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Less beard and mustache growth

asked by Endocrin on 3 October 2017 14:54
Age.,:32 Gender: Male Present health condition: sir I did by testereon test and the results are as follows Testereon free serum 5.3pg/ml Testereon total serum 182ng/ml TSH serum 1.32 the test on 5/1/17 6pm After these test I did consult with endocrinologist. Then after having several test including CT scan it was found that I had cancer on one testicle.then one was removed ..now I m physically... Read More
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Albumin ++ and Uric Acid 9.0

asked by manavushaa on 3 January 2017 13:19
Hello Doctor, In the month of April 2016, undergone PCNL surgery for kidney stone removal. Its is uric acid stone measuring 2 * 16mm on right side kidney. After surgery till now my kidney functioning and creatinine, liver function test was normal. Blood sugar level was normal, border line cholestrol. Recorded with BP of 150/100 when i am diagnozed at clinics, when i am measuring at home, even the... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- White coat hypertension is seen with high blood pressure only in the hospital mostly for the first time. Therefore blood pressure is diagnosed after repeating for more than 3 times. If the blood pressure is more than 140/90mHg, it is necessary to take medicines to control it along with healthy lifestyle changes. Albumin in urine is detected due to impairment of the function of the kidneys. It is.. Read more

Ramdev testestrone medicine

asked by dhyani on 10 December 2016 12:13
hy iam sovit and my age is 22 iwant to know can i increase my testestrone leve with patanjali ashwagandha and what quantity i need to take pl tell... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello,Testosterone is a an anabolic steroids present in menreproductive organs mainly. Main function of the hormone is to develop male reproductive organs alongwith secondary sexual charactersticslow testosterone levels not only causes hypoactive sexual desire disorder but also makes the individual prone to bone densitry loss,and decreased cardio vascular healthit is produced by adrenal glands nad.. Read more

Kidney problem

asked by mayank.rgh on 10 November 2016 10:40
creatinine level is 6.want details of your hospital so it can be treated.please provide me contact... Read More
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High dopamine level

asked by arindambera on 29 August 2016 0:08
sir my name is arindam bera age 30+ i had been diagnosed with high dopamine level by a psychiatric .a few years(4) earlier i got the disease called paranoid psychosis so i consulted a psychiatrist and he prescribed me sulpitac 400 .after talking the medicine i got cured but the medicine levels kept constant at 400mg per day.its nearly 4 years i am taking this medicine and there are certain... Read More

Kidney problm....

asked by kumar shantanu on 3 August 2016 21:18
Does vrikdoshharvati causes loose motion...my father is a kidney patient and when he takes vrikdoshharvati he has to suffer from loose motions ..please... Read More
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Ramdev Creatinine medicine

asked by K B PATEL on 2 July 2016 10:12
Gender : Female Age. : 63 years Weight : 70 kg During treatment of Fungas Mucormycosis in sinus , my creatinine level increased up to 2.1 . Gurudev kindly advise me for... Read More

High Creatine

asked by J K sharma, on 24 June 2016 15:28
Dear Acharya Bal Kishanji, I am Col J K sharma, Aged 73+ Male from Delhi and am under treatment of R & R Hospital for Hypertension and I have gone through Angiography and am on medicine. My CREATININE level (Blood) is high for wich there are no medicines AND O A Both Knees. I WISH TO SPEAK TO ACHARYA JI, FOR WHICH I AM REQUESTING FOR HIS MOB / LAND LINE TELE NOS TO EXPLAIN IN PERSON. With... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Please let me know the kidney function test to guide you further. Creatinine indicates the function of the kidney and the function is assessed with the other tests like eGFR. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken to reduce the creatinine and improve the function of the kidney. Please do have regular checkups and take the advised allopathy medicines also. Punarnavadi kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water.. Read more

Ramdev Infertility medicine

asked by Meetu jaipur on 14 June 2016 12:09
Hello,my age is 34 and 1 year is completed of my marriage,i m trying for conceive but when not succeeded i took diagones by doctor she said me my amh is low i.e (0.784) she advised me to take fortisure-f,folvite,duphaston from 18 day of my next period for 10 days.I just want to know is there any medicine in Ayurveda to increase my amh level from low to normal... Read More
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Low AMH Level

asked by joe3 on 3 June 2016 17:09
i am 34 yrs old my latest reports show. AMH-0.54ng/ml,FSH-5.12mIU/mL,LH-3.10mIU/mL,TSH-5.23uIU/mL my doctor asked me to consult IVF specialist..and gave medicines T.thyronorm(25)1 tab,Qvigyn DSR 1tab daily for 3 months i want to known what are my chances on conceiving normally. by doing yoga and pranayama can i increase AMH level. please guide me what should i do... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- It is necessary to understand the harmone tests to treat for infertility. Low level of AMH indicates low ovarian reserve and your FSH is within the normal limit. LH is slightly lower which will affect the ovulation. The LH and FSH must be within the normal limits to enhance the chances of conception with healthy ovulation. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken for 6months and then reviewed Ayurvedic.. Read more

