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asked by Divyata Mishrikotkar on 1 March 2018 18:24
Hello sir, mere papa 68year ke hai aur 25 saal se unko diabetes hai. Unki drushti kam hone ke karan doctor ne lesser treatment karwayi lekin uske bad unko dikhana aur kam ho gaya. Jaise ki lesser ke pahle wo newspaper padh pate the lekin ab wo nahi padh pate. Ab es case me kya unki drushti wapas la sakte hai? Agar ha to kya treatment hogi aur kitna expenses aayega?... Read More
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Retinal lattice degeneration and retinal horse shoe tear

asked by Srii on 13 January 2018 2:52
Sir..good morning!!i had retinal tear horse shoe shaped in left eye and got retinopexy and diagnose with lattice degeneration in the right eye..can I reverse the lattice degeneration by using ayervedic medicine..please suggest ..and I want to prevent another tear in my left eye or right eye to occur..what should I do??i am myopic of -4.75 diopter and can you please suggest me the diet and medicine... Read More
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Retina detachment

asked by Djrp on 18 October 2016 21:06
Hello sir, With hope and faith in ayurveda, I am asking you this question. My mother is diabetic and undergone the treatment for retina detachment before 2 years. She has gradually lost her vision. The reason for it is her eyes nerves have not proper blood supply. Si I wonder whether any aayurvedic treatment or yoga can help us? Please reply soon... Read More
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Retina detachment and vision loss

asked by myyograju on 1 September 2016 12:42
dear sir, Here I am telling how My right eye problem started.... 25/12/2013……6/6 Treatmenr…eyedrops 31/12/2013…AM. 2/01/2014….6/60-6/24P NCT..13/15 Doctors diognsed the disesse as ARN. Treatment>.. Acyclovir iv for one week and followed by Valacivir. 14/01/2014..6/24 NCT.11 21/1/2014..6/24p Ntc.12/18 22/1/14.. 360 barrage lasser... Read More
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Nurve damage and retina ditacment

asked by paulsajib3 on 28 May 2016 11:39
Dear doctor, I am s.paul . I am 20 years old. I am male. 2 month ago i got accident by byke. Then i injured my right eye. I meet many doctors, they all are tell me that your right eay nurves is damage and ratina ditacment also. So i totaly lost my vision on my right eye. My right eye is totally blind. So, please guide can i improve my right eye. Please doctor help me, i want my right... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- In the case of accident, the severe injury to the optic nerve sometimes causes a mild dull vision followed by complete vision loss. Medicines will help in mild change but cannot help once the vision is lost completely. Ayurvedic medicated ghee like Divya MahaTriphala Ghrit can be taken for 6months to strengthen the other eye and will also be beneficial for the affected eye. Ayurvedic treatment known.. Read more

Eyesproblem retina

asked by harshadd on 21 March 2016 12:02
Namaskar my mother age 70 suffer retina problem since last 5 yrs. Now the dr. said retina are burned so her vision bcomes low. is there any medicines for... Read More
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Retina detachment and Macular hole problem in Left Eye

asked by sangamkadole on 29 October 2015 12:35
Dear Doctor Recently faced Retina and Macula Detachment problem in left eye Subsequently had Sceleral Buckling Surgery done in left Need advice on medicine,food and yogas for improvement of retina condition in eye... Read More
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Retina disorder

asked by rpalampur on 14 October 2014 17:28
Sir, I am a patient of high myopia -23 both eyes. I have also problem related to retina my retina is weak. I have green laser surgery last year because of holes in my retina. Please suggest me some good Ayurvedic medicine or any treatment for this problem and also I want to know that use of contact lenses is dangerous for eyes. Doctors have advised me not to go for any operation because of thin... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- A thin retina is prone to get small holes or tears which may not produce more symptoms, but it becomes a problem when the fluid seeps through the retina. It can even lead to retinal detachment which may cause loss of vision. Retina is light sensitive which is present in the back of the eye. Retinal tear may be caused by high myopia also. The tear in it may cause cloudy vision, dark shade or may.. Read more

