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There are lines at the tip of the tongue and it hurts while eating something.

asked by anje on 29 March 2018 15:08
age: 42, female, i don't have diabetes but my father and all my sibling suffer from it. no surgeries but joint pain and nerve problem. i am married and sleep regularly at night. i also do yoga in the morning and urine is yellow. no blood pressure. menstrual cycle is... Read More
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How use shivlingi sheeds to conceive pregnancy

asked by Banu Jd on 27 January 2018 9:17
My age 25 year old.We try for baby last 2 years but I'm not conceive pregnancy.u tell me how take shivlingi sheeds for conceiving pregnancy plzzzz help sir... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Divya Shivlingi seeds can be taken along with Divya Putrajevak seeds for 3months and then reviewed. One teaspoon of each can be taken one hour before break fast and dinner with warm milk. Phala sarpis is a ghee which can be taken to improve the quality of the egg. Please let me know all the investigation reports to guide you further. Regular periods will give a clue of ovulation and it will be the.. Read more

Need med suggetion

asked by stonebridge on 19 November 2017 10:05
Sex: male Age: 27, marital status: Single Medical history: B12 deficiency Diet: Vegetarian Sleep: Heavy snoring Having breathing problem with long run *Family medical history: Mother has anxiety and hypertension Father has vascular vein issue. Hello Doc, I am having a lot of trouble in my professional and personal life.According to my co-workers and friends, I am less attentive in work and in... Read More
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Increase hunger

asked by bhimeshbabu on 5 September 2017 20:49
Hi Sir My daughter is of age 8 years cannot eat food like other children. What I observed is that she is not having desire to ear food. when she eats because of our force, she gets vomiting sensation (never omits) and followed by stomach pain. She eats very slowly. This we observed from one year age of her. She appears very lean also. Now she is of 15 Kg weight Plz... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Children are usually reluctant to have proper meals, thus unable to meet all multinutrients need in diet which are essential to have complete physical and mental developmentAYurvedic medicnes recommended to boost appetite are as follows- 1.Liv 52 syrup- one tablespoon before meals twice a day2.Noni juice- 10ml empty stomach twice a day early morning and in eveningActivities suggested to boost.. Read more


asked by prakruti on 27 June 2017 10:54
Namasthe guruji.....i m anjali,age 26,height 5'8",wright 6r kgs.i've pcod last 6 years.but,i m using patanjali pcod package from last 6 months.and now my petiods are rehular 33 days cycle lengtn.i m do happy to see every month i got my period .thanku so much for that medicines.i dnt consult any patanjali doctor for using this medicine.mene iss site me some question and answers ko... Read More
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Sardi ke liye koi acha sa dawai bataye

asked by aakash soni on 19 June 2017 14:54
Meri 1 mahine ki ek beti hui hai use sardi ka problum hai other medicines chal rahe hai but result acha nahi mil raha aap bataye ki kya koi ayurvedic medicine hai jo apne beti ko de saku uska gala din bhar awaj karta rahta hai... Read More
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Loss of menstrual bleeding

asked by Rupalibarnat on 28 May 2017 6:59
Hi sir, I am 36 years old. I have a loss of menstrual bleeding from 5months back. Also I have varicose veins in left leg. I investigate myself their is a hormonal changes appear that is anti mullerian hormone level is reduced-1.25. I have loss of menstrual bleeding and loss of overeis also. I already taken medicine on this condition but after 1 month against it happens. Please ask for this... Read More
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Cervical spondylosis

asked by Vikram82 on 6 March 2017 19:05
Vikram,34, last year 2 times I was suddenly suffered from vertigo. I admitted to hospital. After treatment discharge from it. I have done the test of MRI of brain, Ecg, Eeg, blood test all test were normal. I have go to 3 doctor of ent and 2 doctor of nearu . all asked me fluid in ear. That's why dizziness and balance disorder to you. I am doing 8 hours job on computer. From last 6 years I... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Balance problems are seen due to the vesiblar dysfunction more commonly in the inner ear. Cervicogenic dizziness is seen in arthritis. The pain depends on the intensity of the degeneration and the compression of the adjacent nerves. Please let me know all the reports to guide you further especially from the ENT. Ayurvedic medicines like Maharasnadi Kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food.. Read more

