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CYCST in spinal cord

asked by jitu1909 on 19 January 2018 18:07
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Spinal Cord Injury: Appointment to meet Yogaguru Ramdev

asked by AnandRaoAnand on 8 July 2017 19:43
Dear Sir/ Ma'am, I want treatment of my brother who got spinal cord injury long ago by none but YogaGuru Ramdev. Tell me the process of taking his appointment!I would be really grateful if you can help me in anyway! Eagerly waiting for REPLY from you! Regards, Anand... Read More
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Spinal cord problems

asked by Naresh50 on 8 July 2017 18:52
Hello sir, I am N. P. from bhadrak, Trisha (age-old 25). I am suffering from Spinal Cord gaping L4-L5 & L5-S1 last 1 year, due to which I am suffering back pain during sleeping & long standing and sometimes left leg pain during long walking. I showed doctors I do regularly asana suggested by baba ram dev. Please, suggest me anything to... Read More
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Spinal problem

asked by Psrs on 9 May 2017 15:22
Sir, I am 38 years old & I am suffering from spinal problem since last 9 years.I recently had MRI of my whole spine.It states lumbar problem and degeneration of L5-S1 disc with posterior buldge and development of marginal osteophytes in lumbar area.Dr. said to have bedrest and minimise physical activities. I am unable to stand for long time and can't bend forward.Also my Dr.says if the... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Degenerative vertebral changes are result of constant wear and tear at vertebraeAccording to ayurveda, vitiated vata dosha causes the dryness of asthi dhatu thereby leads to degeneration of the vertebraeThe raised vata dosha causes the pain at back along with stiffnessFollowing ayurvedic medicines should be taken for 3 months and should be reviewed with fresh MRI reports- 1.Shallaki MR- 2.. Read more

Spinal card cancer

asked by bvk on 22 April 2017 12:48
my brothers age 32. my brother have tumor in spinal cord between the 12-13 ribs and the doctor removed the tumor in surgery and now he completed the radiotherapy also but he loss his control on urine and doctors fix a tube to urinate he also loss his control on his legs thats why he could not stand and walk. if there is any remedy medicines are please suggest me for make my brother as... Read More
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asked by sanjay10 on 20 April 2017 20:36
My age-48yrs, male,suffer from mild antherolisthesis of L4 and L5 with bilateral spondylisis . also I'msuffering from posterior protrusion of L4 and L5 disc.also doctors banne me from traveling. i also have dessicated L3-L4 & L4-L5 disc . the pain is severe. The same condition is for C5& C6 vertebrae. doctors suggested to operate. Is it possible to cure my pain by ayurveda??what... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Spondylolisthesis is term used for displacement of vertebrae over other one. Usually affecting the fifth lumbar vertebraeIn case of anterior movement it is termed antherolisthesisThe symptoms involves stiffness in back associated with semi kyphotic posturegait is also altered leading to wasting of gluteal musclesAyurveda correlates dessicated disc with katishool caused by vata dosha while.. Read more

Spinal Problem

asked by Damanjha on 26 November 2016 19:41
Dear Doctor, Please find the attached doc with all details of the patient. Name: Mr. Binod Kumar Jha Age : 59 BP : 140/90 Height : 5.4 Weight: 66.5 kg Patient complaint: From 2014 the patient suffered from left knee joint pain which get cured with physiotherapy and medication which included calcium and pain killer.In 2015 the patient developed sudden lower backache and pin and... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- hello, PIVD is prolapsed intervertebral disc where the soft cushioning intervertebral disc protude out/herniate the ring between the vertebrae causing the nerve root comprasion and thereby leading to the pain in lower limbs and lower back.the sypmtoms appears to have severe radiating pain alongwith the numbness or muscle weakness. Since your case is an acute case of PIVD following ayurvedic medicines.. Read more

Spinal cancer 4th stage

asked by Moumita. M on 18 September 2016 14:21
My uncle is 63 years old. A week ago spinal cancer had been detected by doctors after suffering from extreem back pain. Is there any treatment in patanjali cancer hospital for the above mensioned cancer? Reply me as soon as possible.... Read More
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Spilan masculer atrophy type 1

asked by bhatiaji on 6 August 2016 12:31
Sir my 10 month son suffering from spinal masculer atrophy and doctors ka khena ha ki iska koi treatment nahi ha plz suggest me what should I... Read More
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Spinal Injury at T-9

asked by Gursewak Ghumman on 20 July 2016 17:58
Hello Doctor, I am 27 yrs old and met with an accident 3 years back and had spinal injury at T-9 level which results in no movement in legs and no control over bladders so is there any treatment available with you? Thanks, Gursewak... Read More
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Spinal problem from last 2 year.

asked by kantsur on 19 May 2015 11:43
My Mom has problem of Spondylolysis (Spinal problem causes to lower back pain and headache ) Can you please tell me any aayurveda/Home Remedies treatment for same? MRI report detected this problem. Can you please recommend something for her? Her age is 52. She was perfectly fine and from last 2 year she was having this problem. I am very much worried. Help... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Lumbar spondylosis is degeneration of the lumbar spine commonly due to injury or with the progression of age. The degeneration leads to the formation of osteophytes which causes pain and some changes in the disc. The compression of the adjacent nerves will cause radiating pain to the legs. Ayurvedic medicines and treatments like oil massage, medicated enemas, streaming oil are efficient to reduce the.. Read more

Back bone Pain

asked by Sudarshan Kumar on 22 April 2015 17:36
Dear Sir/Madam I have back bone pain and suffering from 15 years i have pain my all vertebra's mostly pain is Thoresic reason pain . so kindly guided me . Thank You... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Back pain is seen based on the changes like a bulge in the disc or due to degenerative changes. The most common area of pain in the thorasic region is between T8-T12. As you have been having for a long number of years, please let me know if you have done any investigations. Ayurvedic treatments like Oil massage, Fomentations, Streaming oil and leaf poultice will be beneficial. Please do have regular.. Read more

