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Sex - Ayurvedic Medicines & Remedies

Low Sex Drive

asked by humtum on 14 March 2019 20:29
Hello Sir Ji, I live in abroad. I was doing meditation for three years. In this three years , I tried to control my mind (every time when my mind was thinking about sex, I used to control my feeling or I was not engaging with sex thought). Now, I am planning to get marry but I felt that I have low sex drive. I'm not getting any sex feeling nor sex thoughts/imagination even when I am seeing a... Read More
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Addyzoa Capsules
Addyzoa Capsules is an ayurvedic medicine made to be used for Male Functional Infertility, Oligosper..
Maharishi Amrit Kalash
Good for nerves, promotes vitality and inner strength of Men...
Japani M 20 Capsules
Japani M Capsules for Men are indicated in Virility, Vitality, Pleaeure, Strength & Stamina...
Divya Yauvanamrit Vati
Ayurvedic medicine made for all types of Sexual problems in males, including premature ejaculation,..

Very big problem sex weekness

asked by Suboor on 25 December 2017 1:45
20 yrs old male very very sex weekness problem when i hug my girlfrnd sperm full discharge and when i touch my pnies with gf body sperm descharge best doctor consult me... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Premature ejaculation is a common problem faced by some of them. It is commonly triggered due to anxiety, stress, poor eating habits and general weakness. Ayurvedic medicines halep sto improve the transformation of the dhathus and thereby will improve the quality of the reproductive fluid. Healthy lifestyle changes will improve more control avoiding the premature ejaculation. Ayurvedic medicines for.. Read more

Can i take both confido and ashwagandha for stress Prematureejaculation Erectiledysfunctionn

asked by neevrsingh on 14 August 2017 4:58
Sir ji kya main confido ko and ashwagandha ko eksath use kr skta hu for Erectiledysfunction,Prematureejaculation ,stress,low sperm count,less stamina during... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Low, Sex, Stress
Expert's Advice (Dr.Kanika):- Hello, Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation causes inability of male partner to maintain the erection and is aggravated by physhological factors like stress,anxietyAyurvedic medicines recommended along with confido tablets and ashwagandha are as follows- Kounch beej capsules one tablet twice a day with luke warm milk after mealsKamini vidrawan ras 125mg twice a day with luke warm milk after.. Read more

Medicine for ED and Sexual weakness

asked by cks2006 on 15 July 2017 12:41
Hi, I am 34 year old a married man.I am healthy and fit,Priorly I was in sex but now suffering from ED and low sexual desire from last 3 year.I tried some medicine like Manmath Ras,Shilajit gold but these were for only time being.I feel difficult in... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Desire, Ed, Low, Sex
Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Narasimha Rasayanam can be taken along with the medicines that you are taking. Medicines along with lifestyle changes will be beneficial to improve the nourishment to the tissues. Healthy diet and exercise also plays a vital part which must be followed regularly Yoasanas, mediattaion and pranyamam helps to relax the mind which will help to improve the signal from the brain. Rest, good sleep and.. Read more
Patanjali Ashwagandha capsules
Boost up sexual and mental power, immunity with Ashwagandha..
Ashwashila capsule
Patanjali Ashwashila capsule is a combination of Ashwagandha and Shilajit which makes it a powerful..
Patanjali Youvan Churna
It is useful in treating general debility, weakness, improves strength and stamina, and builds up im..
Hypower Musli capsules
Hypower Musli Capsule is a Male Sex Power Booster and is not only used for improving sexual energy b..

Penic enlargement

asked by goli741991 on 3 July 2017 9:21
sir i jus wanted to ask you that i feel that my penis is small its only 10 cm. i really want to increase its size. and when i masturbate i eject within 2 to 3 minutes. i am really depressed about it. i have taken some ayurvedic medicines from people but i didnot worked at all. i have wasted my lots of money and those people have cheated me...sir please help me... Read More
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Longer sex & lengthy penis.

asked by BHASKAR74 on 23 January 2017 10:52
Dear sir, I am fourty two aged single and have been masturbating since age twenty. What i am asking is i want to have a lengthy penis seven inch - eight inches. Now it is five inch , yes when fully hardened it is thick, but i like it to be little more thickness. My other wish is not to pre- ejaculate, have sex for longer hour & then ejaculate. I had taken XTRALARGE capsules for two... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Sex
Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- The size of penis has nothing to do with satisfaction of women and bigger size of penis does not mean more enjoyment. Penis length you have is a average length of males in India so nothing to worry about it. For healthy sexual life you need emotions and attachment with your partner so try for it. Be open and you need to control your anxiety so there would be no premature ejaculation. You should also.. Read more

If we take Musli or shilajit one time for increasing sex duration then it is necessary to take continuesly?

