Ashwashila capsule

Patanjali Ashwashila capsule is a combination of Ashwagandha and Shilajit which makes it a powerful..

Japani M 20 Capsules

Japani M Capsules for Men are indicated in Virility, Vitality, Pleaeure, Strength & Stamina...

Maharishi Amrit Kalash

Good for nerves, promotes vitality and inner strength of Men...

Patanjali Youvan Churna

It is useful in treating general debility, weakness, improves strength and stamina, and builds up im..

Hamdard labub kabir

It helps to give strength to brain, nerves and the muscles of the male sex organ. Improves vigour an..

Addyzoa Capsules

Addyzoa Capsules is an ayurvedic medicine made to be used for Male Functional Infertility, Oligosper..


Penis - Ayurvedic Medicines & Remedies

Increase penis size

asked by Surajbisht on 23 August 2018 0:04
Can I increase my penis in age 23. Plz tell which medicine good for it and my penis not erect properly.younamrita vati is good or... Read More
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Hypower Musli capsules
Hypower Musli Capsule is a Male Sex Power Booster and is not only used for improving sexual energy b..
Japani oil
Japani oil for men is used to improve and stimulate libido and increase vigor..
Charak Vigomax Forte
Vigomax Forte is a rational aphrodisiac formulation. Withania somnifera is an anxiolytic and antioxi..
Patanjali Ashwagandha capsules
Boost up sexual and mental power, immunity with Ashwagandha..

Ling vardhk

asked by sanam5 on 4 August 2018 19:25
श्रीमान जी मेरे लिंग की लंबाई 5 इंच तथा मोटाई ढाई इंची है क्या क्या इसकी लंबाई तथा मोटाई को बढ़ाया जा सकता है यदि हां तो कृपया कोई क्रीम बताओ तेल या कोई... Read More
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Remedy for bent penis

asked by Rajdeep1 on 31 May 2018 19:33
What medicine and oil will be beneficial to treat the condition of peyronies disease i.e bent in penis due to fibrous... Read More
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How do I enlarge my penis size

asked by kumarsingh on 10 December 2017 19:44
sir my penis size is 3.4 inch while on election it reaches approx 5 inch. I feel that my penis is small . I m 25 years old.Can you please tell me some possible way to enlarge my penis.... Read More
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My penis is totally being not strong.I am 31 yr old.what can I do?

asked by Rahul bhoi on 6 December 2017 20:37
I m 31 yr old .I m using jaunamrut bati,Ashwagandha churns,swetamusuli about one month.but there is no any development of penis strong.what can I do... Read More
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Penis infection

asked by Satpal singh on 22 October 2017 23:33
Good day doctor i have infection in my penis last 6 month .there is two white rings on bothside of penis.under the head there are small pimple like shown.when penis stand it shows otherwise nil.there is jalan when I pee there is red skin adjoing. where I is paining when I pee.when my penis stand it also all repots are negative.pls... Read More
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Penis pain

asked by Lahure on 8 October 2017 17:39
I have penis pain for since two years. At first it started with itching on the tip of the penis. And I went to urologist. Te urologist said I need to do circumcision, I got circuncised. Again the pain is same. Later Dr. Said they don't know where the pain is xoming from . Sonce I am married and I don't have sex with any other than my wife! I tested for all kinds of stds. All the stds came... Read More
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Small penis

asked by adak on 28 August 2017 5:31
hello sir I have a small penis and I can do long time sex just only 2 minutes. So can you suggest any oil or medicine for that and my penis skin is very thin and I want to make it right so suggest me a medicine sir... Read More
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Penis health

asked by aaaa12341 on 24 August 2017 22:58
which oil or cream is best for penis muscle , tissues and for strong or healthy... Read More
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Penis size

asked by Ricky14 on 12 August 2017 13:35
Hi , I am 25 yrs old male . While erection my penis size is 4-4.5 inches. I want increase my penis size and I am also having the problem of premature ejaculation as well . I have not taken any medication and I don't have any illness . My marital status is single. Kindly suggest me how to increase penis size and stamina as well as to avoid premature... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation is inability of penile muscles to maintain erection for required time, caused mainly by psychological factors and physical weakness and masturbation further deteriorate the erection timeAyurvedic medicines recommended are as follows- 1.Kounch beej capsules one tablet twice a day with luke warm milk after meals2.Kamini vidrawan ras 125mg twice a day.. Read more

