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Divya medha vati post stroke

asked by Infiz831 on 6 May 2018 22:24
My dad 70 years recently had a mild stroke, post that his speech was impacted. He understands what we say, but while replying can't recollect the words instantly. Will Divya medha vati help. Also can it be taken with other medicines... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- The improvement in speech after a stroke will depend on the intensity of the damage in the brain. The frontal and the temporal lobes control the speech. You can give Divya Medha Vati which contains aswagandha, jaharmohar pisti, brahmi, sankha puspi and vaca. Along with that Sarasvata aristam can also be given. Ayurvedic treatments like abhyanga, shirodhara, shirovasti, nasya, pizhichal and.. Read more

Bleeding in the right brain. now patient is in choma stage. is any medicine for this

asked by Praveenkumar G on 1 February 2018 14:51
68years, male, there is no any complain about BP and sugar.suddenly fall in bathroom and get unconscious. After scanning doctor told blasting of vain in brain. So right side of the brain was not working. Now in choma stage is any... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Massive stroke after a haemorrhage requires immediate hospitalisation. Surgery and medications to control bleeding will be administered. Hence please continue with the treatment. Please let me know the investigation reports to guide you further. Sedentary lifestyle, obesity, stress and family history are among the other causes than blood pressure and diabetes. After going from the hospital, the.. Read more

CKD & Stroke related paralysis

asked by vknigam on 27 January 2018 13:05
My wife aged 70 yrs had septicemia in Oct 2016. She was in ICU & got 6 dialysis. She was OK & discharged. But she was given some medicine. In Dec 2016 she got stroke & got left side paralysed. CT Scan & MRI veino showed that she had clot on right side of brain. Because of physiotherapy she is able to sit & move her legs & hand. But she is not able to stand & walk. Her... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Paralysis is seen commonly due to infarct in the brain. Please check blood sugar level and blood p[ressure regulalry as advised. Ayurvedic medicines like Dhanvantaram kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Gokshuram cpasules - 2 after food twice daily and Simhanada guggulu can be taken for a month and reviewed. Ayurvedic treatments like oil massage, pizhichal, leaf poultice.. Read more

Post Stroke treatment

asked by Kakudr on 7 November 2017 14:21
My Mom aged 74 years suffered from mild brain stroke due to clot in blood supply artery to brain. She is able to speak and understand things but unable to move left side both arm n leg n have generally left side week .Her excersise is stated .KINDLY SUGGEST THE BEST HERBAL MEDICINE AND ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT OPTIONS AT THIS STAGE WHICH WILL GIVE STRENGTH IN HER LEFT SIDE AND HEALTHY LIFE AND MAKE... Read More
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Paralysis due to stroke in right brain

asked by Swapnil Fadnis on 13 July 2017 10:58
My father 50yrs of age, suffered of a hemorrhagic stroke in MCA region of right brain causing left side paralysis. Stroke was on 4th Feb 2017, and decompression surgery was performed on 7th February. It's been more than 5 months now he is recovering with the help of allopathic medicines and physiotherapy. Ayurvedic medicines are also being given to him. His leg movements are somewhat... Read More
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Need Medicine For Brain Srroke Patient

asked by raj_111080 on 3 June 2017 14:49
Sir, My father has Brain Stroke on 09.03.2017. I m giving Alopathic and Ayurvedic medicines both since then. Ayurvedic medicines I am giving is Brain-O-Care Syrup, Greelive Syrup and Nurocare Tablets. But after reaching certain level of improvement, not much improvementis there. Can you suggest some other... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Internal brain hemorrhage leads to brain stroke causing a clot to be stuck in vessels in brain This suppression or excess pressure by clot over arterioles leads to the extra pressure over brain parts and thus suppressing certain brain parts which affect physical activity associated that partHypoxia leads to death of brain partsAccording to ayurveda, vata dosha causes the obstructionAyurvedic.. Read more

Pranayam for stroke

asked by Siyona on 12 December 2016 21:20
My father had a stroke and admitted hospital for one weak. Blood clotting in two veins and a hemorage also. He is not paralysed. It just affect the memory. And now discharged from hospital and they prescribed the same dose of medicines as he was given when admitted in hospital for the next two weaks. Now he is taking the medicines to melt the blood clot and the medicine for healing the bleeding.. I... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Anulom vilom pranayam or alternatively called as alternate nostril breathing is a traditional method used to relax mindThe process involves the intake of deep breathe from one nostril while keeping the other nostril closed with finger.The air is exhaled out similarly from the same nostril.This process is repeated with one nostril for 10-15 cycles then it should be done with other.. Read more

