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Weight gain

asked by a121 on 3 September 2017 18:37
Baba ji my age is 20 years and my weight is 57 kg and hight is 6 feet. Baba jii weight kam hone se bhut embarrassing feel hota hai please tell me how i can increase my weight fast tell me any medicine or pranayam everything which is necessary for that . Plese reply... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Weight gain is a hereditary factor which depends majorly over lifestylePeople with sedentary lifestyle are obese while some people with sedentary lifestyle show difficulity in gaining weightProper exercise and balanced diet are highly advised to maintain required weightAyurvedic medicines to increase body mass are- Patanjali chyawanprash- 2 tablespoon with milk twice a day2.Erand pak- one.. Read more


asked by veem on 14 May 2017 10:10
Sir I am 20 years women with 38kg and 5.2" height.My mensuration is also irregular and flow small amount of blood.If I try to eat few more I vomit. Please suggest me the most effective products for my... Read More
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To cure under weight

asked by ashu52348 on 31 August 2016 19:17
I am Ashish my age is 22 ,my weight 48 ,my question is how can I take mixture of adhwagandha,shatawar,safed musali ,kaunch beej powder with milk(warm or cold) or water before meals or after meals thank... Read More
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To gain weight

asked by maddy2151 on 20 July 2016 2:29
hello sir I'm 20 yr old and my height is 5.10 and my weight is 49 kg I'm so skinny plz help me to gain weight... Read More
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Under weight

asked by Himanshu Jaiswal on 5 May 2016 12:41
i m Himanshu (male).height 5.6" age 23years and my weight is only 49.5kg . i mam a college student.i m very thin and i am very upset about about it. i eat the full meal take milk fruits,juice mango,nonveg ,eggs butter but still no effect on my body . plz help me what should i do to gain weight.whatever i eat it does not do anything in my body. plz plz plz help... Read More
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Underweight, weakness & weak memory

asked by ksb on 23 February 2016 21:20
Hello sir, I am 23 yrs. old, Male. I want to increase my body mass as I am underweight, my body does not hold fat, I am very skinny. Sometimes I feel tired also. My memory & eyesight are also weak. Based on my search on the internet I am thinking of taking "Liv D 38 Syrup " & "Patanjali Ashwagandha Churna". Is it ok for me ???? Furthermore please suggest some medicines... Read More
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Ashwagandha related

asked by manishtheleo on 20 February 2016 22:10
Hello Sir, Myself manish chaudhary.i am 26 year old and i am skinny guy.currently i am taking the mixture of ashwagandha, shatavar and safed moosli with water. usually i take one teaspoon in the morning and one in the evening. so i want to know that can i take this with water for gaining weight or is this mandatory to take this with milk. please reply sir.i am totally... Read More
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I want to increase weight

asked by Mr.pkk121 on 11 February 2016 21:14
My name is Pradeep kumar,I am suffering by underweight.my age is 21 and weight only 55kg. I have tries many ways to gain weight but was not succesfull, i also tries asvagandha. Suggest me the effective way to increase weight I only the one in my family suffering from this... Read More
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Underweight and breast enlargement

asked by akshu106 on 11 February 2016 17:16
Hello sir, my age is 24 years, weight 35kg hieght 5'2" female .I feel hunger on time but taking very small quantity it seems full means my diet is very low that's why my health is not good. And please suggest me some medicine for breast enlargement also. Please reply as soon as possible.... Read More
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Under weight, weak eyesite , dipression

asked by anit123 on 23 August 2015 17:46
hello sir, my age 25, male,unmarried,pehle koi dwa nai li hai ,pathri hui thi 3.99 mm ki ek mah ki dwa li thi maine distone, niri syrup uske bad se thik ho gya ,mera weight 42 kg (underweight), and weak eye site hai, dipression, and mansik awsad rhta hai hmesa , conficance ki kmi ,life me nirasa avam awsad rhta hai, dublapan hai sarir me saririk kamjori syd, avam............ in sbke alawa kbhi... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, It seems you are having general malaise and fatigue, and that is one reason why you feel too much weak and also depressive. Since you are unmarried, you might be having many worries related to your health and there might be some myths too. You need to improve your general nutrition which is also very important. You need to eat your food in time and avoid spicy and oily foods and you can.. Read more

How to put on some weight

asked by ajithcameback on 28 June 2015 20:02
Hi iam Ajith 22 years Male My height is 181 cm My weight is 54-55kg I want to put on some weight I am now taking Ashtachoornam Morning and night and Mustharishtam. I tried vidharathi lehyam also But not putting on weight Will you please Recommend any medicines ... Read More
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asked by pichku on 20 June 2015 13:45
Hello mam I'm 22 yrs old female with height 5'3" and my weight is 43kg. I have tried hard to find out best ways to increase weight but I guess I'm still lacking in finding out the best. I don't feel hungry much and my dietary schedule is also very lazy. Can you please help me by telling me the ways that my appetite also increases and my weight also. I take proper sleep of... Read More
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Want to gain weight

asked by paran jai on 31 October 2014 23:41
im 24 yrs and my weight is 48 kg...im 5 feet 9 inch.....i want to gain some weight.....tried many things but not worked for me...from last few months i have been taking bananas with milk but no improvement seen....i even started eating eggs but of no use,,,pls suggest me some medicines.......i really want to increase my weight now........pls... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- The normal BMI must be between 18 and 23 for a healthy weight. In your case your BMI is 15.7. So you can take medicines and a healthy diet that will increase your weight. Proper nutrition along with a good sleep and exercise is necessary to improve the metabolism. It will help to nourish the dhathus and for a increase in body weight. But it will take some time that is necessary for the transformation.. Read more

