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Male problems

asked by ISTIYAK on 11 July 2018 21:35
Iam 38 year old unmarried, I was habitual of masturbation in year age of 14 year old. I have completely stopped it since last 4 years. but iam facing some problems caused by it. Lack of stiffness Premature ejaculation Lack of sex desire thin and less sperm early discharges even watch any video or read any story. I have taken medicine from some doctors but no relief. 1-Dr Ashok clinic -... Read More
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Breast Milk

asked by Vismbhar on 13 October 2013 20:40
Sir, My daughter aged 27, first delivery one month back does not have sufficient breast milk for feeding the baby. Could you please advise any good effective Ayurvedha tablets/capsules for this. Since they are in Dubai, other mode of medicines are not easy to get/carry through some body. Thanking... Read More
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YogaGuru Says:- You can send Leptaden for lactation or Satavari capsules which are very good in increasing the breast milk. If it's possible you can also try Satavari granules instead of capsules if you manage to get a prescription from an Ayurvedic doctor. Breast milk naturally increases by the sucking reflex, so ask your daughter to feed at regular intervals. Include fenugreek, cumin seeds, black sesame seeds.. Read more

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