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Sleep - Ayurvedic Medicines & Remedies

Fatty lever

asked by neeluji on 28 November 2016 22:45
Dear sir My age is 27 year my stomac pain continious from last 2-3 year 6month before I taking treatment and found faty lever after that I had taking continious madician but still no emprovement. Pain started from morning only if I wake up than stoped. Please give me advise for this.. I am taking continius out side food and daily smoking and weekly alcohal also.... My contact... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Continious, Pain, Sleep
Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- Do kapalbhati pranayama 15 minutes daily and 7 days a week in the morning empty stomachLiv 52 DS can be consumed 2 - 2 tablets twice dailyAmlaki rasayana can be consumed 1 tsp twice daily 30 minutes before foodAvoid alcohol and do not take heavy mealsHave dinner before 8 PM Do not eat red.. Read more

Sleep disorder

asked by Sbardhan on 30 August 2016 23:57
I am a 48 years old woman.For last few months i am not able to sleep more than 3 hrs at night.Whenever I go to bed i am taking a lot of time to fall asleep.I am an working lady and this less sleep is making me tired.I donot have blood pressure or diabetes but have mild acid reflux for which i take omiprazole tablet.Is there any medication available to cure me of this sleep disorder... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Disorder, Sleep
Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Insomnia is a problem seen due to unhealthy lifestyle, poor eating habits, gastric problems or psycholgical stress. It is very important to find the cause of deprived sleep. As mentioned acidity is a cause of insomnia which will give you a disturbed sleep. It would be better to have an early supper by which it will ease the digestion with an improved sleep Ayurvedic medicines like Indukanta Kvath -.. Read more

Obstructive sleep apnea

asked by Ashoke singh on 29 May 2016 18:35
my age is 51 gender male. mai last 11 years se obstructive sleep apnea ka pasent hu.jab mai bed me sone jata hu jab mere ko neend ata hota rahte usee time mera neend khul jata jaise lagta hai mera dam band ho gaya,aise hi 1 or 2 ganta chalne ka bad neend a jata hai.i have no diabetes but some low pressure.i am past illness but eye operation for catract.please suggest me... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Apnea, Sleep
Expert's Advice (Dr. Spoorthi):- Hello, Sleep disturbance happens due to many reason . It get effected by digestive system, hormonal imbalance stress, certain medication etc. So we need to correct all the factors to improve the quality of sleep Note: 1.Avoid late night dinner, have dinner at least before 8 or give minimum 2 hrs of gap between sleep and dinner2. Avoid too much usage of gadgets like tv, mobile , tab etc after coming.. Read more

Sleep Apnoea

asked by ashish_ayur on 27 May 2015 21:04
Hi, My mother is suffering from sleep apnoea What is the ayurvedic approach to cure sleep... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Apnoea, Sleep
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder while on sleep. If it is associated with infrequent breathing during sleep, this condition is called as sleep apnea. This condition may appear commonly in males who are overweighed, obese, even with large neck size, with enlarged tonsils, if someone is suffering from GERD or gastro esophageal reflux disorder, who are alcoholics, and chronic smokers may.. Read more

Sleep Disorder

asked by Mahesh1283 on 4 May 2015 23:54
I am 35 years old male and I have disturbed sleep for the last 18 years. Even when I get 8 hours of sleep at night I don't feel rested in the morning. I feel sleepy all day but if I try to nap in the afternoon I choke within a minute of falling asleep and wake up gasping for breath and palpitation. This is generally a frightening event and it keeps me from attempting to nap during the day. I... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Apnea, Sleep
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello Sir, You are getting typical sleep apnea problem. That is difficulty in breathing while you are sleeping. Actually it is considered as typical healthy issue. As you are already under medications from four years without any desired results, it is important to switch to other systems, and In Ayurveda, definitely there is a way out for such complaints. However you need to adopt a combination.. Read more

Sleeping problem

asked by tugnait on 20 March 2014 18:28
Hello,sir i have consern for my son.he is 13 year old.he is always complaing about his sleeping .he cant get sleep at night,why is this happening to him .he is just child.please help me with some home remedies and with baba ramdev... Read More
3 replies  -  Related Tags: Sleep, Sleeping
Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Children must sleep well in order to study and concentrate well at school. It also helps with the proper growth, strength and energy. Ayurveda considers Sleep as one among the three pillars of life. Some kids face sleep onset difficulties. They must get 8-9hrs noninterrupted sleep. It varies in each one, but still check with whether he has any pressure at school, any anxiety, stress with home work... Read more

