound report is →utress is bulky in size with dimensions of 92×56×45 MM. A mixed echogenic mass lession measuring 27×24 MM seen in posterior wall of utress. cervical region normal. Overy is ok.) unko periods mai heavy bleeding hoti hai.avi last 15 days se patanjali utress fibroids ki medicine le rahi hai. aur is... Read More
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Utress fibroid

asked by shivam_agrawal on 15 August 2015 21:36
hlo sir my mother is 49 yrs old. unko utress mai 3×2 cm fibroid. Dr ne unhe operation k lye bola BT wo operation se phele ayurvedic treatment try karna chati hai. kya ye ayurvedic medicine se thik ho sakta hai.plz give me right suggestions. meri mummy operation se Dar rahi... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, In few females after sometime or after 40s they may get fibroids and this will be evident when they are having any bleeding issues. In your mother case it is only one fibroid as your giving report. However, considering her other problems in view, we can easily give her some Ayurvedic medicines to bring its size down and also to avoid the complications. If she is attaining menopause, usually.. Read more

Heavy prolonged bleading due to fibroid and not able to conceive

asked by alivia on 14 August 2015 12:56
Hello Doctor. I am 31 yrs old married for 5 yrs. I am suffering from prolonged heavy bleeding since last two yrs. 4 yrs back i wanted to become pregnant and doctor prescribed me novelon, which is a contraceptive pill, for two yrs, after stopping which my bleeding became abnormal and prolonged. I was anaemic and hence doc gave me novelon. Now the size of the fibroid is 4.7 cm. I was treated with... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello Madam, Considering your age as 31 years, it is very important to get treatment for fibroids and regularizing menstrual cycle. Depending up on the size of fibroids and number of fibroids and site of fibroids, fertility chances may differ. There is possible endometriosis and fibroid uterus leading to dysfunctional uterine bleeding and seems with medicines it is getting subsided and as you.. Read more


asked by shilpa_g2 on 29 April 2015 10:45
I m pregnant for 7 weeks now. Having a fibroid, which is growing with pregnancy. doctor told foetus growth can get affected because of it. suggest some remedy ... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- The fibroid is treated based on the size and the position of the fibroid. It is a benign tumour which is usually managed with medicines. Generally fibroids less than 5cm are managed by medicines and that which is greater than 10cm are advised for surgery. Surgery is also advised if the symptoms like bleeding are not managed and based on the growth of the fibroid. There are four types of fibroid which.. Read more

Itching and rashes

asked by bhumiahuja on 18 February 2015 17:04
Hello, my age is 36 female and i m suffering fm ezema from the last four years, aleopaty only gives temperory relief.cetrizine works only for 1 day, and my blood test results say to avoid fish and crab but i hardly eat fish and the test result is not i want to go for ayurvedic, plz suggest me good treatment so that i get rid of this problem. tea, fermented food sour are daily in my... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Ayurvedic medicines are effective in Eczema when taken for the prescribed time along with a healthy diet. It is an allergic reaction in the skin due to some contact or may have a genetic influence. Please let me know your current symptoms to guide you better. It is treated based on the doshic predominance. I shall suggest you the basic medicines for eczema. Medicines like Divya Mahamanjishtharistha.. Read more

Uterine fibroid normal medicine package

asked by Sai ki beti on 21 September 2014 15:51
Hello Dr. I am 35yrs married gir diagnosed with uterine fibroid.m having medicine of swamu ramdev.I just want to know for how many months one has to take fibroid medicine package. M having normal periods... n nat having divya stri rasayan.can I have stri rasayan also.plz reply me... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Uterine fibroids is the muscular growth in the uterus and the treatment depends on the size, symptoms, type and location of the fibroid. Generally that which is less than 5cm is managed with medicines and by having regular checkups Fibroid package medicine can be taken for a month and then reviewed. It has to be taken for 3months and then you can do an ultrasound after consulting your doctor... Read more

Pregency (got married before one year)

asked by mohana on 23 June 2014 13:30
age:31 gender:female scam report:Anterior uterine wall seeding fibroid mentrual pattem:no... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Fibroids are commonly found in women before pregnancy and also in later years. If it is too big, it is treated before getting pregnant and in case if it is found incidentally during scan in pregnancy it will be monitored regularly. Your periods are regular without heavy bleeding but please consult with your gynecologist about the size and position in the anterior wall. Sometimes when it becomes big.. Read more

Fibroids back after Surgery

asked by worried on 2 April 2014 19:47
Hi.. I am 31. Mother of a 2 yrs child. Got a myomectomy done in April 2013. In Aug 2013, there was a tiny fibroid found again. No symptoms this time.. Too worried to think of anything else. Is it something very serious? should i be worried? Does it bring a life threat? Please help me with whatever Asana Pranayam or medication i should go for, i want to get rid of this fibroid,this worry,this... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Yes, it is normal for 10-50 people among 100 people to get the growth of fibroids again. It depends on the nature, size of the fibroids. Normally those which are big tend to grow again. You must discuss about the nature of the fibroid with your gynecologist as the genetic makeup in each fibroid varies But you can take medicines like Sukumara kasayam – 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food.. Read more

Fibroids and miscarriage

asked by anubha1 on 3 February 2014 8:18
Dear doctor, I am 32 years of age married for 6 years and do not have children. I was detected with a large fibroid, 13 cms big in 2010 and went for a surgery as recommended by the doctor. After that I conceived in jan 2012 after trying for 1 year. This was a case of blighted ovum, no fetal heart beat and I lost the pregnancy in 8 th this time there were many new fibroids in my uterus, ... Read More
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Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, As you know uterine fibroids occur when a single uterine muscle cell begins to reproduce itself over and over again until a firm mass is created. The cause of a fibroid is still not clearly available. It is believed to be a genetic anomaly and can happen to any individual. Research works do insist on obesity to fibroid, although somestudies strongly oppose. At this stage however, i would.. Read more

Uterine mutiple fibroid with choco cyst and Right Fallopian tunbe is completely blocked and left is partially blocked

asked by shraddha on 3 January 2014 1:09
Gender: Female Age: 30 yrs Medication: allopathy and homeopathy sice 1 year Medical history: Once affected from tuberculosis no other problem Excessive pain aftyer menses and normal pain during menses Please suggest the best treatment so that my friend got pregnant... Read More
Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, In your case a detailed history of the patient and examination is important to reach to diagnosis and opt for the best ayurvedic treatment. It is said that the patient is suffering from uterine fibroid, fallopian tube blockage and chocolate cyst However with this scenario i shall advice you certain ayurvedic medicines and home remedies which can be taken as an initial line of.. Read more
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