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No rply yet....i am waiting for u r vsluble anser sir i am in truble for getting pregnent with ovarian cysts

asked by prakruti on 27 March 2018 12:42
I am anjali age 27 height 5'7"weight 66.5kgs.i have polycystic overies...both sides...my tubes paptent...after 6 months took patanjali pcod package only 3 months got regular periods with 36 days cycle length..but now every 64 days i got my period..what can i do....from 8 years we are trying to concieve...i am so trusts u r medicines i am doing yoga also from 10 days...i deffinetley... Read More
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Ovarian cyst

asked by setu on 21 September 2016 3:19
Hello, I am a 31 years old woman, and I got married before 6 months. My height is 5'2'' and I weigh 60 Kgs. I have just found out through ultrasound that I have ovarian cyst in my right ovary of the size 3.7 cm. I have been having irregular periods for past 6 months and feeling very fatigued overall. During menstrual cycle I get immense amount of pain, nausea and cramps. Recently... Read More
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Left chocolate ovarian cyst

asked by bijoy balmiki on 30 September 2013 20:56
age-23 gender- female suffering from lower abdomain pain during menstrual .2years7moths past for marriage.now she wants to have a baby.how can you help us tell... Read More
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Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, Menstrual cramps are pain experienced in belly and pelvic region of a woman during her menstrual period.Since it is given that the condition is "Chocolate cyst", the size and other invetsigation reports are very much important. However i suggest you certain medcines and remedies to cure the cyst. Once ovary is cleared, fertility becomes easier 1.Baidyanath Asokarishta special 2.. Read more

Haemorrhagic complex ovarian cyst in left ovary

asked by Binny on 27 September 2013 20:50
I got an ultrasound 2 days back. it revealed that I have a 'well defined thick walled COMPLEX cyst with internal echoes-suggestive of HAEMORRHAGIC cyst Pmeasuring 41x33 mm' and there is no fluid seen in the cul-de-sac. I am 21 years old. my gynae asked me to visit her to start the medicinal treatment when my menstruation starts that's on the 8th October. she Said if the meds... Read More
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Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, Haemorrhagic ovarian cyst results from haemorrhage into corpus leuteum or functional cysts You need not worry about the size of this cyst. This is small and will automatically resolve itself in 2 menstrual periods. Those cysts which are greater than 3 or typically 5 cms are matters of concern. Provided if these are seen in menopausal woman, it is a risk factor However at this stage i would.. Read more

Left ovarian cyst in pregnancy

asked by shravani on 11 September 2013 10:22
Hello, im 26yrs old and im 13 weeks(4months) pregnant. im diagnosed of a left ovarian cyst which measures 4.7cm and the baby measures 5.5cm. From 2nd month to 4th month it has increased 0.7cm. im undergoing hell-like pain and i want to know is there any pranayama to dissolve the... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Hi Thanks for your query.Ovarian cyst is a common condition found during pregnany.Usually it can me managed if the size is less than 5cm.Also the size will not increase much after the first trimester.Pain may be due to the stretching of ligaments in growing uterus.You can take Dhanvantaram Kasayam- 10ml with 40ml of warm water befor food and Dhanvantaram pills-1 tablet 3 times daily after food,which.. Read more

Infertility due to left ovarian cyst

asked by krishica on 17 August 2013 15:14
I m 33 yr old female suffering from left ovarian cyst.alopathic medicines taken as per dr. Before 4 yr I had gone through laparoscopy due to endometriosis n dr says my right ovary is absent.once IVF n once iui but no success.married since 5 yrs. regular periods.bit pain during menses.i do daily pranayam for 30 mts..SIR I wanted to get pregnant as soon as possible.my husband reports r... Read More
Dr.Sharma Says:- dear the cyst or things like these are formed when there is an obstruction to the normal flow the body channels especially in your case its Utrine channels. for that you may go to take a proper panchkarma cleaning program, it will be very helpful for you, not only now but for the times to come. Plan it with a good ayurvedic panchkarma specialist near you then also you may take divya fal.. Read more

Ovarian cyst medicine

asked by bobby goel on 23 May 2013 6:01
age 38 years,female,married,vaginal bleeding from last 35 days,too much pre mensuration syndrome,breast become tender and painful,last medicine taken for bacterial infection in vagina,in ultrasound a cyst of 2.3mm is detected in left ovary, all hormonal tests are normal . A lump is also find out in right breast and coming week biopsy of breast may be done. My cycle period is 28 days but now i am... Read More
Dr.Sharma Says:- dear There are some measures through which you may get some relief ,like yoga and some medicine with PANCHKARMA These cysts they usually happen when there are some accumulation or blockage are there, through panchkarma one is able to clear it off. You may seek expert panchkarma doctor advice and go for cleansing therapies yoga : yoga vcd for women is good for women facing related problems Some.. Read more