Hayfever/ sleep disorder

asked by Ren on 2 September 2013 15:50
Hi, i am 62 yrs, female,diabetic on metformin,gliclazide 40mg,atorvastatin 10mg,fexofenadine120mg. i have piles problem but since i have started taking himalayas pilex i am better no sign of blood. two years ago my liver was infected after visiting India. i am taking himalayas Liv52.I have sleeping problem cnt get good sleep at night. I am a house wife.... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Sleep
Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Dear Madam Thanks for your query.How long are you not able to get good sleep?How long are you taking Fexofenadine,When do you take it?Generally antihistamines gives a sleepy feeling,but it varies in each person.One of the main reasons in sleep disturbance is due to stress in any issues.Sleeping pattern generally changes as you age.Ayurveda as a holistic medicine deals not only with the body but also.. Read more

Sleep Disorder From Fifteen dayes

asked by Dharampal on 15 July 2013 20:38
I am having sleep disorder many a time whole night I remain awaked and lied o the bed keeping my eye closed because of that I became disturbed.Please Suggest me any reliable best medicine with the use of the same I can sleep soundly. Dharam Pal... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Jilsy):- Hello, Thanks for the inquiryHope that you are not having any chronic disease contributing to sleeplessnessDay sleep, stress and anxiety are common reasons for lack of sleep during nightYou can take (1)Ashwagandha ghrit- 2 tsp at bed time followed by a glass of warm milk (2)Siledin Tabs- 2 tabs twice daily (3)Bala thail for head application Daily exercise or yoga including Pavanamuktasana.. Read more

Neend ke bare me

asked by on 15 July 2013 13:39
hello sir plz help me mujhe raat ko neend nahi aati aankh band karke dimag man shant karke sone ki koshish karti hun phir bhi neend kyn nahi aati saal bhar ho gaya din bhar chhakkar lagta hai plz koi upay... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Sleep, Neend
Expert's Advice (Dr.Saurabh):- Dear Alka, Usually sleeplessness is a stress link disorder so i would recommend you to meet any Meditation teacher who can teach you the best way of meditation and then you can have a proper mental relaxation and your sleep could be much better then what you have nowSecondly , try to have good morning walk and also a light evening walk so that your body get some physical exertion and you can have a.. Read more

Gas trouble, sleep loss and weight gain

asked by naheed wali on 29 June 2013 15:56
47 years old female, married having four children, removed uterus three years back, have migraine attacks atleast once a month, cant sleep at times all night long... m weighing 82kg n want to loose some weight, lower abdomen is swollen making the tummy a bulk of flesh, due to hair demage they dont grow in... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- dear you may get evaluated for thyroid etc ,and get the pathological tests done You also need to eat well, like drink lukewarm water entire day, eat little less than your capacity and also dont take Curd at night Secondly you may start taking gaisantak vati Also make time for doing yoga which is the most important part for your health besides the eating , you may do yoga as yoga vcd for.. Read more

Now a days i feel so weakness and sleep less

asked by kusbhoo on 17 March 2013 14:00
i currently working in a concern now a days i feel very weakness and sleep less , so i dont know what do to .. please help... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Sleep, Weakness
Expert's Advice (Dr.Gautam):- Hello Incase you are too stressed about something or think too much, worried etc you may have Vata prakopa (Increase of Vata in the body This can cause both weakness and sleeplessness Kindly follow the advice below: Get a complete blood routine done. Check if Hb% is lessAshwagandharishtam 15ml twice daily after breakfast and dinner Chyavanaprasham 1sp after breakfast followed by milk Include a lot.. Read more

Divya kwath and medha vati

asked by saku on 6 February 2013 7:09
Dear Doctor, I have been taking divya kwath and medha vati for stress related sleep problem for about 3 months and I already feel better now. So, can I stop taking it? Also,once I stop taking it will my problems come back? Thank you in... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Geetika):- Medha kwath and medha vati is for stress and any brain related disorder,loss of memory,migraine,epilepsy etc.Donot leave it immediately but leave gradually like decreasing its dose.If your taking two tablets twice a day first reduce it to one twice a day and then one once a day.Also reduce the amount of medha kwath like if you are taking twice a day reduce it to one time a day.Do practice pranayam.. Read more

Age 23 male , fatigue body pain, headache health problem since 4 years

asked by rajan23 on 11 July 2012 16:46
myself rajan, i am 23 year old, i have acidity problem, still i am facing for shake in head, extreme tiredness, body pain and excessive sleep, i cant concentrate as i tried headache going to increase with sweat belong body and head, feel un-comfertable, now don't have acidity problem the age of 12 i was suffered from vaat rog. now i am suffering with a testies skin disorder... Read More
Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- Acidity can be controlled by taking Divya Avipattikar churna after food For tiredness Ashwagandha churna can be consumed with milk in the morning. For headache do pranayama daily in the morning and it will also cure sleep.. Read more