Improving Penis Sensitivity

asked by sapbwstar on 14 July 2017 21:48
Please help me to improve my penis sensitivity. I am very sexual enjoys sex, but my penis sensitivity has gone down considerably. Is there a cure to this problem. I have tried lotions but nothing has helped. Is there a cure in... Read More
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Penis Nerve Damage

asked by crazzy.gaurav on 27 June 2017 23:10
Pranam Sir I am a 42 years old male. I was having a normal sex life until last month I decided to try a penis extender for increasing the size of penis. After 20 days of itslight use, yesterday by miskake I wore it very tightly. When I removed it after 1 hour my penis was cold & numb . After that the penis has lost most of the sensation & it ia unable to get erection . I am very much... Read More
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Ayurvedic treatment of penile scabies

asked by vku on 21 March 2017 8:20
Namaskar sir, I suffered from scabies in my penis 3-4 months ago, I went to a dermatologist he suggested me a permethrin lotion (descap-p) and tablet - teczine to consume for 1 month ( lotion for 2 consecutive days in a week). Itcing was finished after 1 month. I was fully recovered but again after 3-4 month same problem is occurring & this it seems to be more hazardous. I stay in hostel (out... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Scabies is a contagious disorder with the itching being the prominant featureIt spreads by sexual contact in genetaliaand then extent to finger webs, buttock folds and axillary regionThey are vesicular or pustular eruptions with blisters that are nocturnal itching in natureAvoid scratching the area as it worsen the diseaseAyurveda calls it pama caused mainly by alleviation of kapha.. Read more

Can shilajit incease penis size?

asked by bingo on 18 August 2016 12:44
Can dabur shilajit capsules can increase penis size? or can shilajit powder increase penis... Read More
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To know about honey use on Penis

asked by Siddhartha Das on 19 July 2016 11:20
Hello sir I am Siddharth , I want to know about massaging honey on Penis.. ..I have heard that honey massage on Penis may increase the size of penis.. .is it true? Plz inform me.... Read More
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About orgy oil

asked by jassiii on 18 July 2016 14:00
I already bought orgy oil but I don't know how i use orgy oil ? On erect penis or on normal ? Actually i am used from few days on normal penis, it may affect on my penis power. Now my penis not erect as usual in pervious. So, tell me Sir, What i should do... Read More
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Sanda oil for penis

asked by M.Dutta on 30 May 2016 21:03
hello sir i want big,stronger penis and increse sperm count... so sanda oil is best for this. please help me as soon as possilbe... thank... Read More
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How to grow my penis & Reduce fat also

asked by zeetu on 18 January 2016 23:40
My age is 31 Male, My problem is I am very fat my weight is around 110 kg my height is 5'11", And also one thing after i became fat my penis goes too small. And also its not getting harder and strong i think my penis size may be 2-3 inches when it stand. And also when it stands the skin at the top of my penis is not opening towards down its paining when i open it and touch the edge of my... Read More
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Farbah oil

asked by sampam on 7 October 2015 20:20
i am using farbah oil from past 4 days, i am feeling hardness on my penis, getting lesser erections usually in daytime now, i am using it to enlarge the penis size. Is it safe to use and how much time it takes to increase the size of penis? are results... Read More
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My meatus is fracture and little bit swelling and leftside of urethra

asked by szaker555 on 2 August 2015 13:36
Dear Health Guru, I am 52 years old, and posses good health, energetic,but I have very serious problem of my erection, 23 years b4 I have got an injury, when I am having intercourse with my wife, my wife is on top, and i was lay on my back, sudden my erected penis hit her pelvis and some cracking or popping sound comes,The penis then swells rapidly, I lost erection 75%. I have used VIAGRA, and... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello Sir, There are many factors involved when it comes to act of intercourse. Usually your problem is something else related to structural or organic, that is because of your stricture urethra, and due to possible prostate enlargement. As in your case, there is stricture urethra, there is possibility of erection related issues and if there is any such kind of interference, then there should be.. Read more
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Sanda Oil
Sanda Oil helps to generate heat in organ and helps to pump more blood in the shaft which gives hard..
Divya Yauvanamrit Vati
Ayurvedic medicine made for all types of Sexual problems in males, including premature ejaculation,..
Charak Vigomax Forte
Vigomax Forte is a rational aphrodisiac formulation. Withania somnifera is an anxiolytic and antioxi..
Addyzoa Capsules
Addyzoa Capsules is an ayurvedic medicine made to be used for Male Functional Infertility, Oligosper..
Mall Tail (Oil) for Penis Strength
Mall Tail is an ayurvedic oil for strengthening the penis muscles and making harder...
Shri Gopal Oil for Penis Strength
Acts as an alterative tonic and aphrodisiac, loss of libido and impotency in various kinds of sexual...
Kam Tantra Penis Massage Oil (30ml x 3)
Helps Increase Sex Time & Sex Power. Harder Longer Lasting Erection. Make Penis Muscles. Increase Extra...
Hypower Musli Capsule for Sexual Energy
Hypower Musli Capsule is a Male Sex Power Booster and is not only used for improving sexual energy but...
2 Much Gold Capsules for Sexual Strength
2 Much gold Capsules are best used in maintaining sexual strength, vigor & vitality in Men. 2 much gold...
Shilajit Gold Capsules (Sexual Health)
Shilajit Gold is the most powerful Sex stimulant which improves your sexual health & rejuvenating elixir...
Stay-On Capsules for Sexual Power
Stay-on capsules will Revitalize you, Enhance your overall sexual performance, Build self-esteem and...
Vigorex Capsules for Sexual Stamina
Zandu Vigorex Capsules is an aggregate of seven powerful herbs & minerals that revitalize the body &...

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