Ovarian Cyst

asked by uju on 10 May 2013 11:41
Hi, My Age - 34 yrs, married from 7.5 years, No child yet.Suffering from sever endometriosis with ovarian cyst of 5.5 cm dia and hypothyriodism. From February 2012 opearted two times but again cyst has developed and doctors suggested for another surgery. My question is 1.Can I take kanchanar guggle & vridhivadhika vati and mixture of tamra bhasm, Giloy sat,Shila Sindur,prval... Read More
Dr.Krish Says:- Hello, Yes you can take White willow bark capsules which is mainly given as pain killers along with the medicines like kanchanara guggulu, vriddhivatika vati and othersThere will be no drug interaction as such with the above combination of medicines with the pain killer But make sure if you develop any allergic reaction consult your doctor Diet also plays a major rule in solving your PCOD and.. Read more

Hello Sir/mam I m 28 years old i m suffering from left ovarian cyst

asked by shruti_1_2_3 on 30 April 2013 15:44
Sir i consult wid my doctor in gyne deptt. my cyst size is 8.8*6.9cm is seen in pelvic anterior and superior to urinary bladder and uterus.and she told me abt the CA 125 teast its result is 56.20. she said to me i have to remove dis cyst through the laproscopy treatment. i m worried abt that bec i m unmarried thats y i dnt want any surgery if medicine & ayurvedic upchar helps in this problem.... Read More
Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, Thank you so much for writing to us. CA 125 test result is elevated. Please don't worry ,it doesn't mean anything.It is a medical rule that if CA 125 value is elevated it can be cancerous, but there are a thousand non cancerous reason which can elevate this value Was this cyst found accidentally or did this cause any problem with you due to which it was found. There is no need for.. Read more

Ovarian Dermoid Cyst in left ovary with PCOS trying to conceive

asked by nancyscolastika on 26 March 2013 15:20
Hello, I am married 7 years back i cant conceive yet, my right ovary removed with chocolate cyst 13 years back, my periods was regular i tried many treatment in allopathy i tried for four time IUI and one time IVF but in vain last year i opted for siddha medicine and i conceived within one month but got aborted in six weeks (i was told that the heart beat of the foetus has stopped) now after 8... Read More
Dr.Sharma Says:- Dear Mam Natural Remedies like Panchkarma and herbal mixtures coupled with Yoga will provide you many benefits Panchkarma shall be first starting point of your management as it will improve the circulation and remove obstructions ,a cause for Cyst formation etc. Find a panchkarma doctor near youHe/she shall prescribe you the different procedures required Secondly medicine like Dashmoolarishta.. Read more

Ovarian cyst

asked by safiya on 14 March 2013 10:27
hi my name is safiya age 22 years married from three years i have cyst in left side two year before it removed by laproscopy operation but its again occured size is 50*50mm this iam taking from two monrh homeopathy medicine and most important thing is i am trying to be pregnant but not concieveing. i have wight gain problem so kindly help... Read More
Dr.Sharma Says:- Dear Safiya For herbal medicine for this kind of problem to be most effective ,one should first go for Cleansing process. That is Panchkarma. Try to go for a full fledged program.It will help prepare the body For some cleansing you can take Triphala juice empty stomach two times a day ,Zandu nityam for few days Then you can start taking Ayurvedic medicine , M2 tone and Vigoroyal-f Regular Yoga.. Read more

Follicular cyst of ovary

asked by Preetiverma on 10 September 2012 15:06
My mother has been diagnosed with Follicular cyst of ovary in the ultrasound. Size of the cyst is 32mm. She is suffering from menopause symptoms as well. She is having irregular periods and hot flushes. She does not feel pain. Please suggest:- If the size 32mm size of cyst is normal or dangerous? If she requires surgery? Ayurvedic medication (Taking m2 tone already) Also explain what exactly... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, It is learnt that your mother is suffering from follicular cysts of ovary and she is about to attain menopause according to you. After seeing to your queries, I would like to suggest few issues to you. Depending on the condition of the patient, if she is going to attain menopause, there there is nothing much to worry about PCOS or follicular cyst of ovary. And according to you, the size of.. Read more

