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Sexual and health problem

asked by AmitKumar me on 5 March 2018 10:58
Doctor I'm AmitKumar age 25 mujhe sex karne me problem feel horai hai mera sparm jaldi nikal jata hai or mera privet part chota or patla hai mujhe dar hai meri marriage life me problem na ho.. meri health b kuch khas nai hai dubla patla sa hu please doctor suggest me any solution for health and sex... Read More
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Sexual health

asked by saimadhav on 21 February 2018 10:24
Dear Doctor, I am 50yrs old male, I have Blood pressure under control with medicine (Olmezest AM-20mg),Sugar under control(HBA1C-5.5)NO medicine and I am regularly doing Exercise and diet control HT.173 c.m and WT.77kg and I Have fatty liver grade-1 My errection is in normal but not strong, Here i requested you for Hard errection ,Long duration for intercourse so, please prefer good ayurvedic... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Ayurvedic medicines can be taken to improve the transformation of the tissues and thus will help to strengthen the reproductive organs. Hence there will be some improvement with the symptoms. Ayurvedic medicines for sexual problems in men and Narasimha Rasayanam - 1tsp before food twice daily can be taken daily for 3months and then review Include almonds, celery, ginger, asparagus, coriander.. Read more

I am 25yr old.question is related to patanjli ghee.

asked by himanshusood1991 on 3 December 2017 12:23
I am a body builder. And i consume your patanjli desi ghee on daily basis. I have just one question about ghee is that you make ghee out of JERSEY cow or INDIAN... Read More
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Blood poor flow, circulation & low sperm count

asked by PRITAM ACHARYA on 6 November 2017 9:28
Hello Sir...! My name is PRITAM ACHARYA & I'm 25 years old... 1st of all i tell u that i'm not so good in english... MY PROBLEM : Sir my blood flow n circulation is not good & my sperm count also not so well. it's come within 3-4 mins. & my penis is not strong& big. thats why my wife not satisfied for this. Please sir help me.... Read More
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Health tonic for diabetic person

asked by Seemamehra00 on 11 October 2017 21:57
Hello Dr, This is regarding my mother ,she is 39 year old and she is having diabetes with sugar level 170-200. I'm observing she have lost weight and getting weak.So I was researching for any health tonic but there was sugar content present in maximum tonics.So please suggest some Ayurvedic health tonic for her. Thank you... Read More
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Penis health

asked by aaaa12341 on 24 August 2017 22:58
which oil or cream is best for penis muscle , tissues and for strong or healthy... Read More
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Health problems

asked by Gsparmar on 5 January 2017 14:03
Health banane ke liye konsa product use karna chahiye My age 21 years Mera body thoda kamjor and dubla patla Hai... Read More
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Ramdev suggestion medicine

asked by abhi100 on 12 October 2016 21:46
Hello doctor.... i am abhi , age -- 25... I am using saraswatharista for my memory and maha rasnadi kwath for all types of vata disorders..... my doubt i can i use saraswatharista mixed with rasnadi kwath..... plz help me with this... Read More
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New Patanjali store at sultanate of Oman

asked by sakti patan on 12 September 2016 11:13
Dear Sir: I would like to wish to start Dealership for Patanjali products in sultanate of Oman. kindly do the needful. Thanking you. Kannan Sultanate of... Read More
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To hav increase my body

asked by bharatha on 26 June 2016 21:35
Hello doctor. I,m baratha my age 24 year. Male my height 6 inch weight only 55 kgs I'm so leen. I take good food but also my weight does,nt.increase. So pls help by a good medicine to gain a body... Read More
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Ovary cyst,fatty liver,7mm kidney stone

asked by kavi@1991 on 20 February 2016 11:53
hello sir/mam, am 25 yrs old,unmarried.i had bartholin cyst surgery in 2013, i have irregular periods, fatty liver and recently i had kidney stone.7mm size which is in ureter line of my right kidney ! am taking nerinji mull powder kashayam with vazhaithandu juice.(banana stem juice). i need to get rid of the stone kindly help me how to get red of irregular periods? and also how to make my fatty... Read More
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Problem in firm erection

