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Hepatitis C disease

asked by winsmatter1 on 14 February 2014 16:12
Dear Sir, I am writing this mail to you to get advice from your expertise. Actually My father having Hepatitis C and he had blood test today only as attached in the mail. As doctor suggested us to get injections named as (sheenferon). So i would like to get your best advice should we need go for injections because his ammonia is also high in the blood : 155 What is the treatment... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Dear Sir, Hepatitis C is a viral disease. In about 85 % people who are infected, virus persists in liver. However with proper medications, symptoms can be relieved Allopathic and ayurvedic approach to this disease are totally different. Allopathic medicines have unfortunately many side effects with the medicines Ayurveda call hepatitis as "kamila" and treatment gives importance to balance.. Read more

Hepatitis c

asked by winsmatter on 10 February 2014 10:56
Hi, My name is simranpreet singh and my father is suffering with Septicemia (Kala Pilia) his treatment is under going. There count is 4,000,00+ As doctor suggested us to get injection for 6 months to reduce the injection. I would like to confirm is this safe? Regards, Simranpreet... Read More
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Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, As you know septicemia is a life threatening condition where a large number of toxic bacterium is present in the blood. This condition is seen to happen usually when a person has an infected area such as a large wound or certain conditions related to urinary tract disease. The bacteria present easily enter the whole body blood stream therby causing major inflammation which is dangerous and.. Read more

Hepatitis c genotype3

asked by jaydee on 1 May 2013 0:03
my mum has a hepatitis c geno 3.had a treatment from nhs for 48weeks.but virus come againalso liver is flatten and always... Read More
Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, To be honest with you, your description is incomplete and there are several missing links too. From this small statement i feel you are looking for ayurvedic treatment in healing hepatitis c As far as ayurveda is concerned, we have medications which can strengthen the liver cells and prevent them to an extend from damage and tumour which will totally depend on the day today activities of the.. Read more

Hepatitis C

asked by hardas g on 2 January 2012 6:01
Baba ji parnam baba ji Mara ko haptic c ho gavia ha kappa dawai btai... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, When you are infected with Hepatitis C which lead to inflammation of liver and hampering its functions. Hence, the goal of treatment is to remove the virus from the blood and prevent or reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis or cancerThough there are many medicines in market which are of antiviral type, there are restrictions and duration of the treatment goes for weeks (up to 48 weeks or.. Read more

Ayurvedic upchar for hepatitis c

asked by Vanity on 7 July 2011 11:53
Hi, Please provide information on ayurvedic upchar for hepatitis c ?, I am thankful to... Read More
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Ayurvedic treatment for hepatitis c

asked by Amit Gupta on 6 July 2011 12:02
I would like to have advice on ayurvedic treatment for hepatitis c ?, I would be grateful to... Read More
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Yoga hepatitis c

asked by Basil on 3 July 2011 10:23
Hi Sir, I need advice on yoga hepatitis c ?, God bless... Read More

Hepatitis c baba ramdev medicine baroda

asked by Kimmie on 29 May 2011 11:28
Dear Sir, I need information on hepatitis c baba ramdev medicine baroda ?, I would be thankful to... Read More
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Hepatitis c treatment at ramdev ashram haridwar

asked by Alden on 10 April 2011 11:28
Hi, Please provide information on hepatitis c treatment at ramdev ashram haridwar ?, thanks for your... Read More
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Hepatitis c in patanjali

asked by Leela Jawed on 29 March 2011 11:28
Please give advice on hepatitis c in patanjali ?, I would be thankful to... Read More
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Can hepatitis c be cured at patanjali

asked by Leela Jawed on 25 March 2011 10:30
Hi, advice is required on can hepatitis c be cured at patanjali ?, God bless... Read More
YogaGuru Says:- Liver transplant for extreme liver cirrhosis patient is the last option but that is also very risky and life span of mamimum 5 years can be achieved after transplanting liver. So it is better to use natural treatment with below suggestions:- Do pranayama daily 30 minutesConsume Sarvakalp Kwath 2 times a day. It is good for liver health and excretes extra water through body if ascites is present in.. Read more

Ramdev baba medicines for hepatitis c

asked by Rajesh Tyagi on 12 March 2011 11:52
I want advice on ramdev baba medicines for hepatitis... Read More
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