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asked by lalit sighvi on 16 December 2012 0:58
when iam 12 year my dad mujhe ek doctor ke pas lekar gaye mere body ke stan ke niche chot ghat thi doctor do injetion diye harmonic is injection reaction se meri body stan bad gaye koi ayurvedic uske me kabhi kisi doctor ke pas nahi gaya mujhe koi ayurvedic dawa bataye jisse mere stan ek normal male ki taral ho... Read More
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Dr.Sharma Says:- Dear Guest The condition you are suffering from is Gynecomastia. It is accumulation of fat in the chest area. This occurs in the new born. In adolescents as well as in the elderly . However in a majority of the cases if gynecomastia is not due to obesity the breast often shrinks, disappears with in a couple of yearIt may be attributed to an imbalance of sex hormones particularly excess secretion of.. Read more

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