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Anti depressent anxiety ayurveduc medicine during breastfeeding

asked by Padma16 on 26 June 2018 12:15
Hi...i just consulted a doctorvwho has given me anti depression medicines (vat yog Manasamitra,Divya shilajeet,sedia) is it safe to use as i m... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Yes, you can take Shilajith vati and manasamitra vati as advised by your physician. Please take for a month and review. Post partum depression is a common symptom seen after delivery and hence there is possibility for the symptoms due to depression to increase after delivery. The lack of sleep increases the tiredness and makes you more prone to mood changes. These medicines will help to improve the.. Read more

For medicin reaction problem.

asked by shaikh.saddique on 3 April 2018 22:32
Baba ji mujhe allopathic medicine shadeed reaction karti hain. jisse zuban moti ho jane sai tutla pan hota hai or nazar ana band hojata hai or takreeban 8 hours baad nazar ana shuro hota hai or 6 days baad zuban sahi hoti hai plz koi nuskha ya excersis tajveez kar dein. ta k allopathic medicine sai jan chhut jai. or maine pet ki naaf ka operation karwaya tha Q k wahn naaf per ball ban gai thi ab... Read More
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Dry cough (dry khaasi)

asked by Pratiksha gattani on 22 January 2018 19:25
Hello sir, i am 27 years old female unmarried. I am facing problem of dry cough (dry khaasi) since 1month, but since last 2-3days it is extreme, i am not able to sleep at night due to khaasi.I have taken alopathic medicine, but not cure. I want to take ayurvedic medicine. Kindly suggest ayurvedic medicine for dry cough & to improve immunity power also. Thank... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Dry cough is always seen as a signal to let the phlegm clear. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken to completely reduce the phlegm and the medicines will also reduce the cough. Please take the medicines for two weeks and then review Medicines like Divya Swasari quath, Divya Sitopaladi churnam and Vasavleh can be taken. Applying warm salt or sand bags in the chest and the neck will be beneficial Include .. Read more

My uric acid level is more it's 6.7

asked by Subhashdoulthabad on 26 November 2017 17:27
Weight 84kgs,age 55 ,bp normal, no sugar,wake up at night 3/4 times for urine,no allergies to any medicine sleep sound n normal taking English medicine from a month no swelling when I keep my feet on floor in morning , during day time when I get up and stand on feet I haven pain still so request for medicine of pathanjali &remeady for gout Thanks n... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Please let me know the value of ESR and uric acid to guide your further. Following healthy lifestyle will help to manage the condition without flareups. Medicines like Kokilaksha Kwath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Yograj Guggulu - 2tablets before food twice daily and Uriclear capsules can be taken for a month and then reviewed. Arthrohills Ultra Oil Joint care can be.. Read more

Medicines to baby

asked by kundan mukhia on 7 November 2017 13:57
can we give auyurvedic medicineslike cough medicines,chawanprash and other medicines to a to a two (2) year old baby instead of giving allopathy medicines and antibiotics for cough and cold.Can you suggest any other medicines and products that we can give to small babies which does not have side effects and can we give honey to the... Read More
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Sexual problem

asked by bobby10on10 on 4 October 2017 18:20
I have pain in my testicles.I want to increase my penis size.Sperm automatically come out after seening pirn... Read More
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Divya swasari pravahi medicine along with other allopathic medicine

asked by New user on 25 July 2017 3:30
Hello doctor. This is related to my daughter age 4.6years and weight is 19kg. She had loose motion and has been taking z n d suspension medicine (allopathic medicine) since three days now. My question is can I give her swasaripravahi medicine along with this allopathic medicine? As now she got cold and cough too and Divya swasaripravahi medicine works best for her in cold and cough. Please advice. ... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, In kids less than 6 years it is highly advisable to avoid medications and cough syrups as that can damage their developing organsInstead of divya swasari pravahi syrup to kid you can give Divya swasari ras in a dose of 250mg twice a day with honey before mealsalong with Divya sitopaladi churnam in a dose of half tablespoon with honey or luke warm water after meals twice a dayNasya under.. Read more

Best medicine for male ED

asked by haardik on 16 February 2017 23:05
I am 35 years old (male,married) and want to ask which medicine is best for male ED. Dabur Shilajit capsules or rasayan vati...? Can we take either of these medicine... Read More
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Ckd Ramdevbaba Medicine

asked by rohitdpatel on 10 January 2017 3:36
This is my 3rd Reminders. I have not received answer from you till today. My Question on 27 Octomber 2016. my name is Rohit D.Patel. My wife Age 60 years of... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- I am so sorry for the delay in answering. Please provide all the investigation reports to guide you further like the kidney function test. Chronic kidney problem is commonly seen due to chronic blood pressure or diabetes. It is treated based on the blood reports determining the function of the kidney. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken to support and improve the function of the kidneys. In renal.. Read more


asked by suraj22 on 28 November 2016 12:11
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Ayurvedic Medicine for Asthama

asked by chittaranjan on 19 November 2016 16:28
My mother age of 68 years, suffering from severe Asthma. She is very weak and having low Blood Pressure. Please advice us name of medicine to help her in to gain strength and protect from... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- The inflammation of the airways in bronchial asthma causes vasoconstriction leading to dyspnoea. Ayurvedic medicines can be given to reduce the phlegm and ease the breathing. Gentle exercises and eating healthy food will support for a better metabolism. Please do have regular checkups Ayurvedic medicines like Kanakasava, Asthomap Tablets for Asthma and Divya Chyawanaprash with Saffron can be taken for.. Read more