Buy alo vera pulp

asked by arra on 15 February 2017 22:43
Hello sir... Myself ramanand from deoghar jharkhand. I hv 5acre area of alo vera farm..I want buy my alo vera pulp..or pls set up a small patanjali farm in my area.oi hvnot lot of experience in this sectors. .pls coprate contact no - 09######151.... Read More
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Hair fall problem

asked by kamaldeep on 27 December 2016 21:45
R/sir, I have problem with heavy hair fall . I used patanjali shampoo and oil too, but no effect. There is very heavy hair fall. Kindly guide me what to... Read More
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Not come of periods

asked by sushilapiyush on 13 December 2016 22:44
i am at the age of 50 but i am not getting periods at all.the periods are stop at the age of 30.i go to many doctors also but their is no result i get.i have two kids but they both are die.i do the test tube baby also for 2 times but get no result.i also go everywhere for that,i lost my all hope.but some one tell about u,now u raise hope in me for get my periods and able to born one... Read More
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My Son is not talking yet, he is 3 yeras 2 months in age now

asked by ashuviki on 2 August 2016 16:37
Dear Sir / Madam, My son is of 3 years 2 months old now, but he still not talking, he can hear very well and understand things, he even will even ask us play with him, all the things he need will show by hand or pushing other person to give it to him. Sometimes he will keep whispering some words by his own like 'ga', 'baba', 'kaka' etc, but it's not for calling... Read More
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Need baby .................

asked by murali007eee on 5 July 2016 9:20
Dear doc, My sister got married five years back,but now itself there is no baby. Please tell some useful tips, Consult many doctors to checkup both but there is no problem, Finaly i come baba treatment. Please tell some... Read More
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Peroids arr not regular

asked by divu on 1 May 2016 13:33
Sir I am 21 yrs old and I am maried sir merko period kbhi bhi regular nhi ate hmehsa late ate h or late ki wjah se mujhe kafi pain hota h m meftalspas tablet khaye bina uth nhi skti.and m baby comcieve krna chahti hu wo ho nhi... Read More
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YogaGuru Says:- Periods problem generally happens due to hormonal imbalance. And pranayama specially kapalbhati pranayama is best for treating hormonal disorders. So you should do that daily. After your hormonal problem is cured you will also conceive baby Best of.. Read more

I am not able to see with my half right eye

asked by farhanzama on 2 January 2016 21:19
hello sir my name is farhanfrom andhra pradesh. my age is 32.i got brain operation for head ake.and for side effect i got right hemonophia.sir i am not able to see with my right half eye plz solve... Read More
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For Gaining weight

asked by Ishwor Khatiwoda on 9 December 2015 22:22
Sir, i am 24 yrs old and having a weight of only 42-43 kg with normal height and the structure of my body is small with small bones as compared to others. I have concealed to the doctors for gaining my weight whether i have the digestion problem or not but i was inform that i have no digestion problem. But sometimes Gastric problems will occur only in case of irregular meal times. So... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- It is mentioned in Ayurvedic texts that gaining weight is better than losing weight if proper dietary measures and exercise routine are followed. It is very important to have a healthy body and mind to gain weight which happens after the transformation of the tissues. Temporary digestive problems are commonly seen which becomes normal when normal eating routines are maintained. It is necessary to have.. Read more

Egg in not coming out from overy

asked by seem on 2 September 2015 13:42
Hi, I am 27 yrs old and wanted to get pregnant but as per gynecologist my egg is not coming out the overy at right time and right size. please suggest what to... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, As you are trying to get conceived, however you have been suffering with following fertility health issues related to ovaries and ovulation, you can consider having Ayurvedic medicines for the same. Since your gynecologist has diagnosed the condition related to ovarian functioning and ovulation, you can take following medicines to improve your ovulation such as Rajah Pravarthini Vati, and.. Read more

Suggestin for Kidney not functioning

asked by aurolabmanoj on 30 July 2015 10:14
I am 28 years old My Blood urea -316mg/dl Blood urea Nitrogen - 147.66mg/dl Seium Ceatinine - 12.09mg/dl Uric Acid - 10.54mg/dl Haemoglbin(Hb) - 11.0gm% i nee any suggesting to avoid... Read More
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Abscess on scrotum

asked by Not badboy on 12 June 2014 19:59
I m 21 year old....I have abscess on scrotum ....from week and its small if i touch it hurt not other problem....plz suggest medicin for it ...can i control it by antibiotic or need surgury??? it affect on fertility???....plz reply me fast i m waiting ..............i m doing handjob every day is their any affect on that... Read More
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Course of masuli pak

asked by sentu on 31 October 2013 18:53
hi i am rudra , my age is 34, in a few days i am going to married , my figure is normal ,i am a smoker, but i am felling my wife unhappy to me , because my bad habbits like handjob, my penis is hard few minuites so I thinking I begin to masuli pak ,is that safe for me and how days of course... Read More
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