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Hands - Ayurvedic Medicines & Remedies

Hands sweating

asked by Nnvskc on 7 January 2016 18:31
Hi, I have hands, feet,underarms heavy sweating problem from childhood . This issue was there with my father too but he told it become rectified at some age. I was told that this condition as hyperhidrosis but no exact treatment I got upto now, it is so annoying and worried if it can cured I am 24 its so heavy sweating like water is literally dripping. Tried lot of medicines before but... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr. Spoorthi):- Hello, Hyperhidrosis causes are physiological, psychological, neurological and hormonal. So we need to understand the exact cause for hyperhidrosis. According to your history your father experienced the same but reduced after certain ageYour body naturally produces excess heat and sweat, so any abnormal lifestyle or food intake which increases your heat will worsen your condition, So you need to.. Read more
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My hands become hard and shaggy

asked by alya on 17 July 2014 12:08
Helo sir I'm alya. Sir i've a problem with my hands.they getting harder day by day.I'm using cream nd Vaseline at night but its still hard nd shaggy. I want my hands smooth nd soft like before.please sir give me some remidies nd medicine.I'm worried about my hands. Please sir give me useful tips nd medicine which will... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Thickening and roughness is commonly seen in hands and feet as they are exposed to the weather directly, they handle lots of strain. It is more in hands as transfer of goods happens with hands. So once it starts, the skin becomes thicker as the skin on the palm and feet are already thicker than the normal skin Medicines like Kaisora guggulu and Mahatikataka ghrtam - 1tsp before food twice daily can be.. Read more

Hatho me kampan rahti h

asked by raja ram on 15 May 2013 9:51
age 24 yr, male. no medition is in use in these one in my family who had that problem. 2 sal pahle tyfide hua tha. pr ye kampan to pahle b thi. kiddny me stone h 5mm ki dono me h. nind thik aati h.urine b thik h kbi kbi jaln or pilapan hota h. dite b normal h .bhuk kbi kbi km or kbi kbi jyada lgti h. no iiabities .blood 14.6gm. B.p 120se 130 k bich me rahta... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Hands, Hatho, Kampan
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, There are several reasons for shaky hands. Firstly i want you to cut down the use of caffeine or excessive alcohol if you are using any.The shaking hand syndrome could also be due to other conditions as arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome A neurological examination is very much important to reach to a definitive dignosis and treatment.However i shall suggest you certain medicines and home.. Read more

Swelling in my hands and light pain after sleeping from 15 days

asked by dhaliwal on 17 March 2013 20:16
As per above Q. title when i woke up after sleeping my hands has been light swelled and light pain in my fingers joints from fifteens days. I think it is starting of joints pain.So please tell me about this problem & suggest me Ayurveda medicine. with thanks & regards AMARJIT DHALIWAL MB CANADA... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Hands, Joints, Pain, Swelling
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear Guest YOU must get yourself evaluated for CB [Complete blood pic like esr etc.] ,that will help tell us the exact problem In the mean while you can take pirant, with pirant oil massage Eat right like early dinner and consume little less protein things and also see if gas formation is there due to some food items ,then avoid them YOu may also take triphala ti help reduce swelling and improve.. Read more
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Slight white patches on Face and Hands

asked by bashaje on 7 February 2013 22:14
My daughter is 5 years old and she is having few slight white patches on Face and Hands, Please advise how this can be ... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Geetika):- Reasons of white patches are due to ptyrisis alba or vitiligo.It occurs in age 3 to 16yrs.It is multiple,oval,hypopigmented patch usually on uppertrunk,gets more prominent on sun exposure.Vitiligo is loss of skin pigment.Hairs on the affected area is also white.Vitiligo in children appears as localised patches and tend to spread rapidly and stops after one year.Use sunscreen on affected areas.You can.. Read more

Small dead acne or small acne spots on my back side + on two hands

asked by on 16 August 2012 16:08
i have last 4 years this problem of dead acne spots on my both hand and back side (pithpar). and now that is spreading very slowly. i have no paining. please advice me how to get plane... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, There are various skin complains which look alike acne. Basically, as you are suffering from dark spots on back and on hands you are suffering from the same. Probably, that condition may refer to skin tans. Maybe due to acne related skin condition, one should try to follow proper medications which helps to maintain skin healthy and purification of blood. One should consult skin specialist.. Read more

