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Night - Ayurvedic Medicines & Remedies

Know about

asked by Sanath Jaya on 22 November 2017 22:33
I am Sriram Lenka 22 years old .. sir I am suffering night fall problem . When I contact to Patanjali centre he suggest me to take musli Pak . Then now I take musli Pak .but my question is "can I take musli Pak with badam Pak at a time with milk?" Please sir give me idea about... Read More
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Japani oil
Japani oil for men is used to improve and stimulate libido and increase vigor..

Parkinson's disease and nightmare

asked by bapida on 13 September 2017 23:25
age 82 years male my father is suffering with severe perkinsons disease and he is on symdopa plus and with other medicines includind atorvastatin with asperine combination. Recently for last few months he is believing that , during sleep somebody like spiritual persons are coming in a group or single and fearing him in various way. he is very scared and in a trauma that those persons will do... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Parkinson's disease refers to chronic degenerative disease of central nervous systemThe neural degeneration affect the motor system thus leading to the cardinal symptoms like shaking of hands, rigidity of muscles, slowness of movement and difficulty in walkingBehavioral changes can also be seen along with development of dementia, depression and anxietyAyurvedic medicines can be useful in.. Read more

Middle back pain

asked by Reetesh on 18 July 2017 20:25
Middle backpain from last 1 month during night only. As soon as i get up from bed, i feel no pain. During daytime it does not trouble me. It start after sleep of 3-4 hrs. My age is 38 yrs. No family history of this problem. No other... Read More
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Sexual problem

asked by B.S on 30 June 2017 11:36
My age 27.Mujhe night fall ki problem h.month m 2 se 3 baar hoti h.Agar mai Chandraprabha vati use karu to laav milega? iska koi side effect to nhi... Read More
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Yoga for night fall

asked by sahas on 5 June 2017 7:40
yoga for night fall?? my age is 17th yr. and wt. 53 and my concentration has totally dismissed. all over the day-night I think only about any girl, although I don't want. please give me an advise to do yoga. what yoga for... Read More
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COUGH in the night

asked by parvathi on 10 September 2016 16:09
My mother 68 yrs is a teetotaler, vegetarian, has home cooked food.Weight:60kg. My mother is having cough for the past 3years.No diabetes,no b.p no problem,all test done everything normal.If my mother eats icecream cough increases My mom has cough in a day 10%.But at the night when she lies down to sleep her cough is more. some times cough is very less sometimes more.My mother is fed of cough. Now... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Cough, Night
Dr.Ramani Says:- Dry cough is a reflex action to remove the irritating mucous. Cough is seen due to excessive kapha. So kapha increasing foods like ice cream or heavy diary products, will increase cough. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken for a month and then reviewed. It will help to reduce the phlegm and relieve the cough Ayurvedic medicines like Divya Sitopaladi churnam and Dasamoola rasayanam - 1/4tsp thrice daily .. Read more

Yoga at night

asked by asw on 22 January 2014 20:59
Namaskarji, I am a mother of two small kids. I don't find time to do yoga at morning, so shall I do yoga at night before bed that is around 9PM or 10PM to lose weight. Thank... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Loss., Night, Weight, Yoga
Dr.Ramani Says:- Generally the best time to practise Yoga is early morning or at sunset time. But any time is better rather than doing nothing. So even you can do it after your household work. Take care that you eat before two hours which will make your blood sugar low and will use the fat stores efficiently which will also help to reduce weight Mornings are generally preferred as it will be a good start for the day.. Read more

Ear ringing, night sweating

asked by nanou on 22 April 2013 2:37
Hi I ve been experiencing night sweats, hot at night, ringing in the ears and exhaustion for last 4 years. The less I do the better, but if I have a normal day, I start sweating at night, get restless and hot, ear ringing and sometimes vision get blurry and dizziness. Doctors say there s nothing wrong with me! What could help? Thank... Read More
Dr.Sanjay Says:- oom dhanwantari as per your problem go for saraswatha aristam 15ml with 15ml water twice daily along with that take tab bharmhi vati 2tab daily twice of badyanath alone with that go for tab mentate 2tab twice daily of himalya if your are sleeping alone in the night then please take a company of some one you trust if your are taking alchole or smoking then please stop that practice that your.. Read more

Frequent urge to urinatein the day &2-3 times in night time

asked by Brij Gupta on 18 April 2013 1:59
Hello, I am 72years male residing in Canada. In Nov.2009 I was going to India.During the journey I wanted to empty my bladder but only few drops came out and by the the I reached India I had great discomfort and next morning I had get my prostrate operation and after that I was taking medication as advised for about 9 months and then I discontinued myself. Now I am feeling that I had to go to... Read More
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Stop night fall problem

asked by anill patra on 6 October 2012 17:06
my problem is night fall in a week 3 time will done so please help me sir i am waiting for your advise. Thank you... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Fall, Night, Night fall
Dr.Arindham Says:- Hi, Well as per your problem , first of all i would like to say that you need not have to be so much stressed about this problem This is a natural process and no one become very weak or have some problem in near future in their married life as lots of misconceptions are associated with this problem Usually in such case the unnecessary stress and the feeling of guilt make the person more stressful and.. Read more