High level of Vitamin B12

asked by Manju Mohotra on 29 April 2016 9:40
66 years, Female, Vitamin B 12 Level Serum tests conducted during last five years have shown a progressive increase . Presently it is 1621. I am happily married having two daughters and three grand daughters. I am a vegetarian however take one egg a day. Biochemistry parameters: Sugar F: 108, Sugar PP: 124, Uric Acid: 5.1. Cholesterol: 147, Triglyerides: 202, HDL: 30, LDL: 77, ESR: 20, HB: 12.1... Read More
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I have TG more than 250

asked by achuta21 on 25 April 2016 6:25
I have found TG level in my blood more than 250 in lipid profile test what can i do for the remedies. how can i reduce it to a normal... Read More
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Low hemoglobin

asked by sucharita787 on 26 February 2016 0:20
my father have low hemoglobin level 7.9, have some acidity problems sometimes, and stomach upset sometimes, how to increase the hb level with... Read More
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Medication for High TSH level

asked by Jaye on 1 October 2015 19:52
Hi Doctor, I am 28 years female, married. Height 5 feet and weight 51 kg. My TSH level is 29. T3 and T4 are normal. I am having hair loss, irregular periods, tiredness, weakness. I feel very sleepy always. Please suggest me ayurvedic medications/pranayam/yoga etc. to help me... Read More
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High Prostate level 11.6

asked by ravinsin on 24 September 2015 1:50
Age - 62, male, as per doctor written term as "acute prostatitis". High fever from last 4-5 days, mild chills, pain in finger joints, weakness, nausea, urine frequency 5 days back was 15-20 mins in evening only, now its normal like 1 - 1-5 hrs, swelling in feets and face. , mild fever everyday ranges between 99.3 - 100.5 degree. RECENT REPORTS- creatinine serun - 1.0 PSA - 11.6, HL -... Read More
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Low level of vitamin D3

asked by deepgeet on 5 August 2015 10:08
My daughter is 2 year old. Her vitamin D3 value is 13.8 and i felt a little curve in her left leg. How can i improve his leg bone and vitamin D3 level. Please... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello Sir, It is important to supplement with vitamin D3 if there is any insufficiency in your kid. As you aware that the source of Vitamin D3 is from sun light exposure and especially morning sun light exposure is recommended for babies or kids which is very essential nowadays because with irrespective of age and gender, many people are reporting with Vitamin D3 deficiency and due to which there.. Read more

Ramdev infertility medicine

asked by msharma on 3 February 2015 18:13
I am 35 years old. I have a daughter age 7, it was my first pregnancy and i conceived naturally. I am trying for a second child. All my tests are normal. My tubes are fine. I got the hyteroscopy done,which is also normal. The only concern is my amh levels which are little low. Please suggest some medicine to improve amh level and the egg... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- It is known as secondary infertility when there is a difficulty to conceive for the second time. As your tests are normal, you can take Ayurvedic medicine for 3months and then review. Antimullerian harmone is advised to know about the ovarian reserve. When it is normal, it indicates the healthy eggs which will help for a successful pregnancy. Please let me know the value to guide you further... Read more

Increase Cholesterol level

asked by Amit R on 5 August 2014 16:12
My cholesterol level is increase, Could you please suggest ,how it will be control... Total Cholesterol 214 Triglcerides :- 191 HDL : 36 LDL :- 139.80 VLDL:... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- It is very important to have a control with the values of cholesterol. It is a major risk factor for cardiac problems. So if there is diabetes and blood pressure, the cholesterol values must be maintained below the optimum levels. Cholesterol is produced by the liver and also from the food we eat. So it is essential to follow healthy life style changes in diet and exercise. If this is your first.. Read more

Zandu pancharist

asked by ashwe on 8 February 2014 6:53
male 57 yrs whther subject contains sugar as i feel after it for last about 7days my sugar level has gone up .any supplemnt can b taken with it to control sugar .i took pancharist to avoid indigestation and constipation and acidity ... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Aristam is a fermented preparation which has jaggery in it. So any aristam preparation is avoided for diabetics as it will increase the sugar. It is not advisable to take it and then supplements to reduce sugar. It will be an additional stress for the body. But generally depending upon your sugar level, it can be taken for a week after consulting a doctor considering other factors also. In your case.. Read more

Uric acid level is 7.6

asked by premlatasehgal on 11 August 2013 9:27
I am married working woman, age 54 years,sitting job, suffering from uric acid high level but not high as this time clinical test results. previously it remained below 6. I was taking homeopathic treatment since one year. But discontinued since 2 months, whose result is this that it has crossed level 6. I have no other disease except joint pain. I have undergone menopause at the age of 45. I have... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Gout is acute inflammatory arthritis with red swollen joints affecting big toes, heels, wrists, fingers, knees. If it is not treated properly, the rise of uric acid will affect the function of the kidneys. Please mention your exact value to commend on that. Any thing less than 7 is fine. Your creatinine and urea are under control. You can take Gout Ayurvedic medicines. Eat healthy food with more.. Read more
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