Heavy brain stroke

asked by aniket1234 on 4 December 2016 22:21
My father age is between 52 to 54 Before 8 days ago he got a brain stroke and he is now in hospital and now treatment on him we checked all test like ct scan and mri blood test and other test doctor said is too many blockage in brain nerve but he still moving he, legs ,hand and other activity but he cannot walk due to right side of cerebellum is damaged or does not providing blood to it it is in... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Stroke is a common cause of disability as it affects the movement. Speech and movement are affected due to ischemic stroke due to the clots. There is increased viscosity of the blood in some of them which causes the blood to clot. So medicines must be taken to thin the blood to avoid the further recurrence of clots. Please do have regular checkups. Ayurvedic medicines like Varunadi Kwath - 10ml.. Read more

Paralysis Treatment

asked by Rajat_in on 24 July 2016 17:22
Dear Sir/Madam This is regarding my father age 62 years. He suffered from paralysis 2 years back due to brain stroke. Currently he is unable to walk properly due to tight muscles all the times and very less movement in the right hand. My father has history of diabetes, BP and Uric acid. He take regular medicine as prescribed by the doctor. Do we have treatment with regard to tight muscles. Kindly... Read More
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Brain stroke due to blood clots

asked by 14usameer on 19 July 2016 1:21
hi, My father who is 58 years old had brain stroke 27 days back (22nd june 2016) . He was on ventilator for almost 16 days and now only on oxygen. His right side does not move at all. left side moves but looks like no proper coordination. He cant talk or swallow and also have tracheostomy done to insert breathing tube through neck. He opens his eyes but we are not sure he recognize us or not. He... Read More
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Brain stroke

asked by Nimish4503 on 28 June 2016 20:44
My dad age is 55 years. He never had BP and sugar but last year he got affected by BRAIN STROKE and his whole right body got paralysed. By gods grace he recovered a lot in a month. He started walking .. he started to recognise everything. But still he have little problem in memory. The main problem is that his Right eye is half blind... I mean he can see everything which appears straight but he... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Impairment of memory and vision problems like peripheral vision loss are commonly seen after stroke as the specific area in the brain will be affected. It causes problems with memory and it will gradually improve with medicines and regular mental activity. Peripheral vision loss is seen due to the blind spots seen after the damage to the optic nerve after stroke. The recovery will be based on the.. Read more

Brain stroke

asked by chappu on 21 April 2016 23:43
My uncle of 50 years had a brain stroke and is unconscious since 5 days . the damage 40 percent on left brain . is there any... Read More
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Brain stoke

asked by mumtaj on 20 February 2016 12:03
namste sir/madam 34 year age,male,no history,married,blood pressure normal,no diabetes ,urine clear,stool pass clear, mere bhainoi jo aaj 1 mahine se hospital me hai usko chote dimag ke pass blood surculesion nahi ho raha tha to chotasa opration kiya jiske bad aaj 1 mahine 4 din se wo puri tarah se hoshe me nahi hai sirfh ankhe kholata hai our kuch nahi sirf vantilatior cheqe kiya ja raha hai... Read More
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Stroke advice

asked by pinkybibi on 15 March 2015 13:47
Hi Doc, My age is 30 years . Gender- Female,I have paralyses stroke on 21st Feb 2015. All of a sudden my brain thinking a major concern and all of a sudden i felt crying and it was dark for 2 minute and i lost my voice, my left hand was unable to move and unable to recall some important thing : how to write in english, how to read arabic and unable to recall my parents and siblings numbers.... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Stroke happens in a younger age due to uncontrolled or unidentified high blood pressure, blood sugar or cholesterol. Stress, improper unhealthy eating and family history also plays a role. Please continue with all the medications prescribed your doctor. Please check your blood pressure regularly, take medicines to control your blood pressure regularly and have regular checkups as advised. The.. Read more

