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Hearing loss - Ayurvedic Medicines & Remedies

Hearing loss from three month

asked by namdev on 17 June 2016 14:16
Respected sir , i loss my 60% hearing from 3 month and taking allopathic medicine but not stop ringing sound in ear . please suggest the best... Read More
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HF SNHL hearing loss with hissing voice

asked by sunidhi on 11 June 2016 23:03
Hello sir/madam Last year on April i was diagonised with High frequency Sensorineural hearing loss with hissing voice in my right ear 30 db and... Read More
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Hearing loss due to auditory nerve weakness

asked by yugesh on 24 May 2016 7:20
Hello sir, This is yugesh, from bangalore. I am having hearing lossfor left year due to nerve weakness. For left ear 100 db Right ear 40... Read More
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Ramdev labyrinthitis medicine

asked by paparna on 24 April 2016 20:22
my daughter is suffering from labyrinthitis. she always feels dizzy and weak and she cannot even walk properly.she also feels vertigo problem.she... Read More
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Child Hearing loss

asked by mitesh_mistry79 on 8 August 2014 20:15
Pranam, Mera ladka bachan se hearing aur speech loss he woh thoda sa bol bhi deta he k papa, mamy,kaka,ba par woh hamari tarah sunene paye aur... Read More
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Hearing loss

asked by on 27 November 2013 9:52
i am hearing loss in right ear and cant hear. same problem was in left ear which was operated in 1982 and at present I am hearing from this left... Read More
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Hearing loss

asked by Satish Kumar Gambhir on 23 September 2013 23:40
I am 48 years male. I have severe/moderate mixed hearing loss in both the ears. My right ear has been operated twice for drum perforation. Doctor... Read More
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Hearing Loss

asked by APD on 18 September 2013 19:01
Dear Sir, I am suffering form hearing loss for the both ear due to Auditory nervous damage. How to improve the damaged Auditory nervous of ear.... Read More
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Hearing loss

asked by safa on 22 August 2013 9:53
Dear Doctor, My son 21 years old boy having severe hearing loss from 5 years old, wearing hearing aid on left ears. Before he wear in both ears... Read More

Neural Hearing Loss

asked by rohit30230 on 14 August 2013 9:57
Six years back i had an accident in which my right ear nerve was damaged, which resulted in hearing loss for my right ear. Someone told about... Read More

Hearing loss

asked by sugandha on 11 August 2013 15:19
i have a problem of hearing loss in right ear since 2 years doctors are saying that due to damage nerve i m not able to hear n now i never will be... Read More

Ear nerve weakness and hearing loss problem

asked by arjunkharola on 2 August 2013 21:48
dear sir, I have problem in ear nerve weakness and hearing loss problem in both ear . this problem is facing about 15 yrs ago.. That time I am 40... Read More


asked by prosen on 14 July 2013 12:14

Hearing loss problem of my 2.5 yr old baby

asked by ramkumar makwana on 3 July 2013 20:29
my name is ramkumar.i have 2.5 year old girl. she has problem of hearingg loss since her birth in both ear.she has 100 % loss in one ear and 80 %... Read More

Ayurvedic Medicine for Hearing Loss Person

asked by Shailendra Kumar on 27 June 2013 17:27
Sir, I Child 7 years old , hearing loss Both ear continue Hearing aid , but any medicine in ayurvedic... Read More

Any Medicine for Hearing Loss person

asked by Shailendra Kumar on 26 June 2013 11:55
Age-7 years Gender -Male hearing Loss 80 db each ear Hearing Loss no any person in Family and Next Daughter is Born Ok ... Read More

Hearing loss

asked by shreyas on 15 June 2013 12:22
my son is 1 year old and is diagonised with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. BAER test showed nil.and CT scan of inner ear is... Read More

Hearing loss and whistle sound in Ear

asked by neetarani on 11 June 2013 13:54
I am 28 years old female, I am not able to hear from my left ear and have a whistle sound continues this from past 12 days, i do not have any... Read More
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My daughter is hearing loss

asked by shameer on 5 June 2013 13:55
Dear sir my 18 month daughter is suffering from hearing loss I will make all test for both ear the doctors is saying ear drums middel ear are good... Read More

Remedies for hearing loss

asked by vicky.aryan85 on 13 May 2013 10:33
Hello My son is 3 years old,he didn't learn to speak,I visited to ENT Specialist,who advised for complete hearing test of my Son.Where we... Read More
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