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Kidney enlarged mildly, frequent urination

asked by Angel1234 on 6 May 2017 11:12
My age is 26. I have frequent urination problem and slightly pain in right kidney. This is caused due to I was holding the urine for long... Read More

Frequent Urination

asked by Pran Basum on 7 February 2017 23:53
hello sir/madam, I'm 25 years old male..I take around 3 litres of water a day.. I have been suffering from frequent urination, dribbling and... Read More

Dialysis Not yet Started - Dialysis Vs Transplant Vs Ayurvedic Treatment

asked by rasingh56 on 24 September 2016 23:21
Namaskar, I need some help in making decision in my case whether to go for Dialysis or Transplant or Initiate an Ayurvedic Treatment for my case... Read More

frequent urination

asked by mps on 26 June 2016 16:19
Sir meri age 28 mail unmarried hu mujhe every 30 ya 60 minutes me urine jana padta hai aur aise he thodi thodi der me pani b pina padta hai... Read More

Urinary problem

asked by vkr on 28 January 2016 12:14
sir mujhe pichle 5 saal se baar baar pesaab jane ki samsya hai mujhe bacterial infection hai baldder me sujan prostate enlarged air bladder ke... Read More

Frequent uriation

asked by RAVIKIRAN on 21 September 2015 14:09
sir i'am 22 years old male sir i have problem of frequent urination from 3 years some days it will be 15 times per day and also i have hair... Read More

Frequent urination problem

asked by manini on 23 April 2015 10:23
previously sir I told u I hv hyperthyroidism problem. also my age 30.i hv a child of 2 years. I got frequent urination problem. I consult my... Read More

Frequent urination

asked by manini on 21 March 2015 13:05
im 30 years old married lady.i hv a 2 year old child.child birth was by cs.i hv after that a frequent urination problem. I go to toilet 15 to 16... Read More

Frequent urination before periods

asked by asw on 15 September 2014 14:51
Namaskarji, I am 33 years old woman with two kids. My problem is frequent urination ten days before period, I really can't control and some... Read More

Burning after urinating

asked by daneilberhane232 on 30 August 2014 11:59
I am 41years old, i feel burning after urinating for 10 to 15 minutes and i have very small watery colour discharge every morning when i wake up... Read More

Urinary disorder / Frequest urination

asked by A.T.Mehta on 23 June 2014 13:28
Hi Sir... Since 4-5 Months I am getting urine very frequently. Some times just after 5-10 minutes or most of the times after every 30 mins. does... Read More

Peshab me dikkat

asked by B.P.Kashyap on 8 August 2013 19:56
Dr.Sahab ji, Meri age 55 saal hai.Mera gadud ka oeration 2008 me ho gaya tha.Lekin peshab karne se pahle mere private part me bahut dar... Read More


asked by SOUL on 28 July 2013 14:29
Hello there: I am having this problem for the past 5 years. Its very painful urination with some blood. When I take antibiotics for 10-15 days it... Read More

Urination problem

asked by rkpdm11 on 28 February 2013 22:14
I have problem emptying my bladder completely. Hence I have to go for urination very 1.5 - 2 hours. I also get up for urination at night 2-3... Read More

Urination problem

asked by bart on 29 August 2012 8:21
I am diabetic. My fasting is 111 and pp is 183. I am having some urination problem sometimes I go to bathroom more often then I should say after... Read More

Hi, which ayurvedic herb is good for pain relief while urinating?

asked by hopasa on 12 July 2011 23:12
iam male 45, while iam urinating my left side on growing area, i feel little discomfort, every time i pee, i dont like to take dr. medicene, ... Read More

Frequent urination since 03 months

asked by hassanm15 on 24 December 2010 7:06
Hello Sir, I am facing frequent urination since last 03 months and my test has shown I have no sugar or inlarge porstate.I go very frequently to... Read More

Urination problem

asked by prakash v on 7 August 2010 22:25
pranam guruji, guruji mujhe 1 samsya hai...... mujhe peshaab karne ki ichaa hoti hai par jaab mai peshaab karne jaata hu to mujhe peshaab lagti... Read More

Uncontrolled urination

asked by sid on 2 April 2010 5:27
swamiji,i'm 28 years old.i have been masturbattin since i'm 12years old.now i suffering from semen discharge while urination;as well as... Read More

Neeri Tablets for Urinary Disorders

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