Diabetes Treatment

asked by maheshpatel2005 on 19 May 2014 20:32
My Father has diabetes since last 5 years. He is 60 years old. Recently he had hemorrhagic stroke. MRI scan says poor blood flow in brain due to atheromatous enhancements. Can you suggest what should be done to prevent brain cells from dieing due to lack of oxygen. He is mentally getting retarded day by day...He is having kneed swelling,high BP,blurred vision. How can the flow of blood be increased... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Atheromatous changes in the blood vessels affect the the flow of blood which when impaired causes symptoms based on the area affected. Try to check sugar levels, cholesterol, blood pressure regularly Medicines like Guggulu tiktaka kasayam - 15ml with 60ml warm water before food twice daily, Divya Kanchanara guggulu are very effective to improve the circulation, reduce the swelling and to control the.. Read more

Stroke more details

asked by pragyk on 6 September 2013 15:33
Thankyou doctor to giving me exact advise. Right now he is not having any BP, Diabetes and Cholesterol problem. but after getting stroke one more thing we come to know that he is sero positive. that medicine also I have started already. But please let me know how many time take to get cure him and to speak. I have to send his all reports and medicine prescription or Can I meet doctors personally in... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Hi Thanks for getting back to me.As I told you earlier,I can advise about the prognosis only after seeing the reports.You can take him to your nearest Ayurvedic hospital.Pancha karma treatments are good.In case if you have any doubts,please feel free to contact.. Read more

Stroke ( Paralysis )

asked by pragyk on 26 August 2013 16:11
Namskaar Guruji ! 5 months ago My Husband got major attack of stroke in left side he is 33 years old. at that time he was hospitalised well. but after 2 months my mother in law send him at native place mangalore for ayurvedic massage and she stopped the all doctor's medicine after 2 months i brought him in mumbai & traetment started but total 5 months passed there is very slow progress he... Read More
Dr.Ramani Says:- Hi Thanks for your query.It is caused by the disturbance in the blood supply of the brain,due to ischaemia or haemorrhage in the left side of the brain.As a result the symptoms appear in the right side of the body.The damage depends upon the extensive area that is affected.If it is more,the damage will also be more.Could you please send his reports and also whether he had other health problems like.. Read more

Blood Clot in Brain (Left parietal lobe)_Speaking Problems

asked by astronaut7 on 13 June 2013 1:21
Dear Sir, My father has a blood clot in left parietal lobe of the brain which hinders him to speak anything, however he can speak a few words like "BaBa...Ba...Ba...AA...O...AAA" but not more than this. Details are given below: Age: 58 years old(present), 57 when clot occurred. Present Complaint: Unable to speak and right side paralysed. Past illness: High BP, hypertension and High... Read More
Dr.Sharma Says:- dear its seem to be a problem of Vata according to ayurveda, Panchkarma is of high benefits in this kind of problem, treatments like basti,virechana and Shirovirechana ,shashtika shali etc will be good in this condition. You may search for a Expert and experienced panchkarma doctor near you and plan with him accordingly In the mean while you may give him erand pak to balance the dosha. Also on.. Read more

Paralysis Recovery

asked by godwin.hpipg on 12 May 2013 23:28
age : 57 Gender : Male Complaint : Paralysis - Due to stroke in MCA. Family history : Patients grandparents had stroke past illness: Nil Marital staus : Married Sleep : Normal Bowel : Normal appetite : Normal Urine : Normal : note had E-coli infection so in treatment ( contiflo tablet ) exercising : Walking dietary habits : Normal Diabetes :No BP : No he is my dad, affected by stroke 8 months... Read More
Dr.Sanjay Says:- as per your problem the medicine taken by you is a good one you have to do continue with that along with that we can add some more ayurvedic medication and some oil which will improve start with ekangveer rasa 1tab crushed in honey just 1tsp honey twice a day empty of badyanath along with that aswagandht cap 250mg twice daily of himalya along with that use mahavishgarbha tail mixed with nirgundi.. Read more

I want to know know about paralysis

asked by syed adnan on 16 March 2013 16:40
sir my mother is suffering from paralysis stroke on her left side of her body about 4 years now and there is not much recovery in these 4 years according to me so what is the main treatment for tht and can u make it possible to make patient as before reguards : syed adnan from : saudi arabia , riyadh 05######46 please ryply thnk u... Read More
Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, It is nice to see people from middle east enquire on ayurveda So your mother has undergone paralysis following stroke.In ayurveda Paralysis is clearly mentioned by the name 'Pakshaghatha" and definite treatment principles are also given. Snehana and virechana are the two main treatments as per ayurvedic texts for pakshaghatha. In india almost all ayurvedic centers can help in.. Read more
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