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Lung cancer - Ayurvedic Medicines & Remedies

Lung cancer 4th stage

asked by awadheshtripathi01 on 26 September 2013 21:01
Pranam guruji Mere father ki age 58 years hai, unko Tata medical center Kolkata me 4 stage ka cancer bataya hai , unka.left lung puri tarah collapse ho chuka hai, aur cancer brain tak pahunch chuka hai, doctors ne radiotherapy aur uske baad chameotherepy dene ki advice di hai, unko hum rediotherpy dila chuke hain , unko urine me koi problem nahi hai , thoda Bahut caugh aata hai 12 radiotherapy dene... Read More
4 replies  -  Related Tags: Cancer, Lung, Lung cancer, Stage
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, It is sad to here that the cancer has reached its fourth stage. When cancer is in stage 1 or 2 , then ayurvedic medicines will prevent its further advancement and hence ensure longevity of the patient. In this case however all hopes are still alive, and all efforts can be taken from alternative medical system including ayurveda for the well being of the individual Here i would suggest you to.. Read more
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Charak Vigomax Forte
Vigomax Forte is a rational aphrodisiac formulation. Withania somnifera is an anxiolytic and antioxi..
Divya Yauvanamrit Vati
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Ashwashila capsule
Patanjali Ashwashila capsule is a combination of Ashwagandha and Shilajit which makes it a powerful..
Patanjali Ashwagandha capsules
Boost up sexual and mental power, immunity with Ashwagandha..

Lung cancer(Adenocarcinoma) mets with bone stage 4 cancer

asked by v.k on 17 July 2013 17:17
Please help dad is 53 years old......2 chemotherapy is over......I beg you sir plzz help us.......there must be some aurvedic treatment for above mentioned number is... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, Yes, i can understand the love for your father and hence we are here to help you out. As far as stage 4 of lung cancer is concerned, it is a tough battle but however good ayurvedic treatment is found to increase life expectancy and bring person back to his routine life At this stage i would recommend you to get in touch with Dr. Raghavan in dhathathreya. Just type in "dhathathreya.. Read more

Lung Cancer - Treatment

asked by sachin1409 on 6 December 2012 16:20
My father of age 65 is suffering from lung cancer and is in fourth stage. He also had 3 paralyses stroke in last 3 years, is there any treatment in... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As the case is complicated that your 65-year-old father is suffering from lung cancer as well as he has had 3 strokes and paralytic, it is better to proceed with allopath medicines as ayurvedic medicines sometimes may not suitable if he is taking any chemotherapy or any such immense therapies. So, there is only symptomatic treatments which are involved in these conditions. Of course diet and.. Read more


asked by ashis1234 on 27 August 2012 0:31
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Small cell carcinoma of lungs do occur with many causative factors and in few individuals it is due to chronic smoking and even due to some external factors like certain polluted dust particles. As the patient is 62-year-old and depending up on the stage of cancer the treatment line depends. If it is in initial stages, patient may need to go for allopath treatments whichever indicated and in.. Read more
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Hamdard labub kabir
It helps to give strength to brain, nerves and the muscles of the male sex organ. Improves vigour an..
Maharishi Amrit Kalash
Good for nerves, promotes vitality and inner strength of Men...
Japani M 20 Capsules
Japani M Capsules for Men are indicated in Virility, Vitality, Pleaeure, Strength & Stamina...
Patanjali Ashwagandha capsules
Boost up sexual and mental power, immunity with Ashwagandha..

Baba ramdev ke pass cancer ka ilaaj hai

asked by Abner on 29 July 2011 18:09
Please provide information on baba ramdev ke pass cancer ka ilaaj hai ?, waiting for your answer, kindly reply... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Depending up on the stages of cancer, depending up on the site of cancer, depending up on the age of the patient, the treatment methods do differ. Usually, in allopath, if cancer is detected, treatments will go according to allopath methods such as surgery, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy and other rehabilitation therapies whichever, whenever, wherever it is recommended. So, by understanding.. Read more

Ramdev patanjali treatment for lung cancer

asked by Luella on 30 May 2011 15:03
Dear Sir, I need information on ramdev patanjali treatment for lung cancer ?, thanks for your... Read More
6 replies  -  Related Tags: Cancer, Lung, Lung cancer
Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Non small cell carcinoma of the lungs is the common type of lung cancer. As advised, radiation and chemotherapy are palliative therapies to control the growth of cancerous cells. Please follow the advise of your treating physician, while you can also supplement with Ayurvedic medicines to overcome the treatments Ayurvedic medicines like Divya Swarna basantmalati, Divya Vriddhivaadhika Vati and.. Read more

Baba ramdev medicine for lung cancer in uk

asked by Rajesh Tyagi on 27 May 2011 18:08
Can I request information on baba ramdev medicine for lung cancer in uk ?, I would appreciate your kind reply... Read More

Ayurvedic treatment for 4th stage lung cancer

asked by Ezra on 12 April 2011 10:28
Dear Sir, I need information on ayurvedic treatment for 4th stage lung cancer ?, thanks! very... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Cancer, Lung, Lung cancer

Lung Cancer - Stage -IV

asked by Arvind on 1 January 2011 12:02
My brother in law diagnosed Lung cancer in last year. He is 35 years old. After all the reports (MRI, CITISCAN, BIOPSY and BORN SCAN), it identified that it is in Stage-IV and spread in body As per the suggestion of doctors, we started chemotherapies. There are 12 chemo-doses already given him (two cycles). Now, doctor suggested us to start the tablet (one tablet every day). I heard from my... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As your brother has got lung cancer at the age of 35 years, it is necessary to assess his present condition and your complaint says that he is in metastasis stage which is advanced. If he has already undergone all therapies and his condition is okay, then you may consider giving some ayurvedic medications which will keep him well and symptomatic relief would be achieved which necessary at.. Read more