Stomach pain. ..swist in overy

asked by mydoubts on 2 September 2012 14:22
Sir....thanks for reply....but i am taking thyroxine in morning empty stomach ........and taking kanchanara. ...afternoon and night after meals .......one tablet......pls suggest.....what to do.. ....I went for ultra scan and the doctor told that I have swist in overy which is 7.5mm size ....water baloon .....bcz of that it is paining.....how it can be melted.....pls suggest .....what i can do... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, You can consume your regular thyroxine tablet early in the morning and you can consume Kanchanara Guggulu one tablet twice daily after lunch and after dinner. Now, the latest problem is your ovarian cyst which is usually common in females with hormonal imbalances. In ayurveda, basically there are certain medications which helps to reduce the soft tissue inflammation and ovarian cysts are.. Read more

ovarian cyst and birth

asked by akua darko on 25 June 2012 4:28
please can i give birth if i have ovarian... Read More
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Ovarian Cyst & Endometriosis

asked by Bhumika on 24 May 2012 12:02
I am 32 yrs old and having endometriosis. I had a laproscopy in 2010 for ovarian cyst present in both ovaries (Size was 6x7cm each side). After that again it is recurring and giving me lots of pain during ovulation (From day 8 to day 15) which is unbearable. Is it curable desease? I am not able to conceive because of endometriosis. Kindly tell me solution. my weight is 60 kg and height is... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello Madam, As you are suffering from endometriosis which has to be cleared by undergoing proper treatments from ayurvedic aspect, as of now, if your ovulation is normal and menstruation is normal then you my try to consult gynecologist for getting green signal for becoming pregnant or you may try to get conceived. As Endometriosis is explained as when cells from the lining of the womb grow in.. Read more

Endometrial hyperplasia ovarian cyst postmenopausal woman

asked by lamie on 17 March 2012 23:00
i am being monitored for endometrial hyperplasia . i had 2 biopsies which were normal. i am being monitored also for ovarian cyst. i am postmenopausal. the gyn dosen't want to do a hysterectomy on me because i have lots of adhesions from previous abdominal surgeries. help. how much longer will i have to be monitored. i also have a stenosis of my cervix which makes being monitored... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, As per your query, reports suggests negative for any malignancy, and as you are suffering from ovarian cysts. As you are concerned about being monitored by doctor which I would recommend that you have to consult gynecologist when and as needed. When you think of natural remedies, they are very helpful for symptomatic relief and helps in preventing further deterioration which is important in.. Read more

I have chocolate cyst on my right overy.

asked by kiranb on 20 February 2012 18:48
On 24 Oct ,I have a severe pain on my lower right abdomen I went to hospital my Dr. told me that I have a chocolate cyst on my right ovary and also small fibored in uterus. so plz suggest me yoga pranayam & ayurvedic medicines to get ride on it...i am doing kapalbhati and bharmari along with Dr. medicines today my dr. suggest me for surgery after i month..i dont want surgery so plz... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, There are many reasons for ovarian cysts. Most of the time there are induced reasons where an individual is not following proper food habits, life style abnormalities. Over all, as you are suffering from fibroid uterus, I mean, you have small fibroid, and cyst in right ovary. In long run there may be possibilities of getting complications, you may take precautions which are important. .. Read more

Ovarian cyst

asked by Gangao on 9 October 2011 21:17
Hi, I m Ganga age 27 and suffering from left ovarian hemorrhagic cyst which is 2.7 cm. i have been diagnosed for the first time so please suggest the treatment and also the medicine to take and from where i can get... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Greetings from myyog.com, Usually Ovarian cysts do occur due to hormonal imbalances, and excess heat in the body, and depending on age, severity, treatment may vary. As you mention that haemorrhagic cyst where, in order to prevent bleeding or further damage, you may need to undergo proper treatments in allopath whenever necessary and along with that you may take ayurvedic medicines and.. Read more

Baba ramdev in englisg ovarian cyst

asked by Luella on 31 July 2011 18:09
Sir, may I request information on baba ramdev in englisg ovarian cyst ?, I am thankful to... Read More
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Ayurvedic recipe for gastric ovarian cyst

asked by Amit Gupta on 7 July 2011 13:45
Hello Sir, I require information on ayurvedic recipe for gastric ovarian cyst ?, waiting for your answer, kindly reply... Read More
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