Brain damage treatment

asked by Guman Parihar on 4 November 2016 23:53
Sir, my father is 64yrs old. Three yrs ago he was bitten by honey bees in huge quantity, due to that he had become unconscious. Doctor diagnosed that his permanent cells of brain have damaged. After one month of bee biting he revive little bit and started opening his eyes, but rest body has no movement. I have taken him at various hospital for treatment including pgi Lucknow but evrywhere I got one... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- There is some brain damage with single or multiple stings with insects including bees. It causes demyelination of the myelin sheath and some neurotoxic damage to the brain. It is treated based on the investigations and please let me know your reports to guide you further. I shall suggest with the basic medicines to improve the mental health. Ayurvedic medicines like Sarasvata aristam, Divya Medha.. Read more

Ayurvedic Medicine relataed brihat vata chintamani

asked by kamal dusal on 2 June 2016 11:09
Dear sir as qstn asked by me and suggested (answer) by to use ayurvedic medicine along with allopathy medicine in meige's syndrome disease( answer URL- My further question is that whether sir may i use following Ayurvedic Medicine-Danadanayandi Kwath,Brihat vata chintamani & brihat chagaladya ghrit along... Read More
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Introducing ayurvedic medicine to schizophrenic

asked by universal on 16 May 2016 21:25
My son has been diagnosed with schizophrenia 9 years back and has shown great improvement. He is still on English medicine .now we want to change to ayurvedic medicines.the following medicine has been prescribed 1. Mahakalyanakam Ghrutham twice a day one teaspoon 2. Brahmi Vati one tablet twice a day 3.saraswatharishta 25 ml twice a day the medication he is taking present 1. scizopin 50 mg and... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- As with any disorder of the mind, it is not curable completely. But medicines can be gradually reduced based on the symptoms. It is necessary to have regular checkups with your treating physician. Good support from friends and family will be beneficial. Healthy lifestyle with good diet and exercise will be beneficial. Yogasanas, yoga nidra and pranayamam will help to reduce stress, improve the mental.. Read more

Tingling in both hand during 5 month pregnanacy

asked by vickyyy on 26 March 2016 21:55
28,Female,My wife have tingling in both hands for last 1 month, greadually increased, Please suggest medicine for cure without any side effect in... Read More
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Hemeopathic and ayuverdic medicine compatibility

asked by Ariansenatoe on 26 March 2016 11:41
Hello 29 yr male unmarried no sugar or bp having stomach troubles from last 2 years its mostly antaon main infection. Recently started taking homeopathic medicine as aleopathic docs always give anti biotics and could not find whats the problem. I want to know can i take ayurvedic medicine and homeopathic med together. I do drink aleo vera daily and would like to start atleast with bael fruit... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Please let me know more about the symptoms of digestive problem to guide you better. Triphala Churna can be taken to improve the metabolism and to reduce the symptoms of indigestion. Bael is also a common ingredient in most of the medicines for indigestion. So the medicines can be taken to improve the digestion Ayurvedic medicines like Triphala Churna and Digeshills for Diegstion can be taken for a.. Read more

Stomach & Bad Breath Problem

asked by premsons_jkm on 11 March 2016 15:01
Dear Sir, I m 42 Years Old male having stomach problem and Bad Breath Issue. Morning stools are not complete ( broken stools) or sometimes very Oily stools little loose. Gastritis problem. Sometime I go for 2/3 times for toilets. Above all there is always Bad Breath issue which embarrass me much. Kindly tell me which medicine is useful for Stomach and Bad Breath... Read More
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Inquiry about medicine

asked by rakash on 5 February 2016 14:04
hello sir you subscribed sumentha to my wife we try to get this medicine from baba ramdev shop and they said they dont produce this name of medicine.which kind of medicine is this?is this ok to have ?please clear my doubt... Read More
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YogaGuru Says:- Sumenta is not baba ramdev's divya pharmacy medicine. This ayurvedic / herbal medicine is manufactured by Charak pharma and you can obtain it from your local chemist or ayurvedic store. If they do not have it then buy it.. Read more

Cancer herbal Medicine

asked by manishku on 23 September 2015 13:41
Dear sir, Five month before cancer is detected in my side buccle mucosa in my mouth . it was in beginning stage doctor has adviced me for operation . but I am taking your godhan ark ,alovera juice, and giloy juice from last two month . I am also using your dantkanti mouth paste .I am filling better . I am going to good treatment or not please advice me. Regards, Manish... Read More
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Mental retain

asked by abhi 053 on 2 January 2015 20:46
baidyanath memorex or braintab, which is more helpful in retaining, is their any side effect aasociated with any... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Memorex and Braintab are herbomineral combinations by Baidyanath. Herbomoineral combinations are not taken for longer periods more than 4-6months. But it is advised based on the symptoms and its necessity. So it is effective when taken for the prescribed time. Memorex contains aswagandha, shankahapuspi, jathi, pravala bhasmam, rasa sinduram and Brain tab contains brahmi, shankapuspi, aswagandha.. Read more
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