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Height - Ayurvedic Medicines & Remedies

Height gain

asked by Mercy on 6 February 2018 10:51
Hi sir.. I'm Mercy(female).. I'm 24 yrs old (completed).. My height was 4'11" last year.. I started taking ashwagandha powder+milk every night before sleeping(last February onwards), and get proper sleep.. But I have grown only 1-1.5 inch so far.. I want to increase my height by 3-4 inches.. Presently I have started cycling daily.. Kindly suggest me some confirm medicine which... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Height is a factor that is also decided based on the heredity. But taking steps by including calcium, medicines that improve the metabolism of the tissues and stretching exercise will be beneficial. The longer ends of the bones fuse around 22-23yrs and hence there may not be more increase in height after that. Ayurvedic medicines like Speed height Capsules, Aswagandha aristam - 20ml after food twice.. Read more

Height growth

asked by Avik Saha on 5 October 2017 3:04
Hii, my age is 21 and i am a height is 5ft 2 inch and i want to grow taller in any ways it possible? Suggest me the best way... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Height is a factor that has a link with heredity. In that sense, medicines alone cannot increase height if taken as such. The longer ends of the bones fuse around 22yrs and hence it would be beneficial to exercise daily. Healthy lifestyle changes will help to improve the metabolism and reduction in stress by pranayamam or meditation will be beneficial Ayurvedic medicines like Ashwagandhahills capsules.. Read more

For increasing height

asked by michael on 7 August 2017 20:34
I want to increase my height from 5 to 6 inch. I am 17 year old my height is 5ft 2inch. By which product incrised my height. Please send details. Thank you... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Kanika):- Hello, Height is majorly a genetic determined factor where the height can be increased by 2-3 inches by the age of 21 years in males and 18 years in femalesAfter wards since no growth in bones occur thus no change in height can be achievedAyurvedic medicines recommended are as follows- 1.Speed high capsule- two capsules twice a day after meals with luke warm water or milk2.Height plus capsules- one.. Read more

Bone growth

asked by Pradeep kumar D H on 3 May 2017 22:01
Dear sir, Iam 24 years old, am male, having very small bones and my weight is 40kg from past 4 years, i dont know what to do , Please suggest me to improve my bones growth and muscles, Kindly need your... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Kanika):- Hello, Hello, Bone structure is genetic and thus after 19 years of age in boys it is impossible to provide length to bones of body although bone strengthening can be done by increasing dairy products in meals and proper exposure to sunlight which helps in converting cholesterol into vitamin D in blood. Ayurvedic medicines helps in improving the muscles mass although they act slowly but improves.. Read more

Height Increase - Pre-teen

asked by Kavanahoove on 2 November 2016 5:48
Dear Doctor, My daughter is 12 years old and her height is 4.2ft. Weight is 24kg. Please guide some tips and medicines to increase her height. Health is good. (Info: Menstruation not yet started) Parents height: Father:5.5, Mother 5.1. Please... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- There will be a growth spurt during menarche in girls with a height increase varying between 5-10cms. The height stops around 15yrs increasing further. So a healthy diet and exercise will help to favor a height gain. It is based on the heredity and there could be slight variations in some of them. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken to improve the metabolism thereby favoring an increase in.. Read more

Height Increasing @ 26years of age

asked by shwev on 22 May 2016 9:23
Hello Doc, I vijaykumar aged 26years of age height163cms and weighs 49kgs ,Looking for increase of height .Not in any medical history and no allergies what so ever,Non diabetic ,unmarried ,normally daily walk , good sleep , Have not so heavy food... Read More
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asked by kiran1384 on 15 April 2016 18:11
Dear Sir, My daughter is now 3 years old.She has very low weight-9.5 kg and height - 84 cm.Her other activities are good as per her age.Only concerns are food intake and not taking food with her own hands.She frequent cough and cold repeating every 15 days. We need your suggestions how to overcome this situation.We are fed up giving her antibiotics all the time.Your replies for any Ayurveda is... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Frequent cold and cough becomes a great concern especially when the child fails to gain weight. So Ayurvedic medicines can be given to reduce the cold by liquifying and clearing the phlegm. It will also improve the appetite. Kids are prone to kapha problems like cold and kapha is predominant in kids. Hence it becomes difficult to completely get rid of the cold. Ayurvedic medicines like Amrta.. Read more