Operated for pancreatic cancer 1 year back; now metastasis in lung and liver

asked by shailendra.deshmukh on 15 October 2010 18:09
my mother-in-law had been operated a year back for pancreatic cancer in oct-2009. afterwards she had gone thru 3 months (3 cycles) of chemotherapy. we have been visiting doctors every 3 months to detect if any recurrence. Now in Oct-10 we did CT scan as she complaint of chest pain etc and it shows advanced stage (metastasis) of lung and liver cancer, spread all over. doctor also suspects that it... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, In metastasis stage, it is better to follow allopath care and along with, you can use ayurvedic medicines and practice yoga. for more details you can contact patanjali.. Read more

Ayurvedic Treatment of Carcinoma Lung with bone metastasis

asked by rajeev s on 30 September 2010 1:12
Respected Param Pujniya Babaji, My father aged about 74 years is suffering from Carcinoma Lung with bone metastatasis [cancer], which is known to us last 30 days before after the investigations done in Batra hospital at Delhi. He is not in a position to walk. During stay at hospital radiation was given 30 Gy/10# for ten days regularly.Now doctors are advising for chemotherapy. We do not want this... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello sir, As your 74-year-old father is suffering from lung cancer and per given reports there may be stage of metastasis, hence bones are involved. If the condition is in advanced stage, there may be necessity of treatments in allopath way such as chemotherapy or chemoradiotherpay as per the condition of patient to avoid complications Ayurvedic medicines and other system of medicines along with.. Read more

Suffering from Lung cancer

asked by puspaknayak on 20 June 2010 23:48
Hi Sir/Madam, My father is suffering from lung cancer for last 1.5 years. According to doctor its third stage. >He is also diabetic patient. >My father does not have any addiction. >Age: 54 >He is very depressed mentally because of this. >Place: Puri, Orissa Currently he is undergoing chemotherapy. But we could not see any improvement. Some people are suggesting to go for... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As your father is suffering from lung cancer, and apparently he is on third stage and apart from that he is diabetic, and as you have mentioned that he is undergoing chemotherapy. At this point of time, it not advisable to use any other medicines and once all cycles of chemotherapy completes, then you may consider to give him ayurvedic medicines. However, diet and lifestyle modifications are.. Read more

Lung cancer

asked by deeppinku17 on 3 March 2010 13:21
My father age is 70years.have lung cancer. doctor suggested to chemothrepy. size is 6*5.2 mm in left lung & small spot is in right lung. so please .I would like to know about how to do traetment this.please suggest... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hi pinku, Lung cancer is a condition which needs allopathic treatment at its best and if possible all alternative medicines as secondary. Here i would strongly recommend you to take your father for chemotherapy, because currently we see a small spot on his right lung which shows a sign of it spreading to other organs as well. If we cut down allopathic chemotherapy and continue with ayurveda , chances.. Read more

4th stage lungs cancer

asked by boom4raj on 18 February 2010 15:47
hello sir, i am from orissa, my uncle have been diagnosed lungs cancer , even 4th stage. It was been suddenly diagnosed after 3 week of cough symptoms. My uncle is of 48 yr old and doctors saying we have to give chemotherapy, and it is the only one thing we can do now. Sir, as I believe the word "MIRACLE" , we want some suggestion from you. I have already got a response from you about... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello sir, There are so many techniques of pranayamaBetter you have to go through chemotherapy as per doctor's suggestion For time being, simple Anuloma-Viloma pranayama is benificial with.. Read more

4th stage Lungs cancer treatement?

asked by boom4raj on 11 February 2010 17:13
Sir, thank you for your response, as you have suggested some ayurvedik medicines alone with allopathic treament, we want to go to Patanjali yog peeth, hardwar for further treament after initial chemotherapy treatement. Here doctors telling that we have to start chemotherapy immediately after conformation of type of lungs cancer.The report will come after 6-8 days. Here we will give chemotherapy... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, after completing chemotherapy, you can take an appointment regarding the same Please contact management for more.. Read more

Sir give any suggestion for 4th stage Lungs cancer?

asked by boom4raj on 10 February 2010 19:55
Hello sir, I am a mba student, from Cuttuck,Orissa. Before just two days we got to know that my uncle, age 48yrs, having lungs cancer.We have admitted him in the main hospital , cuttuck. Its around 1 month my uncle was feeling cough and cold, and taken different medicines for that and slowly he feel pain in his throat and chest. We have made CT SCAN and few more tests and the result came was Lungs... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As there is no clearcut diagnosis for your uncle’s disease, you need to confirm the stage. Since the problem is noticed all of a sudden and doctors are saying it as IV stage, along with allopathy management you can depend on alternative therapies alsoWe need his detailed case history like is there any smoking etcThe following suggestions may help you: It can be stated that the.. Read more

Lung Cancer Stage IV

asked by Preetam91 on 30 January 2010 15:49
Respected BABJI, My Father, age 62, is diagnosized with Lung Cancer. The doctor's are saying that it is the last stage and there is nothing that they could do. He has got less than 6 months. Cannot eat or swallow anything. MRI, CT report shows affected area as Lung Primary, Liver, Adrenal and bone secondary, mediastinal, Lymphadenopathy. Babaji, can you please help me on this. I want that... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello sir, It can be stated that the alternative therapies can be helpful in the management of cancer many ways, as prophylactic, palliative, curative & supportive and no doubt it helps to improve quality of life, so keeping this truth that there is no miracle cure for lung cancer (stage IV), you can only take these suggestions and proceed further according to your convenience It can be concluded.. Read more
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Patanjali Ashwashila capsule is a combination of Ashwagandha and Shilajit which makes it a powerful..
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