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I am seeking fistula what is treatment

asked by swamy08051989 on 15 August 2017 23:06
My age is 28 gender is male . I am seeking in 1 year to seeking to fistulla . Doctor is told surgery... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Fistula is the tunnel due to the abscess in the anal canal. Symptoms like severe bleeding and pain are seen after the formation of fistula. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken for a month which will help to reduce the inflammation and the symptoms. Hard stools may precipitate the pain and will delay the healing Ayurvedic medicines like Chiruvilvadi kwath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice.. Read more

Medicine for fissure and fistula

asked by Bhaswati das on 15 August 2017 16:42
A am 42 years woman. For last 5years I am suffering from fissure and fistula. I am having piles from last 20 years but it does not trouble me much. The problem started when doctors done mri and confirmed me that I am having fissure and fistula. There is burning sensation at time of bowel any frequent bleeding. I am having 9 years old daughter. Please help me by advising me... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- A fissure is a tear in the rectum while fistula is the tunnel that forms after the formation of abscess. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken to reduce the inflammation and hence will relieve the symptoms. Hard stools tend to increase the fissure and hance it is necessary to maintain soft bowel movements. Ayurvedic medicines like Gandharvahastadi kwath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice.. Read more

Fistula and pus problem

asked by Shyam sunder on 26 June 2017 21:07
Hi I am facing problem regarding fistula please give me required treatment and help... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Fistula is seen after anal abscess as a tunnel with two openings. There will be severe pain due to the inflammation. The medicines can be taken to reduce the inflammation and will aid the healing. Try to avoid constipation which will facilitate the healing Ayurvedic medicines like Ciruvilvadi kwath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Triphala Churnam and Kaisora guggulu can be.. Read more

Ano fistula

asked by surtani on 1 April 2017 17:32
Hi Sir most respectfully I want to ask a question I have fistula in my anus from 4 years please suggest me some medicines from I will get... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Fistula in ano refers to abnormal tract formed around the buttock area connecting the skin and anal canal resulting due to long standing abscessPoor hygeine leads to recurrent abscess formationAyurveda calls it bhagandra which involves regular tear of skin at pubis or around perinumAyurvedic approach involves the clearance of tract and then insertion of KSHARASUTRA which with it ropana and.. Read more

Send remedy

asked by ashine on 1 November 2016 19:31
hello doc, I had a bacterial clot (pus) near my inside my right thigh (my tlc is 17000 as my blood report ) which after taking bilactam xl tab and zerodol-p tab naturally came out. after this in emergency I went to another dr. which lived near my home. she drained it by giving cut . this was 25/8/2016. a new skin is coming there but still it pains and something (liquid) is coming out from that... Read More
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Piles fistula

asked by seemanta on 31 October 2016 7:19
Sir im suffering hemeroids Or fistula...i feel extreme pain sometimes in my anus blood swelling only extreme pain...pain also occurs in my anus when im sexualy aroused...suggest me what should i do and medicines i should take ...iam 27 yrs old ..male unmarried im suffering this last 3... Read More
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Fistula with feeding

asked by billa on 27 October 2016 12:40
Dr.Please advice Me I have fistuala in last 4 month i have taken anti biotics and Arsha kuthar ras, I am feeding my one year son can i eat both medicines and feeding Please advice me for i am feeding girl is good or bad for my... Read More
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Constipation-Urgent Help

asked by mohnish4407 on 27 October 2016 1:19
Pranam ,my age is 25 years , i am male , From past few years i am always feeling constipation, Gastric problems , i am passing stool daily in morning but the bowel is never cleaned in once , i always have to pass stool 2-3 times a day . And i always face difficulty in passing stool like stomach pain , sometimes i cannot pass stool for many days which creates a big mental problem for me . Since I... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Constipation is troubling factor that will affect the metabolism. It gradually builds up the metabolic toxins leading to weight gain or deposition of extra fat in the abdomen. So it is necessary to take Ayurvedic medicines that will improve the bowel movements, heal the blister in the anus and stimulate the digestive fire. Ayurvedic medicines like Gandharvahastadi kwath - 15ml with 60ml of warm.. Read more

Pain due to Fistula?

asked by Sharada on 9 October 2016 21:21
I was suffering from severe brochitis infection and was under medication for more than 2 weeks on antibiotics, the side effect of which resulted further damaging my digestive system and I found difficulty while passing stool with lot of pain. In the past also whenever, I have been under Allopathic medication for a long period had resulted in similar kind of experience. Though I do not want to go... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Pain while passing stools and itching are seen in piles, fissure or fistula. A clinical examination by a doctor helps to make a diagnosis. In fistula there will be pus discharge, fissure is a tear and varicose veins in the rectum is piles.Constipation or hard stool triggers the symptoms like pain, bleeding and itching Arshonyt Ointment can be applied externally Ayurvedic medicines like Agastya.. Read more