asked by Hdk on 5 September 2016 21:52
If we take musli powder or tablets for one time for increasing sex duration Then from next time it is necessary to take it continuesly whenever have sex? I don't want to continuesly take tablet Pl suggest something... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Less, Sex
Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- Musli or Shlajit can be administered for a month then you may stop it if you see that you do not need it further. It needs to be consumed daily and not only before having sex. These are not sex pill but ayurvedic formulas for boosting your strength and stamina of overwall.. Read more

Obesity n sex problem

asked by bujjidileep on 29 February 2016 14:37
Im 33yrs married female. I hve been suffering from depression for the last two yrs. Im using allopathi medicine but still no use. Im having obesity problem. Im having hypothyroid and diabetes. Hypothyroid and diabetes are under control. My husband touches me or kisses on my lips, fore head, I don’t feel any emotions. My husband inserted his finger into my vagina but I don’t have any... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Obesity, Problems, Sex
Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Female arousal sexual disorder is seen in some women. Harmonal changes, poor nutrition, excess stress and ill health trigger the loss of vigor. Some times, the symptoms vanish completely within a month. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken in those who suffer from it for longer periods. Healthy eating and exercise will help to improve the general and sexual health Ayurvedic medicines like M2Tone Syrup.. Read more

Testes pain

asked by bvvv on 1 December 2015 9:22
I am 20 years old nd i have testes pain for a long time. Generally it happens after having fresh . I am facing this problem since month. Please tell me reason. And tell me solution... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Sex
Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- If the pain in the testes persist for a longer duration, it is necessary to consult a doctor and do the required investigations to know the cause. Temporary pain is seen due to tight clothings, inflammation or mild injury. Chronic pain may be seen due to varicocele, hrdrocele or a referred pain as in inguinal hernia. Please consult your nearest doctor and let me know the reulsts to guide you.. Read more

Weekness etc

asked by anamsingh on 12 August 2015 15:27
Mai 54 years old man hun. mujhe pichle lagbhag 15 saalon se sugar aur fir Bp ki problm hai..young age me mujhe tb bhi ho chuka hai. aur ajkal main ulcerative colitis ka treatment bhi le raha hun.insuline bhi leta hun..par vaese mai har samay changa hi rahta hun. aur sab normal hai. par meri sex problam mujhe pareshan kar deti hai. mujhe jitni jaldi tanav hota hai utni hi jaldi discharge bhi ho jata... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Sex, Sugar, Weekness
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello Sir, As you are suffering from diabetes and hypertension from past 15 years, it is quite inevitable that you may experience sexual related problems, mainly it is of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and loss of libido and these problems do arise because of diabetes and its complications and happens in chronic diabetes. You may start some supplements that helps you to improve from.. Read more

Sex related problem

asked by sumiti on 7 June 2015 10:27
Himy self Vicky , mere shadee ko one year ho chuka hai . mere problem ya hai basically jab mai apnee wife ka sath oral sex karta hoon us time to penis mai titeness hotee haai aur jaisa hee insert karna ka time aata hai penis loose ho jata hai tab mai penis ko apna hand sa hilata hoon tab jaa ka vo title hota hai aur jaisa hee tite hota hai mai vegina mai daal deta hoon ,one or two time in out... Read More
3 replies  -  Related Tags: Sex
Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- I think it is more of mental problem then physical. When you do oral sex it is more sensual and less physical work so you enjoy it and hence penis is tight during oral. It is very important to have right position while putting penis in vegina. You should better try to use new position for sex which brings you more excitement. What position you use when you insert penis in vegina? Also do not think.. Read more

Prrevent Pregnancy

asked by Safety Desired on 4 March 2015 17:25
Hellow doctor, i am married since last 2 months. my wife wants to have sex without using any pills, as it causes side effects in the long run. Please suggest me some ayurvedic methods, that could be easily done, without having any side effects, also a point is that she is having irregular periods. Please reply... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Safe, Sex
Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Natural methods of contraception cannot be guaranteed. Contraception is generally preferred to space children, due to health reasons, after planning or those who do not want the contraceptive methods due to its effects. It also becomes a reason in unplanned pregnancy. As your wife's periods are not regular, the natural methods like avoiding sex during the periods of ovulation or withdrawing.. Read more

Patanjali medicines for sex problem

asked by exotic on 21 November 2014 23:35
dear sir, my age 33 male taking package of pre mature ejaculation but having that pimples on my face started (big red spots on pressing give pain ) if i stop medicine then slowly with time they settle down so for reasons i cant complete course of 2 months (taking 2 chandraprabha, 2 shilajeet and 2 yauvana amrit tablets) just can hardly take for week and face got acne plz... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Patanjali sex, Sex
Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Some medicines cause unique symptoms to the same medicine which is tolerated by others as each person is unique. As you are taking a combination of three medicines, it is difficult to find the effect of each one on your skin. So you can take one by one as each one of it will help to control your symptoms and you can assess its action by the pimples. Premature ejaculation is a problem which has a.. Read more