Divya Drishti / Netra Jyoti for Retina

asked by Kiran_Tol123 on 12 June 2014 18:15
namaskar babaji my name is kiran my mother she is 66 years old she suffering from retinal problem & she has blood pressure & daibaties doctor said that the blood flow is not reaching at retiina the cells are chok up so retina get damage so i there any option, my mother will see again is there any medicine please tell... Read More
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Lattice degeneration on retina of both eyes

asked by shayonbh on 4 September 2013 0:06
Hello Doctor, I have been diagnosed with Lattice Degeneration of retina on both eyes recently. I have started taking amla juice since then, and also doing anulom vilom, and bhramari on a ragular basis. I am high myopic (-6.25D on left eye and -7.50D on right eye). I wanted to know if I can do Kapalbhaati under this condition (is it safe) ? Also, can this condition be reversed/stopped ? Because I... Read More
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Dr.Jilsy Says:- ¸Hello, Thanks for the inquiryLattice degeneration is a common form of degenerative change seen in peripheral retina. It occurs when the tissue of the peripheral retina has atrophied, with blood vessels that look like fibers in a lattice pattern. Even though retinal detachment is very rare, lattice degeneration is a risk factor for retinal detachment and approximately 30% of spontaneous retinal.. Read more

Any medicine to cure retinal detachment

asked by on 15 July 2013 13:06
age 42 geder Female having short sight of power above15 my father done retina operation. to avoid this precationary... Read More
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Dr.George Says:- Dear sister, Shortsightedness is refractive error. It means the retina is not able to focus the light rays from an object over the lens. It diminishes the vision It is usually a problem that can be cured from wearing spectacles or refractive surgeries. I think with this power also you can go with a spectacle Surgery is a resort which may helps to reduce the power substantially that helps to reduce.. Read more

Regarding Retinal Bleeding and floaters

asked by prt33k on 2 July 2013 16:29
Respected Sir, I am having Eales diseases. There was retinal bleeding in my left eyes 4 month back. I had laser treatment for this. Since then there is no bleeding but I am still having floaters. Also doctor said that the problem may occur in right eyes as well so he gave laser treatment in that eye also. Also, since the bleeding in my left eyes, there is some deposit in retina which block center... Read More
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Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, In this particular case, floaters can be subsided and retinal bleeding can be calmed down.At this stage rather than tratak i would recommend you to go for a proper ayurvedic treatment in hopsital which is "Tarpana". Tarpana shall be continued with Triphala ghritha and changes shall be observed each day guided by a physician belonging to Shalakhya department (ENT) I would also suggest.. Read more

Uvites and retina swelling

asked by shaikh nassrin on 16 April 2013 17:22
hi i am f/29/from goa i am suffering from uvites recently check up i have swelling in my retina i had given drops and oral steriod but i have taken only 4 steriod of 10mg and stopped for side effect i am taking mAHATRIPAHAL GHEE AND AMALIKA RASAYAN REGULARLY WALKING AND YOGA EXERCISE REGULARLY I WANT TO REDUCE MY RETINA SWELLING WITHOUT USING STERIOD OR INJECTION AS I AM AGINST IT PLEASE HELP ME IF... Read More
Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, Both swelling of retina and uveitis are great matter of concern and immediate attention is needed. As you know, uveitis is the inflammation of uvea which includes iris, ciliary body and choroid In this stage you will have to take steroids regularly and take in allopathic treatments like tharpana based on detailed check up by an ayurvedic physician.Here i can suggest you certain medicnes which.. Read more

Thinning of retina

asked by gp54 on 27 January 2013 8:45
Doctor has told me that my left eye retine is thinning. My right eye retina had been detached twice and I have no vision with right eye. Is there any treatment for thinning of retina... Read More
Dr.Sharma Says:- Dear Guest Thanks for writingYoga: ‘Tratak ‘ way of concentrating on an object help a lot . Surya Namaskaar is also good [if done in early morning. yoga for eyes, it has relevant postures for Eye strength. Lifestyle: Walking on grass, Applying oil on feet specially good for eyes, Natural Remedy: [Amla Jiuce] is specially good Diet: Carrots are specially good Ayurvedic Medicine:Cataract.. Read more