Prefer me any patanjali medicines to increase my height

asked by pls help on 4 August 2015 22:00
I am 18 year old girl and my height is 4.9 ft and my weight is 36kg. My every single class mate is taller than me... I really feel shame about myself. I do surya namaskar at very irregular times. Pls suggest some medicine(ayurvedic) patanjali products plssssss... Tis will be grate full to me thank... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- It is not possible to increase height with medicines alone as it also depends on the hereditary factors also. Your BMI which is 17 indicates that you are in underweight category. So medicines like Height Gain Ayurvedic medcines and Aswagandha lehyam - one tsp before food twice daily for 3months and then reviewed. Basically, height depends on the family history but there are chances to improve it till.. Read more

Height growth with Ashwagandha, Baryta Carb

asked by jasina on 14 July 2015 11:10
Hi doctor, I'm an 18 year old girl. My height is 5 ft. I understand that a person's height is determined by genetics. My parents are of average height (my dad is 170 cm; mom is 156). I got my periods when i was 9 and i wonder could it be the reason for not growing any taller. During the past 2 years i've noticed an increase of 10 cm in my height. I have been trying so hard to find... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, By now, you might be aware that there is limiting in growth of height up to certain age limits and in females it will be till 23 years and in your case you are still 18 years and there are many chances where you can increase your height. As you are still 5 feet height, considering your age and familial history, you may need to increase at least 8 centimeters or maybe few more inches. The.. Read more

Physical growth

asked by Mrs. Kamal on 11 June 2015 17:08
My daughter is 18 yrs, height 4.7 inches, weight 58.6kg. She had tonsillectomy at the age of 6. Few months ago vitamin D3 deficiency was diagnosed and took 50000 iu once a week for 3 months. She takes almost 1 h for bowels. She is abnormally slow and sluggish, very rude in behaviour. Many symptoms match with hypothyroidism, but not report does not show much. Is there any chance to increase her... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, You have clearly mentioned with relevant points about your daughter’s health condition. If we classify her problems into two, one would be physical health related problem and second would be psychological issues. Let me first connect her physical health issues which are mainly related to hormonal imbalances as she is into her teenage , there would be fluctuation in hormonal functioning.. Read more

Bow legs and height increase

asked by ted on 2 June 2015 21:50
I am 18 years old female. I have slight bow legs. Is the surgery only option to treat bow legs or there are any yoga exercises to treat these?? Another question i want to ask is i am 5 feet 3 inches tall. My height has stopped increasing since 3 years. Is there any possibility to increase height through yoga exercises at the age of... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- As Bowlegs is a structural problem and considering your age, surgery will be required to correct it based on the curve. Surgery is usually advised if it is involved with blounts disease where the curvature will be more visible. As concerned with your age, the long ned of the bones fuse around 22yrs and you can try some stretching exercise which will be beneficial. The peak increase in height stops.. Read more

I am a girl aged 23 height is 5'1 and weight is 54kg.i m taking no current medication for it and suffer from no illness.menstrual cycle is regular.i take balance diet with daily exercising.unmarried.

asked by sanaya on 27 April 2015 15:51
my height is 5'1 and i want to increase it by 3 inches minimum..please i want an effective ayurvedic medicine. i have not taken any medicine for it earlier and in real need.going through depression due to my short... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Some people may look shorter as they will be overweight. Your BMI is in the normal range indicating a healthy weight. So continue to maintain a healthy weight. It is not possible to increase the height with medicines. The growth of the long end of the bones fuse around 22-23yrs and stops increasing the height. The height depends on the family history and also the nutrition. But diet or exercise that.. Read more

Height disadvantage

asked by uddy on 11 April 2015 12:13
hello !! read all the past peples quest and m hope yu ll answer mine too!! hi m 19yrs old boy looking lyk 8th std but m doin my 2nd yr engineerng my height is 152cms i think 5.3inch my dad s 5.6 and mom s 4.8 m totally on my mom genetic i need to grow @4more inchs bec frnds r kidding its my major disadvantage and m consulted ayurvedic doctor he said me to do streching excerise !! give me some... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- As the height has a major influence with the family history, heredity has an important role. But efforts can be taken to improve it. As the epiphyseal ends of the bones fuse around 22yrs, you can continue to do the stretching exercise which will help to improve the height Height Gain Ayurvedic medcines and Aswagandha lehyam - 1tsp before food twice daily can be taken for 6months to improve the growth.. Read more