Shivering hands

asked by khanage on 24 May 2012 20:54
I am 70 yrs old, male,diabetic type 2, I have been done angioplasty in 2003, doing lipid profile test ever six months and everything normal including diabeties. Since I am regularly taking medicines prescribed by doctor. I have habit of chewing tobacco. also I am doing regularly pranayam Anilom-Vilom and Kapalbhati regularly for 30... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Hand, Hands, Tremors
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear Mr.Khanage Your regime looks good as you are practising Yoga regularly . But you should discontinue chewing tobacco as it has atherosclerosis effect and various harmful effects specially when one is DiabeticShivering of hands could be due to Weakness or some Progressive degenerative disease . Diet : If you can arrange there is Trayamana powder[Common name: Himalayan Gentian, Indian gentian.. Read more

Cracks on fingers of hands

asked by rajiayu on 12 March 2012 14:53
i am having cracks on hands and both foot .i am observing this severe in winter and other seasons less. i have userd kadirarista and maha manjistaadi kashay tabs till now .,also homeopathy.please advice as i have still facing this... Read More
3 replies  -  Related Tags: Cracked foot, Skin, Eczema, Hands
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Due to lack of adequate nutrition, and due to external environmental factors, there may be chances of cracks on foot and hands. Some individuals do face this problems as hereditary, and few individuals do face this problem from their work profile. By considering all these factors, you may need to consume some ayurvedic medicines which are helpful for you. however, you can consume Divya.. Read more

Sweating in hands

asked by ruchikasharma on 12 October 2011 11:49
hand sweating plz tell me if there is any soluction to reduce hand sweating & also tel me how to enlarge breast.... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Excess sweating on palms or feet is mainly due to hormonal imbalances or sensitiveness in most of the individuals and it is believed that excess sweating or hyperhidrosis is considered as medical condition when the problem is hampering one’s lifestyle, and is depends on ones mind faculty and few triggering factors are smell, stress, anxiety, and due to changes in hormonal levels, there.. Read more

Ayurvedic treatment for numbness in hands and feet

asked by Abner on 16 July 2011 12:03
Can I request information on ayurvedic treatment for numbness in hands and feet ?, I would appreciate your kind reply... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Hands
Expert's Advice (Dr.Jilsy):- Hello Thanks for the inquiryWhen there is a compression in the concerned nerves numbness will occur. Also due to circulatory errors numbness can occurNumbness is most common in hand in cases of cervical spondylosis and in leg in sciaticaInorder to relieve these numbness please take(1)Ashtavargam decoction 15ml with 45ml water in the morning 1 hour before or after food(2)Prasaranyadi kashayam 15ml with.. Read more

Lipoma, hands & legs swetting

asked by prasad s on 26 October 2010 19:34
Please give me advice how to avoid both the problems... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As you are suffering from two different issues such as lipoma, and Hyperhidrosis and Hyperhidrosis is a condition when person sweats excessively without expecting and irrespective of time, even during rest or even in cool temperatures, this pattern do occur due to glandular coordination is involved and lipoma is fatty bumps and though these two complaints are interrelated and for your.. Read more

Trembling hands

asked by karan on 11 September 2010 16:27
namaskar swami ji i am 25 years old and from last 7-8 years i am facing a problem of trembling hands now my head also trembles i can not hold a glass of water my hand trembles this is making me embaresment everywhere i am a confident guy but this is making me weak at my job sometime my friends laugh on me please give me solution how to cure... Read More
4 replies  -  Related Tags: Parkinson, Tremors, Hands
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Tremors or unintentional shaking movements or body or part of a body and commonly occur in hands, and tremors occur in middle-aged and older people. It may occur in healthy people if they are having anxiety and in some nerve related diseases such as dystonia, hyperthyroidism, Parkinson’s disease, etc, even alcoholism, or drug abuse may lead to tremors Though there is no cure for.. Read more

Ayurvedic hands massage

asked by YogaGuru on 15 April 2010 6:11
How to perform Ayurvedic massage of hands? , please provide information as soon as possible and I would be very thankful to... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Ayurvedic massage, Hands
Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- Ayurvedic hands massage Put oil on the palm & rub it. Rub the upper portion of the hand with the thumb of the other hand. Rotate the fingers on the wrist in a circular motion, joints should be massaged in the same way. pull each finger of the hands with other hand, gently vibrate each muscle of fingers. Wrist of the other hand also should be given.. Read more
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