Lot of sleep during daytime

asked by vijaya2150 on 14 March 2012 17:14
I am getting Lot of sleep, after drinking Tea in morning ,drinking water etc... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As you are having the sleep issue during day time, you have to analyze many other factors like for how many hours you are sleeping in night time and usually if you have sound sleep for 6 to 8 hours in night time without any disturbances, despite of that, you if still getting sleep in day time, you have to check for diet. If you are consuming the food items which are heavy for digestion, there.. Read more

Sleep disturbance and insomnia

asked by samirsm on 13 November 2011 18:03
namaste baba ramdevji merinind puri nahi hoti 12baje se ratko2 baje udjatihai please muje koi dawa btao muje koi tention nai hai... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Loss of sleep or sleep disturbance do occur due to many factors and it become a medical condition when loss of sleep continues for longer duration and it is called as insomnia. Insomnia do occur when you undergo stress or anxiety, or your work is in shifts, or if you are suffering from heavy workload, there will be insomnia. There are many remedies to overcome insomnia, however, one should.. Read more

ZIPOL Elixir - General tonic for adults

asked by Liama on 6 October 2011 16:00
Can I request some information on indian homeopathy remedy ZIPOL Elixir - General tonic for adults ?, I would be very grateful to... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Fatigue, Sleep, Stress
Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- Composition: Avena Sativa Q, Gentiana Lutea Q, Guarana 4CH, Acidum Phos 2X, Aurum Muriaticum 3CH, Helonias Dioica 4CH Uses: A general tonic for reducing fatigue, mental & physical stress. Disturbed sleep, Convalescence and improving.. Read more


asked by vaj on 2 September 2011 4:39
Dear Baba ji, I was doing kapal bhatti for 15 minutes in morning continuous and later in day would do 15 minutes too. Also used to do upside down on ball. for last month I been loosing weight despite eating normal and can't sleep at night. I quit kapal bhatti in last couple of week but still can't sleep. What do I do. There is no other reason I can think why I am not sleeping... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Greetings from, There are many factors those are affecting your sleep. Hence, you should be under supervision before performing any yogasanas or pranayama. Depending on eligibility, you need to go for yogasanas and pranayama. So, you need to go for general body check-ups and analyse for the root cause Loss of sleep or insomnia are due to many factors as mentioned earlier. If.. Read more

Shanti Pills - Speel Aid

asked by Dirk on 23 August 2011 16:00
Hi, Please provide information on homeopathic medicine Shanti Pills - Speel Aid ?, waiting for your answer, kindly reply... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Anxiety, Excitement, Sleep
Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- HAve Cypripedium pubescens 30, Magnesium Carbonica 30, Zincum Valerianum 30, Kali Phos 30 Calms over-excitement, provides serenity and induces normal sleepUseful for insomnia due to stress, worries.. Read more

Baba ramdev ayurvedic medicine for sleep disc

asked by Rajesh Tyagi on 21 June 2011 11:35
Hello Sir, I require information on baba ramdev ayurvedic medicine for sleep disc ?, I would be thankful to... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Baba ramdev, Disc, Ramdev sleep, Sleep

Patanjali sleep tea

asked by Abner on 9 May 2011 11:26
I require information on patanjali sleep tea, your valuable advice regarding this matter is most... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Patanjali tea, Ramdev tea, Sleep
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Divya Saptamrit Lauh
Divya Saptamrit Lauh is best Helpful in Promoting eyesight, Promoting healthy sleep...
Divya Medha Kwath
Used as brain tonic and memory enhancer. Fights chronic headache, migraine, sleeplessness, negativity...
Sushanta Tablets for Stress Free
Sushanta is a blend of ayurvedic herbs and minerals that are traditionally used as a tonic to relieve...
Siledin Tablets
Siledin is indicated in Stress, Strain, Mental anxiety, Emotional disturbances, Nervous and psychogenic...
Arjin Tablets
Arjin is indicated in Hypertension, High B.P. associated with symptoms like giddiness, loss of...
Unjha Shankhpushpi Syrup
Shankhpushpi Syrup enriched with Brahmi gives strength to nervous system. It helps to concentrate those...
Cardimap Tablets for High Blood Pressure
Cardimap is recommended in reducing Hypertension, Anxiety, Tension, Insomnia due to anxiety and stress....
Brahmi Vati with gold
Used as a nervine tonic. Indicated in general debility, typhoid, insomnia, pneumonia. Improves...

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