I am underweight, how to gain waited

asked by rajdeep kumar on 20 October 2014 19:55
Hello sir My name is rajdeep kumar Weight 50 kg Height 5 ft 4 inch I can gain wait easily because i eat 2 kg milk 3 times food 2 times juice But i can eat this after eating Practin But this medicine don't work after 5 to 6 days After 5 to 6 days i can't eat like this Only can eat two times in a days because i don't get taste in food. Pls help me and tell me the medicine from... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Agni is responsible for the normal metabolism and is considered as a vital factor for health. The metabolism and nourishment of the dhathus will be normal when the agni is in the normal state. If there is hypo-functioning of the agni, it will result in loss of taste, feeling of fullness by eating little and will make you underweight. Your BMI is within the normal range. Eat healthy food to maintain a.. Read more

Underweight and Weakness

asked by neetusinghftp on 24 July 2014 16:31
My 4 years old son has 15 kg weight 1 year back but now his weight is only 10 kg, why is it happening? Please tell me. I am very much tensed. Aisa b ni h ki wo khata pita ni h matlab bhar ka khana wo kha leta h phir b wo itna dubla kaise hota ja rha... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- The growth spurt varies in each child. It also depends on the other factors like birth weight, heredity, capacity to eat and any other illness. Each child is unique with its habits and physique. But it has to be checked with the growth percentile to understand the weight comparing to the other kids. Try to find his growth percentile with his height. If there are any symptoms like stomach pain (may be.. Read more

Weekness and weight gain

asked by kamya on 22 September 2013 13:09
I'm 26 married woman.Im 5.2 tall and weigh 48.i always feel week n lazy.I get tired soon as I don't do too much work.I have also period problem,they are irregular and don't have heavy bleeding.I'm also underweight due to lack of appetite.i want to have an attractive personality pls suggest some... Read More
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Dr.Gautam Says:- Hello The symptoms you have mentioned seems to be a metabolic disorderKindly consider the following advice: Ashwagandha Choornam: 1tsp with 1 glass milk after breakfast Ashokarishtam: 15ml at after dinner Morning walk for about 20mins Start having food in time, include more fruits, vegetables, soups and milk products make sure you sleep for atleast 6-7 hours Drink adequate water If still your.. Read more

Underweight with acne & low appetite

asked by AmetB on 3 December 2012 17:06
Hello Guruji, In cold / medium season , i always have cold hands and feet, even after wearing proper clothing. 2) I am unable to gain weight - only 48 kgs, with height 5 feet 5 inches. I eat a normal healthy diet, and still am not able to gain weight. All liver, kidney and stomach tests are normal and perfect. Haemoglobin is above 16. However, no weight gain. I had jaundice 3 years back, and... Read More
Dr.Geetika Says:- For acne and scars avoid oily and junk food and consume more of homemade and fresh food. Drink plenty of water. you can take kayakalp vati and Mahamanjishtaarishta as blood purifierDr.. Read more

Underweight & hormonal imbalance

asked by Karna on 11 October 2011 9:07
I am extremely underweight woman in mid 30s, have always weighed 80 lbs at 5.2” I have always been a poor eater and about 8 years ago ceased getting periods unless I took birth control pills or HT. Due to the hormonal imbalance or lack of estrogen, the calcium in my bones started getting leeched and my bones have been weakening and I have osteopenia. Is there any way both these can be... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Greetings from myyog.com, Due to hormonal imbalances, you may be having the condition of osteopenia for which you may need to be on proper balanced diet and follow special care to strengthen your bones. As you are complaining of low weight and weakness, weak bones are causative factors. There are many natural or herbal medicines which can be consumed internally and even there are.. Read more

Koi achha sandesh de safal jiwan k liye

asked by dineshsingh on 2 August 2010 22:01
baba ji paranam mai Dinesh singh i a suffering from low weigh so plz give me some instructration and i want be a member of patanjali yog peeth ia want to do social work thro patanjali yogpeeth... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, There are many reasons for low weight. If there is no proper nourishment. If you have less body mass index that is less than 20 or 18, then you are underweight So according to your age, height, weight, BMI should be analyzed Regular intake of food in proper time is very importantIncreasing your whole day’s caloric intake Drinking milk, cheese, chicken or meat (if you are.. Read more

My daughter does not gain weight?

asked by romeochamp on 17 December 2009 11:36
My daughter is 3.5 years old; is 12 kg only...does not put on weight easily; difficult to eat; returns meal from school often. Takes Bonisan and septillin already. What to do? Is it a problem of intestinal worm... Read More
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