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Weight loss issue

asked by Nima12 on 27 August 2018 14:33
I am 32 years old. Gender- F Merital status - Married, regular menstural, not yet plan for baby. I having weight loss issue, i am not being able to loose weight even after following proper deit and regular exercise and yoga.. However i have other health issues such as GERD (acid reflux) gastric, indigestion,upper abdomen pain, constipation, irregularity of bowels. My thyroid is little high than... Read More
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How to increase hemoglobin and relief from stomach problem

asked by abhi2468 on 10 July 2018 23:00
Hiii sir I'm Abhishek Karn actually my di has problem of gas in stomach and also her hemoglobin is low . Many time she started vomiting after eating sir my family members is in very tension please tell me what I have to do now. Her name is Shalini Karn and age is 19 year and hemoglobin is 7 gm only . Please help me... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- I shall suggest you the basic medicines that will improve the haemoglobin and digestion. Ayurvedic medicines like Dashamoola panchakoladi kwath- 15ml of kwath with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, vayu gutika - one tablet thrice daily after food, Lohasavam - 20ml after food twice daily and Punarnava manduram - one tablet after food twice daily can be taken for a month and then reviewed... Read more

Acid reflux and gastric

asked by dev bahadur sunar on 2 April 2018 20:49
hello sir namste, sir me nepal se hu age hai 24 mera problem hai khana khane ke 30min ya 1hour baad havey dakaar aana aur acide reflux hotahe kavi kavi heart burn our upper stomach discomfort, burning sensations hona our left chest meh blotting hona dakaar hona gas vi bahut hotahi.2years hogiya our doctor ne gerd bolthe medicine to use kiya par tik nahi hotahai kavi kvai pantop use kartahu ....sir... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Symptoms like nausea, burning sensation, belching and bloating are seen due to the impairment of the agni or the digestive fire. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken to improve the digestion which inturn will reduce the symptoms. Please let me know if you have taken any investigations to guide you further. Healthy life style will help to control the symptoms and also will prevent recurrence of the.. Read more

Gastric and constipation

asked by Chidu on 15 March 2018 10:39
Hi sir my name is chidanand I am 31 year old I have gastric and constipation problem from so many years, I have taken many ayurvedic medicines like Gyashar churna, Hingastika,Triphala,many more but they doesn't worked. I feel flatulence, i'Llandudno take more than half an hour daily for motion but still not feel comfortable, for urination also I take more time. My weight is also raising... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Please try the following medicines for a month and then review. Oil massages and other treatments including vasti will be beneficial to improve your digestion and hence will regulate the bowel movements. Healthy lifestyle changes with proper food and regular exercise will be beneficial. Ayurvedic medicines like Gandharva hastadi kwath - 15ml of kwath with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily.. Read more

Premature ejaculation

asked by utkarshdec11 on 18 December 2017 10:51
I am a 23yr old unmarried male & I am suffering from premature ejaculation & other than this there are no problems with me so,please recommend me permanent cure for my problem which should not have any side effects.I want a permanent cure for my problem. I mailed himalaya & the recommended me confido & ashvagandha tablets twice daily for a month are these safe?Will they cure my... Read More
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Constipation and gastric problem

asked by skpatil997 on 27 November 2017 22:49
I am 23 years old male and currently worked as student. I have daily used my finger for my bowel movement and manually try to get clean my colon for about 5 years. as soon I started the finguring for bowel movement immediately after 3 ro 4 month i was diagnosed with anal fissure and get done operation of that but continue the manual defecation with finger for about 5 to 6 years but now I have stop... Read More
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Harmonal disbalance

asked by Kanvi on 31 August 2017 17:43
Myself Kanvi age : 35,having prob of harmonal disbalance due to that my weight getting increased day by day spl. On lower area ..I hv 2 kids daughter 12 yrs normal /9 yrs boy ceasarian . I hv the prob of backache ,joints pain ,gastric prob lots off coz of that i got half headache every week Wat medicine or treatment u suggest .pls let me... Read More
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Problem related to gastric ulcer

asked by sudip mukherjee on 28 August 2017 18:40
i am suffering from gastric ulcer and daily gas forms in my body so please suggest me medecine to cure my... Read More
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asked by Gas on 25 August 2017 22:13
Sir, I have gastric problem from last 6months,many doctors I have consulted still not cure. Problem- Gastric problem with indigestion vegetables are seen in stoll and stoll is not clear everyday 3-4 times I have to go,due to gastric my back is paining and sometime stomach. Age-28,74 kg... Read More
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Indigestion Problem, Gastric Problem

asked by punitishah on 10 August 2017 11:49
Hello My Name Is Punit Shah my age is 28 Years and my weight is 51 Kgs. From Last 4 to 5 Months I am suffering from indigestion and severe gastric problem.I also want to know you that i dont suffer from Constipation.After taking meal my stomach feel heavy and sometimes swallowed food coming into the mouth.I have also gastric, flatulence and bloating problem.Please suggest me the medicine as soon as... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, In weak digestion, the gastric juices are released in larger amount leading to incomplete digestion of food causing flatulence, bloating and burpingThe raised digestive juices when have a back flow causes the burning sensation in throat and mouth which later on may lead to mouth ulcersAccording to Ayurveda pitta dosha alleviation leads to amalpittaAyurvedic medicines recommended are as.. Read more