Spinal muscular atrophy . ... is there a cure?

asked by ctk on 20 November 2014 6:26
My son is 7 weeks old . Dr has predicted spinal muscular atrophy which is a motor neuron disease which they said has no cure or treatment. We have given a sample for genetic testing for the baby and waiting for the redults. So far his feeding and breathing is good, had not lost weight but he is moving neither his arms legs or neck. Just wondering if there is an ayurvedic answer for his... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Spinal muscular dystrophy in infants is a challenging diagnosis for parents. There is no cure for it and is managed considering the symptoms by treating it accordingly with the help from Physiotherapists, Ayurvedic treatments like oil massage or rice paste application. But there are different types of spinal muscular dystrophies and the prognosis depends on the type with the severity of the.. Read more

Prolapse intervertebral disc L5 S1 with radiculopathy

asked by ritesh bharti on 14 October 2014 10:47
my name is shilpi. age-30yr female. i operated for spine l5s1 problem. i was slipped in bathroom. after it my left leg was now worked as well & i slipped so many times. then i needed surgery. it was done by endoscopic discectomy. but it was not done sucessfully. now i have too much pain in my back bone. i cant digest food or any supplement. whenever i take breakfast lunch or dinner, i vomit it.... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Recurrent injuries is one of the common causes that affect L5-S1discs. It causes a bulge or prolapse and it compresses the adjacent nerves causing pain radiating down the legs. There are effective Ayurvedic medicines and treatments that will help you to manage the pain more effectively Medicines like Gandharvahastadi Kasayam - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Simhanad Guggulu.. Read more

Paraplegia t4 spinal cord injury

asked by tejpratap88 on 18 July 2014 13:44
baba ji aap ko koti koti parnam My brother has got spinal cord injury and his lower body portion is also not working. He cannot go to toilet and bathroom himself. His leg is also not working. It's been 25 days since his t4 spinal operation, is their any treatment in Ayurveda for this... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Paraplegia following a T4 injury causes loss of function of the lower limbs depending on the intensity of the injury. It is complete injury, if there is total loss of sensation without urine and bowel control. It is incomplete if there is sensation and able to move little. It also affects the signal from the brain to control them. So medicines and oil massage treatments can be tried. Some of them.. Read more

My Mother's reports are all negative except Bone Scan in which mets identifyed

asked by abemajeed on 11 March 2014 0:45
I love my mother :( there is nothing in reports except in one , in which mets identification concluded! Doctors told me spinal cancer and Cyst spread all the body and some doctor told me CYst only in Spinal Cord That's why she lost her power and cannot support herself body and using wheelchair :( please help me... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, In a malignant tumour , cells within the CNS grow invade and destroy the surrounding tissue and sometimes it may spread other parts of CNS Sign and symptoms of the spinal cancer depend on their position.Common symptoms include back and neck pain,numbness, tingling and weakness of both legs . Other symptoms include clumsiness or difficulty in walking. Tumours in the lower back can cause loss of.. Read more

Want some solution for spinal tb

asked by kzx on 31 October 2013 16:55
My sister in law is suffring from spinal tb... from last one month treatment is going on....treatment duration is 18 months plus totally bed rest....but the problem is she is going to marry in Jan.... We want quick recovery.... Pls help us...as we do not want to open it with the in-laws her age is around 28...weight..60 kg Pls help us....we really need ur... Read More
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Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, Spinal tuberculosis is not directly mentioned in ayurveda. But the condition can be very much related to the one mentioned as Rajayakshma. This condition is given with exact symptoms, treatment and complications.Ot shall be noticed that the treatment will have to be continued for a longer duration and treatment steps proceeded to next level after proper follow ups Here I shall suggest you.. Read more

Is there any ayurvedic treatment for foot drop caused by spinal cord injury

asked by spark on 7 October 2013 14:24
Hello doctor, i met with an accident some 10 years before and got operated in spinal cord (laminectomy in L1) but still i am not able to walk without any support due to foot drop in right leg, can it be cured? please give your valued suggestion Thank you... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Foot drop is a symptom with an underlying cause. Usually sometimes it occurs as an complication after laminectomy which improves in 6-12months , but in some it remains permenantly. It occurs due to the nerve damage and muscle weakness. Since it is a long time, you will have to consult with an orthopaedician. Some times it may require even sugery. So please let us know after that. There are Ayurvedic.. Read more

Spinal tumor

asked by ramma321 on 11 September 2013 1:20
My Mother has spinal tumor and surgery is not in her favor according to Doctor. Please advice her the right herbal remedies that can control her pain. Thank... Read More
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Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, In spinal tumor pain can be controlled with ayurvedic management. For this you will have to take medicines regularly and approach the nearest ayurvedic clinic once in a while. Following are certain instructions suitable for your mother Fry 2pinch turmeric powder with dry dates.Add 5 almond1 tbs butter oil, 1 tbs to it and heat it for 30 seconds. Add 1 cup milk to it. Drink this mixture twice.. Read more

Spinal cord injury

asked by harry2012 on 28 September 2012 23:10
i got spinal cord injury two and half year back and paralysed below the site of injury that is neck. Is there any treatment in ayurveda... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, As you are seeking information on paralysis, I would like to say that this condition can be managed with multiple efforts along with life supporting allopath medicines and other alternative system of medicines like Ayurveda, siddha, homeopathy, and other Indian medicines along with therapies. In Ayurveda Panchakarma, there are certain treatments which helps to rehabilitate the condition. As.. Read more
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