Can I take..

asked by vimalvikas on 8 October 2014 10:05
Hi, I am of 26yr male, I have sexual weakness for last few months, erectile dysfunctioning,premature ejaculation. Can I take ashwagandha,safed musli and kaunch beej churna together?? or suggest some other... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Sex
Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Yes you can take Aswagandha, Kounch beeja, safed musli together. They have the aphrodisiac property to improve the sexual weakness, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Aphrodisiacs are not only to increase the sexual desire, but they also increase your energy levels thereby nourishing the dhathus or the body There is a combination known as Hypower Musli capsule which contains aswagandha.. Read more

Period date change

asked by ms.kavitarani on 31 August 2013 14:27
age-24,female........sir jis din mairi weding nyt hai usi din mari period date bhi hai plz tell me mai apni period date kaisai change kar sakti hu jissai sex mai koi problem na ho or muzai bhi period related koi problem na ho........plz doctor tell me.........mai bahut paraishan hu ........mari email id hai... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Sex
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, Unfortunately in ayurveda there are no strong formulations said which can delay menstrual cycle. It could be because this process is a natural one and shall not be altered. In several occasions it is found that the period in fact delays due to disturbed mental status or heavy physical exertion At this stage i can advice you 2 home remedies which can help delay period Avoid spicy food. Spicy.. Read more


asked by ABHIYJ on 25 May 2013 20:14
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Child, Sex
Expert's Advice (Dr.Saurabh):- Dear Friend, It's good that you are planning for a babySo i would appreciate if you and your wife can go for a 7 days Panchkarma detoxification package before you proceed to the next stepAlso , for the safer side, go for all the routine tests for you and your wife You may start with taking lots of warm milk twice daily .Avoid alcohol or smoking if you practice any of them.Take {baidynath Mushali.. Read more

About shilajit capsul

asked by sudipnp on 8 December 2012 18:22
how month may i use it... Read More
4 replies  -  Related Tags: Increasing, Power, Sex, Shilajit
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hi, You can use Shilajit Capsule one-one after food with milk With regards, Dr... Read more

Male Sex Disorder

asked by Aj22222 on 7 December 2012 0:20
Hi Doctor, I'm 30 years old and I just got married. I have a same problem a lot of men do now days. I cannot last long during sex probably 2 mins max. I do get a erectile, but it does not last that long. After few mins my penis looses strength and goes down. I want to have a good sex and satisfy my wife. Can you please advise what medicines to take in order to have a sex for a long time and... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As you feel and suspect, now a days there are many people including women and men are suffering from sexual dysfunction or so called sexual disorders. This is mainly due to present generation where most of them are work-bounded and works on target oriented basis where people suffer from stress, anxiety, and external factors like pollution of all variants like smoke pollution, sound pollution.. Read more

About sex & diabetic

asked by mohannadhe on 18 October 2012 19:44
I am 57 yrs old and diabetic my sex power is low so which medicine I tale to grow my... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Arindham):- Hi, In case of person suffering from diabetes since long duration then the complications of diabetes like diabetic nephropathy( problem with Kidney), Diabetic Neuropathy ( Problem with Peripheral nervous system) and Diabetic retinopathy ( problem with eyes) occurs So in such person starts to lose his sexual power tooIn such cases ayurved play very good role to regain the sexual energy In such cases.. Read more

My husbands low sex drive

asked by swapna12 on 2 October 2012 19:23
Hello doctor, We are married for 7 years. We are planning for kids. All the other conditions are well. But my husband's sex drive is decreasing now-a-days. He has good erection, no other health problems. He is of 28 years old. Can he use Dabur Shalijit Gold or Baidhyanath Vita-EX Gold? Actually which is good? Are there any side effects? How long should he use... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As your husband is suffering from low sexual drive and if you are not suffering from infertility, it is better to consult a doctor for proper counseling and if your husband is diagnosed with any such problems like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, it is better to consume certain medications from ayurvedic point of view, before consuming medicines, it is better to undergo semen.. Read more
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Hypower Musli capsules
Hypower Musli Capsule is a Male Sex Power Booster and is not only used for improving sexual energy b..
Ashwashila capsule
Patanjali Ashwashila capsule is a combination of Ashwagandha and Shilajit which makes it a powerful..
Patanjali Ashwagandha capsules
Boost up sexual and mental power, immunity with Ashwagandha..
Hamdard labub kabir
It helps to give strength to brain, nerves and the muscles of the male sex organ. Improves vigour an..
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Hypower Musli Capsule for Sexual Energy
Hypower Musli Capsule is a Male Sex Power Booster and is not only used for improving sexual energy but...
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