asked by amjes on 13 February 2016 1:33
hello Doctor, I am male 25 having problem of soft and weak erection . I am indulge into chronic masturbation from past 10 years, and chronic alcohol consumption from past 1 year , recently I had quit all the things smoking , alcohol & masturbation what steps should I have to follow now what supplements should I have to take I have started jogging & exercise its been a month. & taking... Read More
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asked by CHANDER-63 on 9 December 2015 15:58
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Urinary problems

asked by rhtmalhotra24 on 15 August 2015 1:25
Sir, I m 26 yr old . I took tuberclosis allopathy 3 months treatment when i was 12 year old . My blood group isO +ve. At age of 21 i started taking milk on the next day i found my penis vein becoming weak but i continued taking age 24 my penis stops erecting and i wait toilets to urinate for minutes. For that i used divya shiljeet sudh with milk at night for a months but no... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, It seems you are suffering from two different health conditions, one is urinary infection related issues and another one is erection related issue. If you are facing serious erection related problem like, if you face nil erection, we need to ascertain and confirm it by morning erection. For example if you are feeling erection at all including absence of morning erection, that has to be.. Read more

Patanjali juice

asked by Saritha26 on 23 July 2015 23:30
I am a 34 year woman. Can I consume patanjali amla juice, aloevera juice,karela amla juice & lauki amla juice together 10 ml each every morning & evening as a health measure? Will it have any adverse effects on the... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello Madam, It is good that you have positive concern on natural products for general wellbeing. By the way to clear your doubt, it is important to know the benefits of these healthy supplements and check your requirements and can be used as you are willing. As all these medicines are having minimum of 10 ml to 20 ml dosage, you can take two types in morning and two types in evening. For example.. Read more

Health Supplement

asked by SPB on 30 June 2015 16:25
Dear Madam, I am 37 year old boy. I am doing bodybuilding therefore I need more energy and protein after workout. As per my knowledge I could not get the same by our normal home meal therefore please advise how can I take advantage of Ayurveda's product/supplement like Museli/silajit/ashwagandha to improve my muscle and stamina without any side effect long time with out fat. My weight is 85... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Depending on requirement of nutrients and demand, there are supplements even in Ayurveda which you may follow, along with that you may need to consider about proper metabolism because sometimes you might be taking enough nutrition and protein supplements even in the form of natural food, but if metabolism is poor, then there are chances of improper absorption at digestion level. Based on your.. Read more

Alovera juice amla juice godan ark

asked by vijendiran on 23 June 2015 14:06
iam male 40 i use to take everday empty stomach the below alovera juice 20ml amla juice 20 ml godhan ark 10 ml its advice to take all three everyday at empty... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello Sir, There are many indications for all these two herbal juices Aloevera Juice, Amla Juice, and Godhan Ark. Aloevera Juice, is indicated as general tonic, skin friendly, stimulates tissue regeneration, good for digestion, and also indicated for acne and other skin complaints and ), Amla Juice acts as best rejuvenator and good for hair, and boosts immunity system and this juice is also acts as.. Read more

Hairfall and

asked by Nithyan on 14 April 2015 6:57
Hi, I am Male 21 yrs,Studying. My hair related problems started when i was 18 and started gng to clg. Since i faced hair fall i even tonsured my head two times to get relieved of that pressure of receding hair lines. But for the past one year i have been facing severe hair fall. I shifted from chennai to coimbatore for study and this started to become severe after I came to coimbatore.I even have... Read More
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For height increment

asked by vashisht on 10 February 2015 17:18
sir,my age is 19,male,my present height is 5feet 3 inch,and weight is 49kg,my fathers height is 5feet 5inch,my mothers height is 4feet 10 inch.i have used ashwagandha powder for two months with chin up exercise but no result have been noticed yet.Sir i want to increase my height and weight.please tell me about true guidence about medicine and exercise and for what time i must continue... Read More
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Good health

asked by mani000 on 19 July 2014 18:56
hello mera naam manish hai main 20 saal ka hu mera weight 50 h main bhot patla hua,maine six month gym bhi gya lekin koi frk ni dikha...muje accha sarise or acchi health bnane m help kre or kuch tips... Read More
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