Regarding piles

asked by Naveen deshpande on 14 September 2016 16:32
Hi am 32 year old boy suffering from piles from 4mnths .am using arshya kalp vati tablets... But still am suffering from them.plz suggest... Read More
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Fistula of mast. Suyash 3.7year

asked by infotech_sunil on 5 July 2016 11:03
Sir my son Suyash is 3.7year old he suffer from fistula and had two operations in April and November 2014 but still not cure. Pls tell solutions.... Read More
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Suffering from Fistula in ano

asked by sadanand aapte on 29 March 2016 9:14
Hello Doctor, I am male and 29 years old. I am suffering from fistula from last 2 months, there is a medium sized boil very near to anal opening and pus were coming from that boil but from last 4-5 days pus rarely comes and pain has decreased but now i am feeling itching and discomfort. I do not want to go for surgery. Can it be healed by Ayurvedic medicines? Please advice. ... Read More
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Fistula disease

asked by Satishpatil303 on 1 March 2016 18:26
Hello Sir, I am suffering from fistula from last 4 yrs. Pls suggest me medicines. Age 30 years Gender male Married I have undergone Ksharsutra, still small opening is... Read More
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Fistula diseas

asked by harsit on 21 February 2016 8:56
When constipation and stomach full of gas then a wound developed near above one inch of maldwar i m suffering from piles also for last 5years but this diseas developed fromlast 2 years my age is 37 gender... Read More
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Pain in ano

asked by raj132 on 27 December 2015 21:18
Sir meri 8 year ki ek ladki hai pichale 4 dino se wo ano me dard se pareshan hai achqnak bahut hi tej dard aatq hai stool hard nikla tha . Uske bad doctor k dikhayq to unhone stool softener de diya. Lekin dard bhut jyada hai ye kya hai sir pile, fissure, fistula samaj me nhi aa rha hai bahut tej dard hotq hai jaishe koe sue chubha diya ho pls sir emergency basis me bta dijiye bahut tej dard hai... Read More
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Dr. Spoorthi Says:- Hello, The way you are explaining the symptoms it seems to be Fissure in Ano , it refers to pricking pain and sometimes even blood streaks comes through stools . If any mass along with blood is coming out through rectum it mainly suggests piles/hemorrhoids, if any puss discharge it suggests abscess or fitula in ano. Ayurveda Medicines 1.Avipathikara Churan 1/4 tsp-0-1/4 tsp with Sukumara.. Read more

Fistula treatment

asked by harrydev14 on 17 November 2014 11:01
Dear Mam/sir 13-14 saal mein funsi hui thi tab maine dawai le aur wo thik ho gaya but funsi waisi bani rahi lekin jab mein job krne laga tha khaane pine ka system kharb hua 2nd sitting job hone ki wajah se usme puss bhar gaya aur dard ho bhi hota tha but 6th-7th se maine pranayam start kiya toh mujhe fayda hua tb se mujhe pus discharge ki problem nahi hui but maine suna hain ki fistula bina... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, As you are suffering from fistula-in-ano since many years without any results, it is better to proceed with Ayurveda as there are many effective treatments for the same. In Ayurveda, there is a simple procedure called Kharasutra which is a kind of non-surgical treatment where you get better results. In fistula, sometimes it appears it has been healed from outside, but there are chances that.. Read more

Fistula in ano

asked by amissss on 22 September 2014 13:53
sir i am 22 & male and i have a funsi(foda) near my ano once in every month for four months ye thik bhi ho jata hai but next month again ho jata hai ab tak four time ho chuka hai kya karna chaiye fistula to nahi hai... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Fistula in anus is formed as a tract like a tunnel with opening at two places. There will be symptoms like bleeding, severe pain, burning due to the inflammation. It is prone to recurrence if it is not healed completely. If the pain is not manageable with recurring infections, it is better to have a surgery. Medicines like Medicines like Guggulu tiktaka kasayam - 15ml with 60ml of warm water twice.. Read more


asked by sharmajaiprakash11 on 18 June 2014 16:03
Dear ,Sir Age-64 yers PROBLEM - 1.Fistula appeared at bottom about 20 yers ago 2. Heart attack happeneed about 13 yers ago . Treatmants for Fistula 1. fist used homeopolhy madicine problem gone for 3years ,agin used homeopolhy , but did not work so, went hospital , 2. 3times OPERATSAN for fishtula done at diffirnt hospital . Last one done on november 2013 . Treatmants - for... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- The infection of the anal glands causes abscess. When it becomes chronic, it results in Fistula forming a tract with opening in two places. So there will be inflammation with pus, pain, bleeding which will make it very difficult to sit. Recurrence is common, but can be managed efficiently with medicines and a healthy diet. Surgery becomes necessary when one end is closed, presence of sepsis or any.. Read more

Ramdev Drakshasava medicine

asked by ayurveda_remedies on 28 January 2014 13:44
What is Drakshasava? What are its ingredients, uses, medicinal benefits, side effects and... Read More
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Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, Drakshasava is a classical ayurvedic preparation which is alcoholic by nature. The alcohol present is self fermented and this acts as a medium to boost the activity of active ingredients present. It is chiefly prescribed to overcome conditions such as fistula and piles The chief ingredient present in this medicine is dry grapes. The other ingredients present which helps in catalysing its.. Read more

Ayurvedic medicine for fistula

asked by kuntal on 26 May 2013 15:29
Hi sir my age 27 is running and I am male ,sir my problem that me festula in 4years and i have allready four operaction but not any comfortable and no any other problem only fistula is not blood pressure or any problem... Read More
Dr.Saurabh Says:- Dear Patient, Fistula (Bhagandar) is a disease which arises due to improper digestion so if you are suffering from flatulence or constipation then first eradicate this causeApart from that, the best-est treatment for Fistula is Kshaar Sutra in which a medicated thread is tied and it heals the anal wound very quickly.this is a very safe and permanent treatment so better you find some center near by and.. Read more
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