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Autoimmune hepatitis and non alcoholic fatty lever

asked by Ankitsinghal on 3 May 2018 17:08
Dear sir, My wife diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis and fatty lever post pregnancy. Doctors adviced for steroids for longer period. Is there any treatment of this disease. Thanks and... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Please provide me more details with the expected date of delivery or if the baby is born. Yes, autoimmune hepatitis must be treated as suggested by your doctor. It will cause inflammation of the liver and will affect the function of the liver if left untreated. Ayurvedic medicines like Sarvakalp kwath, Livomap tablet and Triphala churna can be taken for a month and reviewed. Include pepper, cooked.. Read more

For lever SGPT cont so high

asked by jaymin on 17 May 2017 19:22
Age my son: 18 month SGPT : 228 No medical history this is first time Family medical history not injurous all Malr Sir my son 18 month old his SGPT count so much something 228 he not medical history he has just born but i dont know how these count high so plz give me a suggestion How could i do okz fast sir . Last one month i have made 5 report for SGPT but these count is not down plz help... Read More
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asked by Jpdave on 29 March 2017 13:00
My elder brother having Colonocarsinoma problems so can I get any treatment at patanjali ... Read More
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Fatty liver

asked by yoni on 23 November 2016 13:24
age 63years male ,on usg whole abdomen examination,revealed grade2 fatty liver.I am married.BP IS NORMAL,NO DIABETES,YES, ACIDITY PROBLEM IS THERE.KINDLY... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Fatty liver stage 2 with normal liver function test can be managed with medicines to prevent further progression. Healthy lifestyle changes with diet and exercise will help to ease the function of the liver. It is very important to keep your weight under control. It is mostly discovered during routine health checkups and managed without medicines. Please do have regular checkups as advised... Read more

Lever Cerosis

asked by Sharad bajpai on 22 June 2016 16:49
Baba Ji Age 40, male, mere 8 month se lever cerosis & Spleen inlarge & hard ho gayi hai, Urine ka flow kam rahta hai, foot me swalling aa jati hai. pahe 4 month allopathi treatment hua eske baad se ayruvedic treatment chal raha hai Rx. 1- arogya varthani 2- gocharan vati 3- green punarwa 4- gudhuchi 5- Kwatha 6- shank bhasm ukt praker ki dawa le ja rahi hai sath hi... Read More
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Fatty lever type 2

asked by alom on 7 May 2016 23:37
I am 38 years/male I am suffering from fatty lever 2. My LDL is 210. My father and mother are diabetic patients. In the age of 8 years I was suffered from sever peelia and this increased lever enlargement. I have already operated appendicitis in the year of 2004. Rest of the pathological test is ok. Please suggest... Read More
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Dr. Spoorthi Says:- Hello, Liver enlargement and fatty liver cause due to hepatitis, viral hepatitis , hepatitis B , hepatitis C, low nutrition, excess intake of alcohol etcSymptoms of fatty liver are poor appetite, weight loss, discomfort in abdomen , gastritis, weakness etc Ayurveda Medicines 1Totla Kwath 2.Sarvkalpa Kwath 2tsp+2tsp + 400ml water boil and reduce to 100ml. 50ml before breakfast and dinner. Helps to.. Read more

High uric acid & fatty-lever

asked by mahesh joshi on 3 May 2016 0:06
age-47 years gender-male my friend is suffering from high uric acid 7.67 & fatty lever problem from last 6 month. my friend is also patient of gastric & KABZ problem from last 4 years.patient is consumed drug AFIM daily.please suggest ayurvedic medicine for... Read More
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Uric acid &fatty lever

asked by Maheshjoshi on 23 April 2016 23:07
Dr. Sir, mere Peri me Susan safari hai.mera uric acid leval 7.67 aaya hai.u.s.g.me fatty lever aaya had. My liver enlarged in size 157m.m.with bright echo_texture.intra hepatic bull's-eye radicals are not dilated. No evidence of focal or diffuse mass lesson.IVC& Portal vein are normal.MY URIC ACID leval7.67. Is Karen mere pero (foot) me sujan bar bar as jati hai.please iska uncharted... Read More
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Lever gastro problem

asked by Adrija on 15 February 2016 17:19
My husband is 40 years age, having mild fatty lever since 4 years and bilirubin remains more than 1 through out the year. His height 5'7" and weight 72 kgs.he is suffering from loss of appetite. Plz... Read More
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Lever Cancer query

asked by SHAILESH2127 on 4 November 2015 22:22
My aunty is suffering from lever cancer she is on last stage i ve been to every doctor in mumbai but there is no possible treatment , Is there any homyopathic treatment ... Kindly help us . Regards Shailesh... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- The advanced stage of liver cancer indicates that the cancer has spread to the distant structures from the liver. It also affects the function of the liver by causing conditions like ascitis or cirrhosis. Treatments like frequency radiation ablation and chemotherapy are done to manage it. Ayurvedic medicines can be given as a supportive therapy to overcome the side effects and to treat the symptoms.. Read more