Long looks height gain capsules

asked by gamecube on 27 February 2015 6:55
Hello I am male, 23, overall healthy and 5 feet 8 inches. I already bought the long looks height gain capsules and have been using it for three weeks now. My main concern and question is will it make me age any faster or cause me to become bald early? Will it affect my hair in any way. If so i will just discontinue use immediately. Thank You!! The ingredients are: Caryophyllus aromaticus (long)... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Long looks height gain capsule is a herbal combination which helps to improve the growth harmone thereby helping height gain. Stretching exercise also helps to increase the height. Yogasanas like Padahastasana, Tadasana, Paschimottasana, Ustrasana, Paschimottasana can be tried. Height cannot be increased by medicines as it is also based on the family history. But medicines and exercises help until.. Read more

Height increase

asked by Lucifiana on 22 February 2015 18:05
What can I do to increase my height Hello Dr I'm 14 years old , female adolescent . I'm 5 feet 1 inch . So I wanted to ask how much will my height increase . Till reach my adult hood . I know can't tell exact but just tell is their any chance for me to increase my... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- As with your age, there are chances that you can increase the height with proper diet, medicine and some stretching exercise. The height basically depends on the family trait and there are some exceptions depending on the genetic predominance. The long end of the bones fuse around 22yrs and hence you can practise Yogasanas like Tadasana, Paschimottasana, Ustrasana, Sarvangasana, Trikonasana and.. Read more

Ayurvedic Medicine for Heigth After 27 yrs

asked by Maria T on 1 December 2014 15:42
dear Doctor, I m 27 yrs old female, my current height would be 4.3 or so ,want to grow my height can you prescribe me some medicine to increase my height..plzz and it is possible that height can grow @ 27 yrs ... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- The height increases after menarche within 2yrs and then gradually stops around 23yrs when the long end of the bones fuse. So the height will not change and it depends on the heredity factors also. You can take some medicines like Aswagandha lehyam which is good for health and will nourish the body. The nourishment may help to gain weight along with some stretches. Yogasanas like Tadasana.. Read more

Height Increase

asked by rakesh2105 on 2 October 2014 21:17
Hello...i am really happy after knowing that ayurvedic treatment are above all the best way to get a healthy life... well... My name is magadha ..age 17 years....and my height is 5'6 and i am ver upset with ii i want at least 5'10 as my friends are all tall...and want to be like plzz tell me the best way to gain food, best exercise, and any patanjali... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Taking mere supplements will not increase your height as it depends on factors like heredity and nutrition. Each person follows the physical features based on the genes and which makes each one unique. So it makes impossible to become like others. But you can take supplements along with some stretching exercise which will help to some extent. The longer ends of the bones fuse at around 20-22yrs and.. Read more

Height increment problem

asked by gaganact on 1 October 2014 21:11
I am a 17 year old female , want to increase height , my current height is 157 cms that is almost 5'2" & 1/2. My mother is 5 and father is 5'6" & 1/2. I am professionally actor so it is very important for me. I Sleep late sometimes but for 5-6 hrs minimum. My digestion becomes a little problem sometimes. 3 -4 times a day intake of food but salads very less. Drink only 3... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- I understand your situation to gain weight for your profession. But as you must be aware of that height depends on heredity based on your genetic predominance. So the height you have may differ from your parents. The long ends of the bones fuse around 23yrs and hence by doing some stretching exercise with proper diet can show some improvement. Growth harmone is necessary which depends on your sleep... Read more

Slow growth

asked by shrabdaru on 10 February 2014 13:32
hi doctor my age is 16.5 and my height is 5.0 feet i am male and suffering from problem when i was 10 years old, i have taken some medicines of hemopathy but resulted very less please suggest me something please... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Growth is also affected by genetics, age, harmones irrespective of what you eat. Please mention your weight and if you have any other systemic illness for a better understanding. There are medicines to improve your health which will also help you to gain weight or height, but only to some extent. Moreover the height increase will stop by around 22years.Weight can be managed with medicines and diet.. Read more

Do pull - ups help

asked by keshu on 19 October 2013 16:55
hello sir, i m keshav,20 years old....i wanna ask u that do pull - ups help to increase height ....plz reply .... n plz suggest other ways also... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- This is a challenging question. After puberty the long end of bones stop growing further as their growth ends fuse with the bone. This usually happens around 20-22yrs. It also depends on the family height. Eat healthy food rich in calcium and vitamin D like sesame, curry leaf, milk and milk products, yoghurt, soya, broccoli, nuts, beans, chick peas, mustard greens, turnips. Sleep well as it increases.. Read more
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