Having night fall problem, badely affected my life

asked by anand raj on 23 March 2012 16:44
Hellow Docter...I am anand I am badely suffering from nightfall for last 5 yrs due to masturbation, i am 20 yr old, i have tried shilajit and asparagus-continue for 2to3 months but i didn't get good result...... so you are only my hope, please treat me as good as possible because i a engineering student i am loosing my studies because of this only, i am hopeless want to recover myself quickly.... Read More
6 replies  -  Related Tags: Night fall, Night
YogaGuru Says:- You should do pranayama every morning and evening. It is very good method to control your senses and thoughts. Nightfall problem is common in young age, with little control of your eating, sleeping and exercising habit you can control it easily. Do not take oil, fried food in night. Avoid having hot milk in night. Do regular pranayama would be your best.. Read more

Night fall and premuture ejuculation

asked by Rk(RAJ) on 19 March 2012 17:20
sir meri umar 22 saal ki hai mijhe 2 saal se nightfall aur premuture ejuculation ki problem ho rahi hai please koi ayurvedic medicine ya upay batayein than... Read More
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How can i control my night fall

asked by prince123 on 28 February 2012 14:25
Parnaam Sir, sir mujhe 2 saalon se night fall ho raha hai sex karte hue bhi mera jaldi discharge nahi hota hai.sir mera nightfall hamesha tab hota hai jab main koi sexy sapna le raha hota hoon.mujhe jaldi sex bhi nahi chadta hai.aur mery health bhi bahut kamjor ho gayi hai......so please help me... Read More
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Main night fall se bht jyda paresan hu madad kare

asked by animesh on 7 February 2012 16:38
sir main 19 years ka hu nd mujhe nightfall ho gaya h bachpan ki galtiyo ke karan main bht weak hota ja raha hu koi ilaj btaye jisse main ghar par hi thk ho jau mujhe 2 sal se prb... Read More
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Natulral cure for Nightfall

asked by ramgupta on 2 February 2012 12:25
hello sir sir jab mai rat ko sota hoo to roj museje night fall ho jata hai jis karan mera ling kamjor aur chota ho gaya hi musje koi natural tarika batay plz. mai 20 year ka... Read More
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Herbal remedies for night fall

asked by dev00005 on 2 December 2011 19:23
my age is 16 and i suffered night fall.is this dangerous and what i... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Usually, after attaining puberty in males, there will be a process of ejaculation where spermatogenesis starts taking place and due to which there will be changes in hormones and gradually there will be ejaculation with or without stimulation. Manual stimulations are with masturbation or during intercourse. Since your age is 16 years and you complain about night falls which is also called.. Read more

Night falling(swapana dosh),under weight

asked by l.saini on 25 November 2011 23:15
h,sir age:19 gender:male height:5'8inch weight:47 mujhe last 4years se night falling ki problem hai. m last 8years se hastmethune kar raha hu.I'm very weak,shigarpatan ho jata hai,hair is falling and white ho rahe hai.face pe pimples hai.hath,pauv,lips kapte hai.i'm very thin and stomach me pain rahta hai.khaya piya nahi lagta.please give me proper medicine... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Your complaints are concerned with nocturnal emissions, desiring for weight gain, pimples, stomach pain, and dryness in body. These complaints are mostly related with gastrointestinal system and due to excess flatulence, due to indigestion, or irregular food habits, there may be chances stomach pain. Even if there is no proper blood circulation, and due to gastric related complaints, you.. Read more

How to cure Nightfall in males

asked by Megh on 15 November 2011 16:08
Sir mera night fall har two days me ho jata hai aur din me sone par bhi ho jata hai Ye karib teen char sal se ho rha hai aur me bahut kamjor ho gya hoon Plzzz permanent upay... Read More
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asked by kashyap on 15 September 2011 17:58
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Greetings from myyog.com, You complaint is nocturnal emissions which is very common in teenage after attaining puberty and in young adults and mostly in unmarried. Due to many factors like stress, anxiety, lack of knowledge regarding the issue, and many more causes, one will suffer from nocturnal emissions or nightfall which is easily manageable with ayurvedic medicines. If there is any.. Read more

Night fall problem

asked by abhinash n on 24 August 2011 11:16
nightfall problem(swapndosh) Dear sir,i am suffering from night fall(swapndosh) problem in last 6 years.now my age 21 (unmarried).plz sir urgently help me plzzzzzzz........... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Greetings from myyog.com, Your complaint is nocturnal emission also called as nightfall. This is quite common for those who is not married or for those who is not having sexual intercourse frequently. During the process of spermatogenesis, there is a formation of semen which his filled in seminal vesicles and soon after getting stimulation by any means, semen may ejaculate. Stimulation.. Read more
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