Ayurvedic medicines for adenocarcinoma

asked by RDKumar on 17 February 2015 21:48
Name R Sarojini, Age:62, swallow in stomach area, black patches on face, on stomach a small portion hardened, appetite... Read More
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Haath pair ya sometime poori body ka kaampna

asked by saajan on 5 July 2014 14:12
Sir mostly haath pair kaampte hain aur kayi baar toh poori body mein kampan hone lagti hai,please koi permanent treatment bataiye.sir mein ashwagandha churna kaafi din se use kar raha hoon, but koi relief nahi... Read More
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Dr.Saurabh Says:- Dear Saajan, It is purely a vata disorder so its important to balance vata element and for that best is anulom vilom prqanayam which should be done twice daily for 10 minutes every timeSometimes stress is a also a cause behind this for that also practice Transcendental meditation which will help youSometimes this weakness is shaking sensations or numbness is because of excessive exertion and then.. Read more

What is the treatment of fatty lever

asked by SYED ARIF MIAN on 29 July 2013 13:47
what is the treatment of fatty lever. i m 40years old man. i m saffering fatty lever so plz tell me diet & treatment. thnks &... Read More
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Dr.Saurabh Says:- Dear Sir, As u r suffering from liver cirrhosis so in this disease there is degeneration of liver cells. In simple language, we need to prevent the further damage to cells and improve the functioning of the existing onesFirst of all , you have to be more strict with your dietNever ever take alcohol and non veg foodYou must avoid beans, rice , potato's and also spicy foodTake light meals with.. Read more


asked by SUBRATA DAS on 10 May 2013 21:44
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Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, Thank you so much in taking time and writing to us It is very bad to hear your wife to suffer from both ascitis and liver cirrhosis. Here i would suggest you not to follow all alternative medicines at a time . You can choose a combination of allop/ ayurved or allop/ homeo or ayur/homeo. When more and more system of medicine acts on the body, it can even worsen the condition.So please.. Read more

Jaundice and pain in right abdomin

asked by abhi11 on 3 June 2012 21:49
hello sir, i am (male 27) suffering from jaundice since 10 years. the value of serum bilirubin is always more than 2 mg%. Its value varies as 2.8, 3.9, 4.2, 5.0mg%. The value of SGPT also increased as 65, 70 IU/L ,etc. i m also suffering from constipation from a long time 10 years. Sometimes bleeding also occured through stool . There is light pain in my right abdomin from 1 month. There is also... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, As you suffering from jaundice symptoms more frequently since 10 years it is better to get proper and complete evaluation from allopath doctor where there is necessary of your liver function, and sonography is needed to see the status of your liver function and doctor has to rule out any kind of viral infections in your body. As you have mentioned about bloody stools, there may be some.. Read more

Metastatis Adenocarcinoma of gall bladder spreading into lever

asked by mm2012 on 24 February 2012 17:55
My mother aged 62 years has recently been diagonized with Metastatis Adenocarcinoma of gall bladder spreading into lever.Surgery was not attempted as was found to be risky by the doctor.No chemotherapy has been given to her. Pl suggest effective homeopathy and / or ayurvedic treatment for the same.She so far is not suffering from any major physical manifestations. She has led a very healthy life so... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Adenocarcinoma of gall bladder in your mother with metastasis is however on advanced stage and for which you may need to go for particular allopath follow up. Apart from this, in terms of ayurveda, there are certain medicines which are helpful for preventing further deterioration of GI trouble or gastro intestinal trouble, and to prevent infections which are helpfulDepending up on severity.. Read more

Weak lever

asked by bikram shukla on 8 November 2011 15:57
baba ji my leaver is very weak and now it become fatty also.and day bye day my weight is also increasing and i do not have any thyroid problem.please help... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Fatty liver is a condition where there is abnormal metabolism. If there is any history of alcoholism or smoking, and if you have irregular food habits like consumption of fatty foods, oily foods, spicy foods, sweets etc. if there is any history of consumption of medicines that may lead liver enlargement. To correct all these problems you may consume some ayurvedic medicines and if there is.. Read more

Lever problem

asked by muhammad abid on 30 May 2010 17:12
my brother LFT is increase and what will do please give me some sagation because he feel pain in oure chest near about... Read More
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Suffring from lever problem

asked by bobin on 12 March 2010 7:33
Baba ji parnaam, Mera 25 year old hun . or main apne lever ke wajha se bhut paresaan hun kuch bhi oil ka khana nahi kha sakta hun main or to or mughe kuch ulti se bhi hoti ahi khane khate time haevy dite bhi nahi le sakta hun main baba ji krapa kar mughe koi isa tociv btaiye jisse mera lever theek ho jaye or mera waight bhi bad jaye hight : 6\"2\' waight :64 kg Is lever ke wjha se main... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, It is not clear that whether you have live related complaint. Depending up on query, you have some hyperacidity symptoms You can depend on alternative therapies and complimentary medicines along with yoga and meditation There are certain home remedies which you can use according to your convenience Using vegetables like cucumber, beet roots, carrots, spinach, and papaya in the form of juices.. Read more

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