Retina Weakness

asked by Ram1 on 20 December 2012 21:19
Good Morning Doctor, I am unable to view clearly by my Left Eye due to retina weak for 8 months. so please help/ suggest me how to rectify this... Read More
Dr.Sharma Says:- Dear RAM Start applying warm sesame oil on your feet while sleeping, Splash eyes ,mouth filled with water in the morning, Also take Eye medicine,these may help provide strength to your eyes and improve your visionBEST OF.. Read more

Retina Treatment

asked by shyam sood on 28 October 2012 8:43
I am 47 year old I disease of retina now medicine running Eplex chrono 5000mg & frisium 100 mg Male Hair problem and eye sight week Diffuse disc bulge with central protrusion at 1.2.3 level, indenting the thecal sac.Diffuse disc bulge at I.3-4 level, effacing the anterior epidural fat.Diffuse disc bulge with ligamentum flavum thickening at I.4-5 level, indenting the thecal sac with mild... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, As you are suffering from retina related problem for which you need to undergo separate treatments which are in ayurveda. For your complaints regarding disc bulge it is necessary to do special external treatments in Ayurveda and Panchakarma treatment along with the internal medications. Since you are under epilexchrono and frisium (for how long you are taking that is didn’t mentioned.).. Read more

Is there any medicine to improve eye vision and retina thickness ?

asked by Dinesh123 on 3 July 2012 18:27
i am 25 years old.recently i visit eye doctor for operation (not wearing glasses) at that he tell me your eye retina thickness is 470 it is not suitable for operation .is there any medicine to improve retina thickness in ayurveda and for good vision ?... Read More
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Myopic Peripapillary CNVM

asked by bunu on 22 June 2012 11:03
Sir, I am 40 years old earlier suffered from macular degeneration in the year 1998in left eye whose treatment was unsuccessfull. Presently on 29th May 2012 I was diagnoised with peripapillary CNVM in right eye .At one place in the peripheral vision I am getting distorted vision. Doctor advised for three avastin injections monthly basis. After first injection I found there is no further damaga but... Read More
Dr.Sharma Says:- Dear Sir Your condition needs a medical management which is based on eye check ups with Retinoscopy etc However degenerative condition may improve by Cataract & Glaucoma Ayurvedic Medicines ,but you may have to take for a long period , AND observe.Mahatriphala Ghrita in it may have effect on degeneration ,and other all medicine have combined effect one or the other way for eye problems .But you.. Read more

Foveal Atrophy in the retina

asked by hhh33 on 17 May 2012 14:09
my eye went through a trauma and now doctors say that it has foveal atrophy and angle recession, for now i cant read with effected eye but i can see object crooked with blurred vision . They say that the fovea has decreased its size than normal,which means the retinal or foveal layers have been damaged.The actual thickness of fovea is more as compared to my eye,thats the reason is see crooked lines... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, As you are suffering from retinal complaint where there is involvement of retinal layer and possibly an optic nerve and there is problem in fovea centralis according to your query and for your information, there are no such medications for correcting nerve damage in ayurveda. The only solution in ayurveda is to protect the eyes and to nourish the damaged portion so that there is some ray of.. Read more


asked by sushill sharma on 29 November 2011 20:35
sir what is the benifit of amlki rasyan, and can we eat aswagandha and amlkirasyan and saptamirt lok with... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, There many benefits of Amalaki Rasayan, as Rasayan itself means that which is good for circulation and the one which nourishes blood vessels and to precise which nourishes cells of every tissue. The active essence of medicine will actively reaches to the target point and in result it nourishes that particular field and hence Rasayana is also called as rejuvenatorRasyana usually prepared as.. Read more
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