Stomach discomfort

asked by kishorbhadange on 4 August 2017 18:16
I am 40 year old male & i am suffering from stomach related problem after endoscopy the reports indicated erosive gastritis with laxcardia grade b Esophagitis these report are of 6 month back. dotocr had prescribed me rablet 40 & reduced that motilium n for first three months after that reduced the medice&found to be better with these medicine but now suddenly again same problem of... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, According to Ayurveda, the raised pitta dosha leads to mucosal layer corrosionAyurvedic medicines recommended are as follows- 1.Bilvadi churan- one tablespoon with luke warm water before meals twice a day2.Mix shankh bhasam Kapardaka bhasam and kaharva pisthi in equal amount and take half tablespoon with luke warm water twice a day after meals3.Kutajghan vati-  2 tablets twice a day after.. Read more

Gastric issue ,gola, nabhi displacement problem

asked by Sonikapho on 28 July 2017 14:26
Hello, Mjhe gas ka problem faki years se Hain iske Karan mera pet ka gola and nabhi diplace ho jati hain and bot vomit bhi hoti hain. Mje acidity ka bhi problem raheta hain.please mje bataiye me Kya karu jisse mje relief mile.gastric Karam Meri body ful rahi h.proper walk karne se bhi Ni farak.padta... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, The raised gastric juices formation leads to weak digestive system where the undigested food leads to flatulence, bloating and burpingThe raised digestive juices causing the burning sensation in throat and mouth which later on may lead to mouth ulcersAccording to Ayurveda pitta dosha alleviation leads to amalpittaAyurvedic medicines recommended are as follows- 1.Mix patanjali amla juice with.. Read more


asked by CHANDANKUMARSATAPATHY on 21 April 2017 12:49
Dear sir, my self chandan kumar satapathy my age is 27 my problem is always i am suffering for gastric problem kindly advice me which medicine is require for me ... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Gastritis refers to inflammation of inner mucosal lining of stomach caused by excessive production of gastric juices since they are acidic in nature and thereby erodes the inner lining. Associated symptoms involves burping, burning sensation, irregular bowel movements and feeling of fullness. Incompatible lifestyle and food habits aggravates the gastric juices in stomachAyurveda calls it.. Read more

For scalp acne solution

asked by Puspa on 7 April 2017 11:34
Hi ,I m puspa 27 yr old, i am suffering scalp acne with white hair and hair loss problem from last two years, i have been tried all types of Allopathic medicines and also home remedies but not success. please suggest me how to will get remedy... Read More
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Heavy gas generation

asked by jng on 5 February 2017 12:45
Age;-47 years,male ,married I am slim fit person,i having problem of gas generation,if delays of eating,excess time during hot/summer,indigestion ,body very early heat & cool as per seasonal,no any bad... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Bloating is seen commonly among who eat at erratic times, have the habit of swallowing air, due to the harmonal changes and stress. So Ayurvedic medicines are advised to promote the downward movement of vayu thereby relieving the bloating. High fat and sugar foods also delay the gastric emptying increasing the flatulence. Ayurvdic medicines like Abaya aristam - 25ml after food thrice daily after.. Read more

Dinner cacan't Digest

asked by Jaybi on 28 January 2017 9:59
Dear sir My sister she is 40 age . She are suffering from gas . Different DR prescribed different medicine like Rabiprazol. Pantaprazol. Dsr. Lsr. But all are affected for only few hours. Now she hax problem to take dinndinner because it's not digest nnaturally. sir/Mdm May I hope any advance treatment from your site. Thanking you Jayanta Biswas... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- The agni must function normally for a good digestion. If the function of the agni is impaired, it affects the digestion with symptoms like bloating, belching, heaviness and loss of appetite. Te medicines can be taken to improve the agni and it will help to increase the appetite. Apakva Ama Indigestion can be taken for a month and then reviewed. Trying to eat the food based on the hunger level will.. Read more

About the medicine

asked by sam123987 on 24 December 2016 23:39
I am 28 yr old boy. I am suffering from gastric, indigestion, constipation from 3 years. I am adviced to take abhipitikar churns twice a day. It is quite helpful. But I want to know that can I take trifala churan and abhipitikat churan together and what should be the doses.... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Divya Avipattikar Choorna can be continued. You need not take both together. As you are finding relief with Avipattikar churnam please continue for a month and then review. Triphala churnam is advised commonly in pitta, vata condition. Avipattikar churnam is advised in Sama pitta with symptoms of severe burning sensation, nausea and bloating. After a month, you can follow some healthy lifestyle.. Read more

Gastric problem

asked by RAJ KUMAR Das on 22 December 2016 10:54
I have been suffering from gastric problem ,acidity.Few days ago I was suffering from constipation problem and took medicine according to the suggestion of elopathic doctor. I got releif but again i am suffering from gastric ,acidity problem . Very often i am feeling pain on my backrest, and on chest. So please suggest some medicine to get releif from these problems. Thank you sir.please... Read More
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Gastric problem post cesarean delivery

asked by Pratshan on 5 December 2016 0:51
I HV 1yr old baby after cesarean delivery.i HV to reduce weight n esp. My stomach is big,because they say air gets filled in during .n air (not smelly gas which people pass after food)passes out through my excreta opening.shud I take any medicine for gastric situation .is it needed?vl it reduce my waist circumference?I HV also started to take patanjali medicine for weight loss ,like... Read More
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Stomach problem

asked by Arunchauhan on 13 October 2016 9:12
Namste guruji Meri age 26 saal hai 2 saal pehle regular exercise or yoga kiya krta tha achanak se pet me dard rehne laga jisse me bahut jyada presan hun mene har jgah doctors ko dikhaya par koi result nahi aya. MEri nabhi se 5 ungal upar jhan lever hota hai wha jab bhi me bethta hun ya jhukta hun to dard hota hai kai baar khde rehne par bhi hota hai sari aanto me dard rehta pet me gas bhi rehti... Read More
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